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Dog Face French Bulldog Windbreaker Jacket

Lightweight and insulating, this French bulldog windbreaker jacket will keep your pup safe in harsh weather conditions.
  • made from polyester windbreaker fabric
  • waterproof layer for rainy weather
  • zipper closure
  • adjustable size on the belly
Why we ♥ it?Perfect to keep your little gremlin safe in the autumn and winter, this sporty dog windbreaker jacket will become one of the most wearable items from their closet. Made of waterproof fabric and ensured with reflective details, from now on you and your doggy will be able to enjoy evening walks. The jacket is available in many colors and sizes and made with one purpose in mind- to keep every Frenchie out there safe and comfortable in windy and wet weather.  

Pinky Glam Frenchie Sweater

It's time to make some glam moves today! Let your little four-legged princess look like a million-dollar babe in this exclusive dog sweater!
  • sassy and classy outfit for your furry princess
  • made from the highest quality acrylic wool
  • created for extravagant occasions
  • warm layer for colder months
  • decorated with faux fur
  • available in pink and baby blue colors
Why we ♥ it?Let's admit! No one will wear it better than a Frenchie! This exclusive French bulldog sweater is made for some extravagant occasions when your pup needs to look like a million-dollar girl! It's made from acrylic wool and decorated with faux fur to make the outfit more dramatic and special! So why not to add such a piece of wardrobe to your little princess' closet? We are sure she will glam and shine in this outfit.

Luxurious French Bulldog Golden Bomber Jacket

Give your dog the touch of luxury by upgrading their outfit with our Luxurious French Bulldog Golden Bomber Jacket! Let your dog 'scream' fashion whenever you go on strolls!
  • made of printed, durable silky polyester
  • padded with felt
  • button closure to prevent hair twitching
  • perfect pick for special occasions
  • bada** piece of clothing that will make your dog noticed
  • handwash in cold water
Why we ♥ it?We're sure no one will be able to top your dog's style! This Frenchie jacket will add not only a dose of luxury but will also make your furry friend noticed on every step. Thanks to a pp cotton filling, your pooch can wear it even on those frosty winter days. The button closure will prevent hair twitching, while the elastic hem and cuffs will keep every inch of the fabric in the right place.

French Bulldog Rabbit Hoodie

French Bulldog Rabbit Hoodie
  • This adorable Frenchie hoodie features a gray hood with white-lined ears.
  • Soft cotton material keeps little pet comfortable and warm during the cold winter
  • Perfect for Daily wear, Special Occasions, Weekend Parties, Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays, Photo shoots and Play dates
  • For sizing specifications, please refer to the size chart by measuring your dog from the nape of the neck to the base of the tail
  • Machine wash on cold/delicate, line dry
Comes in 2 colors (pink and silver).**STORE EXCLUSIVE** Limited edition.

Frenchie World Eye Tear Stain Remover


Frenchie World Eye Tear Stain Remover

Not just for cosmetic purposes - this Frenchie World Eye Tear Stain Remover is effective anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, and cleansing action to prevent bacterial infections in the eye.Details: Specification:50ml Applicable: Dogs / French Bulldogs Main components:Mild aseptic formula Storage mode: store at room temperature and avoid lightDirections for Use: Wipe the area around the eyes with a cotton swab or paper towel to avoid direct contact with the eyes. No tears or slight tear marks, use a cotton swab to wipe the tear marks, 2-3 times a week, the rest of the time with clean water every day; when the tear marks are serious, it is recommended to 3-4 times a week, the rest of the time with clean water.Packing list:

1 Bottle 50ml ( 1.7 fl oz )

Frenchie World® Anti-Choke Slow Eating & Drinking Bowl

Frenchie World® Anti-Choke Slow Eating & Drinking Bowl
  • Healthy and Slow Feeding Design: The pet bowl with bone shape rotating hinder prolongs the pet's eating time and effectively guards against obesity, indigestion and bloating, which are caused by fast eating.
  • Non-toxic Material: Made of BPA free ABS and PVC, secure and durable for pets.
  • Detachable Design: The inner bowl is separated from the base, which is convenient to detach and clean. The fornicate base makes it ventilated and easy to take up.
  • Share with Solid & Liquid: The sealing ring perfectly seals the bone support hole.
  • Brand New and High quality
  • With black anti-slip rubber strips at the bottom.
  • It can be split, the bottom bowl hold food, the upper bowl holds water, very affordable
  • Dogs are also not afraid of no matter how naughty knocked over.
  • Washable at high temperature, non-deformation, beautiful and generous.
  • Has a relatively good insulation effect.
  • Shaped bone hand-grip makes bowls easier to pick up & put down with fewer spills, and more convenient to be used
  • Packed safely and firm, it will not be broken in transit
  • Volume: 400 or 700 ml

