12 Badass French Bulldog Hoodies That You’ll Want To Buy Right Now


Most dog owners would agree there’s no better feeling than hearing from people that your Frenchie looks so fashionable and stylish. In case you’re the kind of owner who enjoys buying clothes for his/her dog, then these 12 Badass French bulldog hoodies will definitely blow out your mind!

Why is important for a Frenchie to wear a hoodie?

Since French bulldog breed is known for its tendency to suffer from hyperthermia in cold weather conditions, wearing dog hoodies and jackets present an inevitable part of their lives. They have thin undercoats and are prone to experience dry skin in winter.

Therefore, besides providing this gorgeous breed with appropriate skin care in winter months, Frenchie owners need to become aware of the importance of buying French bulldog clothes.

On the other hand, wearing clothes will also prevent your gremlin from developing seasonal allergies, especially in case he/she likes to roll in the grass and to pick up dust, dirt, pollen and other potential allergy triggers on his/her fur. In other words, regardless of the part of the year, a French bulldog needs to wear clothes.

Devil/Unicorn French Bulldog Hoodie

Does your Frenchie always act obedient or he likes to show his bad side too? Well, in case you live with a batpig that comes up with something silly and naughty every day, then this Devil hoodie will perfectly suit his personality. On the other hand, for all those cute Frenchie princesses, we prepared a special Unicorn Frenchie hoodie.

Leopard Swagger Dog Hoodie

Why not make some crazy moments with this Lepard Dog Frenchie hoodie? It is made of soft fabric that will make your furry friend warm in the coldest months. The hoodie is also available in 2 designs, so it’s only up to you which one to choose.

The hoodie is machine washable and will not cause any skin irritations on your furry gremlin.

French Bulldog Rabbit Hoodie

Isn’t it cute to see a Frenchie with an extra pair of ears? This cotton French bulldog hoodie is available in 2 colors and different sizes and presents a perfect choice for cozy spring and autumn evenings.

Wearing a dog hoodie brings a lot of benefits and one of them is keeping your Frenchie’s coat free from environmental allergens. Unfortunately, there are many French bulldogs that show allergy on pollen and dust. That’s why wearing hoodies can much prevent them from having these issues.

BAD TO THE BONE Printed Hoodie

We all know that Frenchies are likely to act stubborn in certain situations. Therefore, this dog hoodie will perfectly describe his lifestyle mantra. It’s available in 4 colors and in 7 sizes. The cotton fabric hoodie is suitable for every season since it can be worn under the jacket too.

Frenchie World® Camouflage Hoodie

For adventurous French bulldogs that like to spend time in nature and sniff every plant and corner, this cotton-polyester hoodie will definitely become the infallible part of their lives. The hoodie will be functional in chilly weather, keep your pup warm, and looks great.

It’s the perfect weight for a cold winter’s day in the house or a cool fall evening outside. Slips on and off very easily and fits comfortably all the way around.

Wizard Style Cloak Hoodie

This uniquely designed dog hoodie will definitely thrill your French bulldog since it’s made of 100% cotton and is easy to adjust because of the velcro it has on the chest.  This French bulldog hoodie is available in 5 sizes and comes with a cute pom – pom on the hoodie.

Sporty NYC Dog Hoodie

In case your lovely pooch prefers wearing sporty clothes than this hoodie may become his favorite one. It’s perfect for cozy evening walks through the neighborhood when your furry friend’s belly needs some extra warmth. It’s available in 4 colors and comes with kangaroo pocket.

Frenchie World® ultra soft hoodie

For spending a completely relaxed weekend and enjoy sleeping in the warmest and coziest hoodie you’ll ever find, we suggest you check the following Frenchie World dog hoodie.

And it’s not all! It comes with adorable Teddy Bear ears that will make everyone turn their heads for your lovely little gremlin.  It’s available in vast colors and sizes and sends a funny message to all Frenchie owners- Not my fault!

French Bulldog Winter Warm Striped Pompom Hoodie

Check out this living Teddy bear! We bet there’s no person who will not like this French bulldog hoodie. The Winter Warm Striped Pompom Hoodie by Frenchie World® is a cozy style sweater with a hood that features a fun pompom at the top.

It’s perfect to be worn in winter because it has a warm inner side. This hoodie can be hand washed in cool water.

French Bulldog Comic Hooded Sweater

Are you a comic book lover? Well, in case you are, then this Frenchie hoodie is ready to be bought! It’s made of polyester-cotton mix and is available vast sizes. We are sure your Frenchie will become the main skateboard star with this comic printed hoodie.

It has a high cut so your pup can freely go to potty without making any unplanned messes.

Frenchie World® “Disco” New Spring Hoodie

Let your Frenchie shine like a diamond this season! The Frenchie World® New Spring Hoodie is designed to fit the Chester Frenchies to have more comfort! Spring hoodie has a high cut stay dry belly and is available in 3 colors.

This hoodie can present a marvelous pick both for photo shooting and going for a walk. It’s decorated with two buttons on the neck so you can also adjust the size to your pup’s neck.

Koala Fleece Dog Hoodie

Look at the cutest and the fattest koala walking down the street! We bet your batpig will definitely become spotted with our Koala Fleece hoodie. The hoodie comes with buttons on the belly and a hoodie that resembles a koala’s face.

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