French Bulldog Accessories

In our wide assortment of French bulldog accessories you will find everything you need for your little gremlin. Whether you are searching to find a hat, scarf, sunglasses or some other fancy item, our Frenchie World store has them all. Wearing accessorize is important not only as a fashionable detail but also to make your pup safe on certain occasions.

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Warm & Snug French Bulldog Balaclava Hat

Protect your little Frenchie from harsh weather conditions with our Warm & Snug French Bulldog Balaclava Hat!
  • made from soft and warm fleece
  • the adjustable drawstring allows you to set the size
  • adorable headgear for your little pup
  • machine washable at 30 C
  • available in different colors and sizes
  • decorated with ears made of plaid fabric
Why we it?This French bulldog hat is expertly chunky, and the thick fleece is like a little hug for your pet's ears. Even though Frenchies have thick necks,  this headgear is specially created to make your pooch comfortable, thanks to an adjustable drawstring. This is the kind of dog hat you keep stored somewhere accessible, so you can just pop back inside to grab it when it's colder out than you thought. Balaclava type of hat is a great option to help your little gremlin regulate their body temperature and make them look adorable on every pawdventure.

Donut Frenchie Bandana

The iconic-looking Frenchies deserve to wear the accessories that will make them stylish and spotted on any occasion. Don’t forget that style is the way to say who your dog is without having to bark!
  • Ideal for special occasions
  • Emblazoned with cute prints of juicy donuts
  • 100% breathable cotton
Why do we love it?If you consider your Frenchie the cutest creature on Earth, then you’d enjoy using different accessories to make him/her spotted. This Donut Frenchie bandana represents a perfect pick when you want to make your dog stylish. He/she can wear it over a collar and it’s easy to take on and off. The breathable fabric won’t irritate Frenchie’s skin and he’ll surely enjoy wearing it!Size info:Size(M): 64 x 43 x 43cm /25.19 x 16.92 x 16.92" Neck(M): 30-42cm / 11.81-16.54"

Dog Cooling Bandana

Keep your Frenchie safe during hot days by providing him with an essential dog cooling bandana. It will help your pet to stay away from heatstroke by decreasing body temperature.
  • Composition: high tech polyester fabric
  • For the best effect leave it in a fridge for an hour before wearing
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Velcro closure
Why do we love it?Your French bulldog will be kept safe while walking in hot temperature thanks to this Dog cooling bandana. It is made of special high tech polyester fabric that absorbs the heat. The fabric doesn’t contain any chemicals, adhesives, and phase change materials. Before using, you need to soak the bandana in cold water, twist it dry and place it in a fridge. To get the best effect, we advise you to leave it for an hour. Your pet will be able to safely have a stroll in the summer because this collar will decrease his body temperature.Size chart:S: Neck Circumference x Width: 27 x 4cm M: Neck Circumference x Width: 34 x 4.5cm L: Neck Circumference x Width: 41 x 5.5cm XL: Neck Circumference x Width: 60 x 5cm

French Bulldog Flash Bandana


French Bulldog Flash Bandana

  • Heavy canvas Triangular Bandage
  • Flash pattern on black background
  • PERFECT fit for French Bulldogs
  • Two button for adjustable
  • Easy to wear and take off
SizeLength 1Length 2Width

Adjustable French Bulldog Neckerchief Bandana


Adjustable French Bulldog Neckerchief Bandana

Our Adjustable French Bulldog Neckerchief Bandana is a fashionable, and stylish addition for your Frenchie.Features:
  • 12 different designs
  • Lightweight mesh fabric
  • Safety light buckle
  • Adjustable

Anti-Slip waterproof protective socks

Waterproof nonslip dog socksAnti-Slip Protective Socks for Dogs - With Waterproof, Silicon Sole means they can be worn indoors and outdoors. Improve your dog's traction on slippery surfaces - as well protecting boat decks and wooden floors.   With a full silicone covered sole, they can be used for short term outdoor use as well.Great For:
  • Elderly Dogs that are 'Sliding' - stopping the slip will give them more confidence on floors, tiles and stairs.
  • Dogs with Injured Paws - If your dog is suffering from an injured paw or grass allergy, these socks could provide excellent coverage.
  • Protecting Floors & Surfaces - These socks will also protect wooden floors, boat decks and leather car seats from scratches (make sure dog's nails are trimmed so as not to puncture the socks).

