When Does A French Bulldog Need Nose Surgery?

We are sure that all of you love pretty much everything about French bulldogs. Their huge eyes, bat ears, flat skulls, and even their not-so-thrilling gassy characteristic makes everyone fall in love with these cute gremlins. However, thanks to their main physical feature, their skulls, Frenchies are susceptible to experience breathing issues. If you’ve noticed that your dog is struggling for air, and breathes heavily, then you should definitely take him to see a vet. Unfortunately, there is a high possibility that your dog needs nose surgery.

french bulldog nose surgery

What do you need to know about French bulldog nose surgery?

If you’re an owner of a Frenchie, then you’re definitely familiar with its tendency to gets tired quickly. French bulldogs should not be exposed to great physical exertions because they possess the same amount of tissue in their skulls just like dogs with standard muzzles. Unfortunately, this feature makes them breathe difficult during heavy exercise and incapable to regulate their body temperature.

When we talk about their noses, Frenchies have flat nostrils. Due to this reason, these little gremlins are fighting for air when going on long walks and when spending time in too warm or too cold weather. The most common symptoms that will point out if your dog suffers from breathing issues are short breath, rapid fatigue, panting, and lack of energy.

According to the study of The Royal Veterinary College, more than  58% of flat-faced dogs suffer from Brachycephalic Syndrome, and their owners don’t know to recognize the problem.

How to recognize if your Frenchie needs nose surgery?

  • Observe your Frenchie’s nostrils

Visibly small and narrow nostrils are the signs that your dog requires help. Dogs who have stenotic/ narrow nostrils can’t breathe normally and they look like they’re constantly struggling for air.

Even though your Frenchie has a flat skull, he should have wide nostrils just like every other dog. By performing nose surgery, your Frenchie will have wider airways. He will not only breathe easier but will also be less prone to hypothermia and overheating. This seemingly small change can make a noticeable difference to your pet’s life.

How much does a French bulldog nose surgery cost?

The price of your French bulldog’s nose surgery will depend on the severity of the case. Mild cases can cost several hundred dollars, while the surgery of extremely narrow nostrils can cost up to 1.500 $. If your pet has health insurance, the good news is that most health insurance companies cover this type of surgery. However, pre-existing conditions are not included, so it’s best to sign for the insurance when your Frenchie is still a puppy.

Other surgeries that can ease your French bulldog’s breathing

Besides stenotic nares, a Frenchie with brachycephalic syndrome may also have issues with the hypoplastic trachea, everted laryngeal saccules, elongated soft palate, or nasopharyngeal turbinates. Dogs with brachycephalic syndrome are prone to suffer from allergies, heatstroke, hypothermia, and excessive gasses and flatulence. It’s because they possess the same amount of tissue in their skulls just like dog breeds with standard skulls. Therefore, French bulldog owners should pay special attention when they take them outside in hot or cold weather, and should carefully choose the diet to suit their sensitive bellies. An anti-choking feeding bowl can help reduce gases, and painful flatulence because it slows down the dog’s eating.

The following Anti-choking feeding bowl has a rotating bone in the middle that makes a dog work for his food. Besides, by eating from this bowl, your dog will extend his mealtime that will result in reducing gases.