What you need to know before buying French bulldog clothes?

It's undeniable fact that French bulldogs attract everyone's attention wherever they show up. However, we bet that every Frenchie's owner enjoys dressing up his/her dog to look cute and feel more comfortable. To some people, buying dog clothes presents money wasting. Well, while they still ask the question of why would a dog need clothes at all, we tell you to keep reading this article.

french bulldog clothes

How to choose French bulldog clothes?

And, here we come to the first part. Choosing the right clothes for your furry friend is not an easy task at all. When we talk about French bulldog clothes, we need to take into account their unique body structure. French bulldog's hips are another reason why they need specially-tailored clothes. In the end, listening to your dog's needs is another important part.

french bulldog clothes

French bulldog's needs

Since these lovely batpigs don't feel comfortable in cold weather conditions, you'll definitely need to provide them some extra layers in winter.

The same rule applies in summer. Frenchies can't stand being outside in hot weather conditions and have extremely sensitive skin. Therefore, it would be desirable to choose loose-fitting clothes that allow your dog's skin to breathe.

We do not even need to mention that some Frenchies have visible pink skin on their noses, paws, and mouths that should stay extra protected. Pink Frenchie's skin is often hairless, so it's desirable to protect it from the UVA and UVB sun rays by using a sunscreen. French bulldogs also have sensitive paws, and walking on hot pavements in summer and street salt in winter can make them serious injuries. That's why is recommended to buy them appropriate dog boots or socks.

french bulldog clothes

French bulldog body structure

French bulldogs are widely famous for their compact and muscular body built. Although they're small in size, that doesn't mean you can put your Frenchie in a mini poodle's jacket. This little pooch is a powerful and strong breed that have different body proportions from other small dog breeds. Their body is short and well-rounded which means they usually need a size bigger. Always measure your dog's back and stomach scope before you decide to buy him clothes.

French bulldog hips

As we already mentioned, French bulldog's hips take an important part in choosing your best friend's clothes. Unfortunately, many French bulldogs suffer from a skeletal disorder called hip dysplasia. That kind of condition not only makes dogs live in chronic pains but also requires different clothing measures. Measuring your dog's hips is always recommended when buying French bulldog clothes. These lovely pooches also have short legs, so it's highly recommended to choose clothes that will not limit their normal walking.