Baseball Cap For French Bulldog

Baseball Cap For French Bulldog If you want to protect your dog’s and provide cooling when you decide to take your

Cartoon French Bulldog Phone Case

Always keep your Frenchie close on a soft silicone phone case that will protect your phone wherever you go.
  • Compatible Brand: APPLE
  • Model: For iPhone 12 Pro max XS MAX XR 6 6s Plus 7 7
  • Material: Silicone
  • Available in many patterns
  • Transparent silicone case
Why we love it?Why not keep the lovely Frenchie's face always in your bag or pocket? We offer you adorable Frenchie phone cases that will remind you of your little gremlin wherever you go. The phone cases are compatible with iPhone models, and they are made of transparent silicone. The cases are elastic and they will protect your phone from different damages. Choose your favorite type and show everyone that you're a proud mom or dad of these little gremlins!

Christmas French Bulldog Bandana

Christmas French Bulldog Bandana Your Frenchie will be a hit this holiday with the Christmas French Bulldog Bandana! 5 designs Easy on

Cow French Bulldog Hat

 Turn your little Frenchie into the greatest furry trendsetter of the neighborhood! Choose between a plain gray or cow pattern, and make your pooch ready for special occasions.
  • made of durable denim jeans fabric
  • comes in two patterns and 3 sizes
  • machine washable at 30 C
  • easy to wear thanks to the elastic band that goes under the dog's chin
  • an ideal pick for special occasions and everyday wear!
  • Size: S diameter of inner ring: 7cm; diameter of the outer ring: 14cm; M inner ring diameter: 9cm; outer ring diameter: 16cm; L inner ring diameter: 13cm; outer ring diameter: 20cm
Why we love it?Are you a proud French bulldog puppy owner? No matter the breed, your pup deserves a style upgrade. These awesome dog hats will make any pup feel chic and cute. A new wardrobe is never complete without all of the season's hottest trends. Check out this fashionable gray or cow patterned fabric hat and match it with an insane French bulldog Cow Skirt or Jumpsuit! Made of real denim jeans fabric with an elastic chin band, it will be perfect for all-day wear. French bulldog hats and caps will protect your dog's sensitive skin from the sun, wind, and even cold.

Crocheted French Bulldog Cap

Crocheted French Bulldog Cap Protect your Frenchie’s ears from windy weather and make it the cutest dog in the world

Cute Dog Backpack

Cute Dog BackpackGet the help your loyal friend to carry his stuff around with Cute Dog Backpack!
  • 3 models
  • Officially Licensed
  • Zipper pouch can holds treats and gear
  • Touch fastener closure along belly
  • Elastic straps for comfort
  • 100% polyester
Why We Love It:Make it fun! Get Frenchie packed up and ready to go with this lightweight, Cute Dog Backpack.Great for everyday use or city adventures.

When to use French bulldog accessories?

French bulldog accessories consist of different equipment that can keep your pup safe. For example, the following dog cap is perfect to wear on hot summer days when you want to prevent your Frenchie from sunstroke.

On the other hand, wearing protective dog socks can also save your little gremlin from getting burns and blisters both in summer and winter. Road salt or hot pavement presents one of the greatest dangers to your little gremlin’s paw pads. Dog socks are also great for older pooches who suffer from mobility issues because they’ll improve traction.


What are the best-selling French bulldog accessories?

Lately, you could see many dogs in your environment wearing cute backpacks. However, do you know what the purpose or their use is? This Cute dog backpack can be used to carry some essentials for your little gremlin when going for a walk such as potty bags.

Another favorite item of our customers is this French bulldog adjustable glasses. They are available in 2 colors and can be worn for a number of reasons such as protection from UV rays, protecting eyes after surgery, or while swimming.