Frenchie World® Portable Dog Water Bottle

Frenchie World® Portable Dog Water BottleNumber #1 pet water bottle of 2022!!!
  • One-key open/lock water: One-hand operation, easy to feed water
  • Leak proof lock water: Silica gel seal ring, make sure the water doesn't leak in your bag.
  • High quality material: FDA approved, lead-free, BPA-free, PET+ ABS , safe and durable, easy dismantling and cleaning.
  • Let dog love travel: Fashion Appearance, wide sink allows your dog easy to drink water.
  • Dissatisfaction within 30 days can be 100% refunds

Luxury Princess Pink French Bulldog Coat


Luxury Princess Pink French Bulldog Coat

Keep your French Bulldog toasty and stylish with this premium Luxury Princess Pink French Bulldog Coat.
  • Modern style coat made of faux fur
  • Decorative contrast tie on the back
  • Optional underlayer shirts in mathing pink or contrast gray
XSLength 18-22CMChest 28-32cm
SLength 23-27CMChest 36-40cm
MLength 28-32CMChest 40-44cm
LLength 33-37CMChest 44-48cm
XLLength 38-42CMChest52-56cm

Luxury Leopard French Bulldog Coat


Luxury Leopard French Bulldog Coat

Bring out some wild times in this Fall/Winter 2019 in the Luxury Leopard French Bulldog Coat!
  • Leopard faux fur
  • Ultra soft and comfy
  • Highest quality you can find
Why We Love It:Crazy, fun, leopard pattern coat! Made of 100% faux luxury fur. Hand wash in cold.

No-Pull Mesh Frenchie Harness

Ultra-soft and breathable, this French bulldog harness is specially made to prevent your pet from pulling behavior.
  • full-chest support
  • ideal for stubborn puppies who pull a lot
  • available in many colors and sizes
  • added D-ring for attaching an ID tag
  • pulling force is relocated to the chest area
  • improved with mesh details for better breathability
  • comes with a matching leas
Why we love it?Is your dog a stubborn puller and wants to take the lead during strolls? If yes, then it's the ultimate time to buy this No-Pull Mesh Frenchie Harness. Besides, it relocates the pressure to the chest part, this harness is also quality-padded with mesh and spongy details. The harness is available in many colors and sizes, and it comes with a matching leash which is a money-saving option. The leash is made of solid nylon webbing and the harness is ensured with double D-rings on the back. There is also a D-ring on the frontal part to attach the dog's ID tag, so your dog doesn't have to wear a collar when going outside.

Pupreme French Bulldog Hoodie

Upgrade your dog's style by keeping him comfortable and safe in chilly weather! This French bulldog hoodie will surely make a fashion statement in your neighborhood!
  • made of cotton/polyester blend
  • lined with warm fleece
  • comfortable hood
  • elastic hem and cuffs
  • wide neckline to make your dog relaxed during walks
  • machine washable
Why we ♥ it?We bet this dog hoodie wil become one of the favorite items in your Frenchie's closet! Made of soft polyester/cotton blend and lined with fleece, this hoodie will be a practical layer on those crispy and breezy autumn nights. Since we care for Frenchies and their unique physical characteristics, the neckline is carefully made to make them relaxed during different activities.

Warm Knitted French Bulldog Sweater

Wrap your furry friend into a warm and comfortable piece of clothing this winter season! Nothing beats cold days like a brightly colored knitted sweater made to keep your Frenchie snug!
  • made from acrylic wool
  • available in different colors and sizes
  • hand washable
  • stretchable cut that supports your dog's activities
  • elastic cuffs, neckline and hem
Why we ♥ it?We all know that Frenchies are prone to hypothermia due to their brachycephalic skulls. That's why it's important to keep them warm, safe, and snug in the cold weather. This French bulldog sweater is made of soft and pleasant in-touch acrylic wool, so your dog can enjoy walks on crispy fall and winter days. Whether you want to make your dog look trendy or make him/her safe, this piece of dog clothing will give you both of it. 



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