Why Do French Bulldogs Run Away?

We all know that dogs are the only beings that are capable to love us unconditionally. And, even though they jump into our hug like they haven't seen us for months when we come home from work every day, they also have one bad side that is common for all canines in the world. Dogs simply like to run away. No matter how much they love us, there's something in their genes that drives them to do that. That's why we've decided to relieve the topic 'Why do French bulldogs run away'.

It's true that some dogs would never do that, however, what could be the trigger for such behavior? Let's find out the reason...

Why do dogs like to run away?

Separation anxiety

When we talk about Frenchies, it's pretty obvious that they're not good runners. However, our little fellows are prone to suffering from separation anxiety because they belong to companion dog breeds. Besides, Frenchies are the part of the Molossus family of dogs that are known as loyal protectors of their family members. Due to these reasons, Frenchies might find it difficult to stay home alone for hours.

As a result, they can develop a condition called separation anxiety that is often followed by a dog's tendency to run away in order to find its owner.


A dog's fear can be another reason for your Frenchie's tendency to run away. Usually, dogs get afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks, so they could run away in order to find shelter.


Dogs become sexually mature when they're approximately 6 months old. As a result, male Frenchies who haven't been neutered and females that go through heat can run away to find their 'mating partner'.

Why Do French Bulldogs Run Away?


Since dogs are curious beings, it's almost impossible to keep them entertained unless they don't get enough attention and toys to play with.

Other animals

Be careful if your dog is often allowed to spend time in your yard. Just as fear can cause some pooches to run away, so can excitement. Other dogs, cats, mice, birds, and squirrels can be only one of the causes for your French bulldog's tendency to run away.

How to prevent your French Bulldog from running away?

Neutering as a solution

If you own a male Frenchie, then neutering can be one of the solutions for preventing your pooch from being lost. Due to frequent hormonal changes, male dogs can be prone to escape and roam to find a female partner for mating. Therefore, if you're thinking to neuter a French bulldog, read our article to find out all the reasons why to do it.

Teach your dog to play with toys

French bulldog toys can help a lot if you've realized that your dog is prone to run away due to boredom. Besides chew toys for Frenchies, you can also try with different Interactive dog toys. They will not only improve your dog's intelligence but will also prevent him from feeling anxious.

Perform training lessons

Only with your consistency and training from an early age, you can teach your Frenchie to behave obediently. The best time to start with training lessons is between 8-12 weeks when the dog is most willing to learn. Besides, don't forget to reward your dog every time he/she returns to you if you play fetch or perform other training lessons.

Protect your yard

If you live in a house with a yard and you often allow your pooch to spend time outside, then I advise you to make sure whether the fence is well-secured. Dogs like to dig holes and investigate their environment because it's in their nature.

Don't chase your Frenchie

If your leash broke and your Frenchie looks like he's planning to run away, don't chase her/him. He might think that you're planning to play a game. Instead, stay calm, show him a treat or toy,. and sit on the ground.