Can Frenchies Stay Outside?


There is a common misconception that there is no dog who isn’t able to live outdoor. Well, dogs are indeed animals whose primary habitat is nature. However, when we talk about Frenchies, they can’t live in extreme living conditions. So, if you ever asked someone can Frenchies stay outside, the answer is No! Allowing a Frenchie to spend a night outdoor can turn out to be fatal, especially if you live in a cold climate.

Why should you never allow your French bulldog to sleep outside?

French bulldogs are not like other dog breeds. They are special and unique in so many ways, and their brachycephalic skull is only one of those reasons. Due to their shortened nostrils and short hair, French bulldogs can’t sustain living outdoor. Even if you live in a moderate climate, there is no Frenchie who should be allowed to stay outside.


Unfortunately, many people want to own dogs that are going to serve them as yard guardians.  They keep them on leashes in yards and don’t carry much about their needs. Well, it’s high time to stop such a trend. Every dog deserved to feel the warmth of home. Of course, there are also dog breeds that are capable of living outdoors, such as German Sheperd and Husky. Other large dog breeds that belong to working dogs also belong to this category. They require to spend more time outside and enjoy running and prolonged walking.

However, when we talk about small dog breeds like Frenchie are, their primary purpose is to serve as loyal companions. That’s why they are also on a higher tendency to suffer from separation anxiety.


When we talk about their capability to sustain different weather conditions, it should be noted that these furry gremlins are most suited to the temperature between 20-25 C. Otherwise, they could quickly become affected by the heatstroke or hypothermia.

How to prevent a French bulldog from hypothermia?

Besides you should keep your pooch inside during the cold weather conditions, he also needs to wear appropriate clothes.

Providing him a warm bed and cozy and soft blanket present one of the first items you should buy your little gremlin. Since your dog will be less active during winter months, you also should pay attention to his nutrition. The BARF diet for Frenchies is one of the best foods to choose when owning this breed.

The following French bulldog donut bed might become your dog’s favorite place for chilling. It’s incredibly soft and cozy and comes in different colors.

How can we forget about clothes for these furry batpigs? Their short hair makes them more susceptible to react on cold climate, so your Frenchie would be thankful to have an extra layer when walking outside. To keep him warm this season, I advise you to buy him a thick winter jacket. The following one comes in 3 colors and has a fashionable faux fur hoodie to keep your dog’s neck warm.

Protect your French bulldog paws both during winter and summer

Since dogs’ paws do an essential job for their bodies, keeping their paw pads soft and smooth present one of the keys for keeping them healthy. The following Frenchie World Paw Protection Stick can be used both in summer and winter for healing cracked pads. It is easy to apply while the ingredients are entirely natural. The almond oil is known for its soothing repairing effects.

When we talk about walking on hot or cold pavements, it’s needless to mention that dogs require wearing appropriate shoes, socks or boots. I recommend you to check the following one as one of the best for Frenchies.

Tips to keep in mind to help a French bulldog to deal with hot and cold weather

Summer season

  • You should not take your Frenchie outside during the hottest part of the day during summer.
  • Keep your little gremlin in an air-conditioned room with an optimal temperature between 20-25 C
  • Pay attention to your dog’s hydration.
  • Try feeding your pooch with multiple small meals.
  • Protect your dog’s paws with appropriate dog socks or mesh boots
  • Search to buy different cooling items to help your Frenchie in dealing with high temperatures
  • Allow your Frenchie to spend time outside only early in the morning or late in the evening.
  • Do not leave your pooch in a car during summer because the temperature quickly goes double.

Winter season

  • Do not take your pooch outside in icy weather.
  • Protect his paws from road salt by buying your Frenchie a good pair of waterproof dog boots.
  • Provide your pooch warm and cozy bed where he can spend time.
  • Wearing a jacket will prevent your little gremlin from hypothermia.
  • Do not allow your Frenchie to stay outside or sleep outside.
  • Do not forget to soothe your dog’s nose and paws during winter regularly.

Are you still wondering if Frenchies can stay outside? I hope that all the previously mentioned reasons and tips will help anyone who thought the opposite.

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