French Bulldog VS Pug- Which Dog Is Right For You?

French bulldog VS Pug- Although these two breeds look similar at first sight, they actually originate from different parts of the world. Both Pugs and French bulldogs belong to brachycephalic breeds. They are also small in size and act very friendly toward other dogs and people. Therefore, if you’re still having a dilemma about which one is the right pet for your home, we hope that the following facts will help.

French bulldog VS Pug- The history of these two breeds

French bulldogs originate from England.  They are the result of crossbreeding a Toy bulldog and local ratters. They served as companions to Nottingham's lacemakers who brought them to France in the mid-1800s.

By the end of the 19th century, the popularity of Frenchies had spread across America and Europe. They became popular due to their affectionate personality, compact size, and distinctive appearance.

When we talk about Pugs, these ancient dogs originated from China.  Their genes go back to the Han Dynasty (206BC – 200AD) when they served as lovely companions to Emperors and royal families.

Unlike French bulldogs, Pugs have learned to live in luxury accommodation. They came to Europe via Dutch traders in the late 1500s and early 1600s and quickly became the favorite breed of royals. Pugs have been the official dogs of the House of Orange, Josephine Bonaparte, and Marie Antoinette. Besides, they have reached their greatest popularity during the Victorian era when famous painters depicted them in their paintings.

French Bulldog VS Pug – Personality

By comparing French bulldog VS pug personality, we can realize that these pooches possess very similar characters.  Both Frenchies and Pugs act friendly and easily fit any type of environment. Therefore, if you are searching for a lovely companion that will always thrive for attention, you won’t get wrong by choosing any of this breed. 

Pugs and French bulldogs don’t need much activity, so they will also be a good pick for couch potatoes. We also need to note that activity is important for these pooches because both breeds are on a higher tendency to suffer from obesity. You can take them out two or three times a day to 20-min strolls to satisfy their needs, and help them stay in good shape.

Owners of these two breeds should also pay special attention to weather conditions when they take them outside. Both French bulldogs and Pugs are prone to hypothermia and overheating, so wearing protective clothing is a ’must-do- task for these pooches.

French bulldog VS Pug personalities have one more feature in common. They both know to act stubborn from time to time, so that’s why it’s important to find a good motivational tool during training lessons.

french bulldog vs pug

French bulldog VS Pug- Appearance

It’s a well-known fact that people often mix the appearance of these two breeds. Even though they both have flat muzzles, Pugs have flopped ears, while Frenchies have erected (bat) ears.

Besides, Pugs have curled tails, while Frenchies have no tails. Instead of tails, they have tail pockets that require to be regularly cleaned. The head of a French bulldog is square, while Pugs have round-shaped heads with deep folds.

When we talk about their coats, Pugs possess slightly thicker coats. Unlike Frenchies, Pugs have a double layer of coats, which makes them have better resistance to cold weather.

french bulldog vs pug

French Bulldog VS Pug Size

Both Pugs and Frenchies are similar in size. French bulldogs have stout and muscular bodies, while Pugs have rounder bodies. The weight of French bulldogs goes between 8-16 kg, while Pugs can measure 6-8 kg.

When we talk about the height of these two pooches, Frenchies also take a slight advantage. The French bulldog's height ranges between 30-33 cm, while the Pug's height ranges between 25-35 cm.

French Bulldog Vs Pug Shedding

Since Frenchies have one-layered coats, they shed less than Pugs. Therefore, you can expect that you'll have fewer troubles with a dog's hair in your living place. The Pug's double coat makes this breed shed more especially during warmer months. 

French bulldog VS Pug lifespan

 Pugs tend to have more health problems from Frenchies. However, if we compare these two breeds, Pugs are definitely leaders. Pugs lifespan ranges between 12-15 years, while Frenchies live between 10-12 years. 

Wrapping up- French Bulldog Vs Pug

 Whatever dog breed you choose, you surely won't make a mistake because both Pugs and Frenchies are loyal, friendly, and affectionate. They also act friendly toward other dogs and people, which makes them great pets for living in large families. French bulldogs and Pugs are currently one of the most popular dog breeds among city dwellers due to their compact size and reduced need for activity.