5 Most Fashionable French Bulldogs on Instagram Right Now

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French bulldogs not only steal our hearts but are also becoming viral stars on social media. Therefore, we decided to introduce you with 5 Most Fashionable French bulldogs on Instagram right now. After taking a look at their accounts, we are sure that you’ll go crazy for them.

Izzy The Frenchie 

Meet a pint-sized Joan Rivers in doggie world. This furry fashionista comes from East Hampton, New York. Otherwise called Isabel, she gained a large internet and social media following in 2018. Thanks to her owner Rick Hendrix, we are able to see her crazy adventures and the latest fashion outfits. Izzy the Frenchie Instagram page has over 126.000 followers. She has been featured in Vogue Magazine and pop culture Paper Magazine. Izzy has also made a great success on MTV, NBC, The Today Show, CBS News, and NY1. She’s also the part of Pet insider Team and the ambassador for a luxury hotel the Plaza Hotel in NY in 2018.



With 18 k followers, Quilla the Frenchie is hitting the status of Instagram star. This blue Frenchie girl always thrills us with her perfectly chosen outfits and Mona Lisa- like smiling face. She enjoys cuddling with her owner and loves spending time with her Frenchie friends. Check out all Quilla’s brilliant adventures and her chilling in style. Quilla is wearing Frenchie World dog boots that you can find here



Our next fashionable French bulldog star is Oscar the Frenchie. He was raised in NYC but currently lives in London, UK.  This lovely pied guy caught the attention of media and made great success in campaigns for companies such as Netflix, PetSmart, Universal Pictures, OxiClean, Polaroid, BarkBox and many others. With his 201 k Insta followers, he has been featured in Huffington Post Live, NBC’s Today Show, the Ellen Degeneres Show, and Fox NY News among others. He’s definitely one of the biggest Instagram stars in the dog world.


LuLu Nasty

Despite the fact LuLu Nasty is not with us anymore, we simply can’t forget her. LuLu passed away in May 2018 and had an amazing life with her owners. Thanks to her owner Heidi Polder that established the charity fond in the honor of LuLu, she continues to live in our hearts and minds. They are raising money for a French Bulldog Rescue Network and their hope is that the donation will help other families find the love they had with LuLu. LuLu’s Instagram page has 55,2 k followers whose number still grows day by day.


 Nova The Frenchie

This mischievous but adorable French bulldog from Orange County, CA is a proud owner of two humans. Her Instagram page has 43.2 k followers and she’s a professional digger. Nova likes taking pictures in unique outfits that simply put smiles on everyone’s faces.  Her favorite quote is: ‘’ Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.’’ Listen to Nova and enjoy life!


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