French Bulldog Collars

A collar for frenchies is like a wallet for humans – every french bulldog should have its ID present at all times. Every collar usually has an ID tag, a license, vaccination records and a name. And of course, you can attach a leash to it. These collars were verified by our own test pilot frenchies – and they all landed without any problems ūüėé

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Anti-lost French Bulldog Collar Lamp

This durable and lightweight Anti-lost French bulldog collar lamp can easily attach to any dog collar or harness, providing a bright and visible light that can be seen from a distance.
  • Charging method: USB
  • Endurance: about 8 hours
  • Built-in lithium battery 650mAh
  • Designed to keep your dog safe and visible during nighttime walks
  • Easily attaches to any dog collar or harness
  • Powerful LED light can be set to flash or stay steady
  • Water-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Easy to use with a convenient on/off switch
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight and comfortable for your dog to wear
  • Perfect for evening walks or areas with limited street lighting
Why we love it? The lamp is equipped with a powerful LED light that can be set to flash or stay steady, making it highly visible to cars, pedestrians, and other dogs. It is also water-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring that your dog stays visible and safe no matter the conditions. The anti-lost French bulldog collar lamp is easy to use and comes with a convenient on/off switch, and also has a long battery life. It's also lightweight and comfortable for your dog to wear so they won't even know it's there. This lamp is perfect for dog owners who like to take their pets for evening walks, or for those who live in areas with limited street lighting. Keep your dog safe and visible with the Anti-Lost Dog Lamp.

French Bulldog Christmas Collar

Add a dose of Christmas glamour to your pet's outfit with our festive collars available in different designs.
  • Size: 8 * 4CM The minimum size of the collar is 22cm; the Maximum 40CM adjustable
  • available in different patterns
  • cute dog collar to wear during the holiday season
  • the collar serves as a fashion detail and the leash should not be attached to it
  • made from soft nylon webbing
  • cotton fabric bowtie
Why do we love it?

Give your pet a festive holiday spirit with our French bulldog Christmas collar. Snowman, reindeer, Santa, and elk designs are all available. They are made from nylon webbing and will complete your Frenchies look. Show him/her just how handsome s/he is! Embellished with your pet's favorite Christmas symbols, our dog collars will not only bring festive joy to the canine lead of your life but also be a unique item to keep forever.

Durable and festive, these dog collars offer a variety of designs for a hero dog this Christmas!

Hyped Frenchie Collar


Every dog deserves to look good. This fashionable French bulldog collar will match any outfit and become the cutest accessory around your furry friend's neck. Made with soft faux fur and 3D plush flowers, this is a perfect gift for fashionistas out there.

  • collar is made from nylon webbing
  • decorated with 3D plush flowers and toys
  • adorable fashion detail both for special occasions and everyday life
  • adjustable size
  • velcro closure
 Why we ‚ô• it?

Looking for the perfect gift for your Frenchie who is the queen of fashion? We've got you covered with our adjustable dog collar with plush flowers and toys. This is an adorable way to add a little fashion detail to your pup, making everyday walks a little more exciting. The velcro closure makes it easy to put on, and the soft material means it's comfortable for everyday use.Get pet ready with our Hyped Frenchie Collar! We know you want your dog to look cute too--so this fashionable collar with 3D plush flowers and toys will look like an accessory around their neck.

Bling Personalized French Bulldog Collar

Get your Frenchie wear his own name with our Bling Personalized French Bulldog Collar.With our Bling Personalized French Bulldog Collar your Frenchie will shine wherever you go.

Remember to leave us your dog's name up to 5 letters, otherwise we'll send blank collar.

IMPORTAINT: Free Name Up to 5 Letters and 1 Charm (or 6 letters only)

Bling French Bulldog Collar


Bling French Bulldog Collar

  • Super cute necklace collar with easy clasp fastening with extender for adjustment.
  • Lightweight massive chain. Lovely and attractive.
  • A perfect gift for your lovely dog.

French Bulldog Flash Bandana


French Bulldog Flash Bandana

  • Heavy canvas¬†Triangular Bandage
  • Flash pattern on black background
  • PERFECT fit for¬†French Bulldogs
  • Two button for adjustable
  • Easy to wear and take off
SizeLength 1Length 2Width

Crystal Rhinestone Dog Collar

Crystal Rhinestone Dog Collar
  • 100% Brand New and high quality
  • Adjustable dog collar brings you convenience
  • Soft PU Faux Suede Leather Dog Cat Rhinestone Collar
Collar Size: XS size :  Fit for 8"~11" (1.5CM Width *30CM Length) S size :  Fit for 10"~13" (1.5CM Width *37CM Length) M size : Fit for 12"~14" (2.0CM Width *42CM Length)

1.0-2.0cm Wide, 5 holes adjustable Bling with 11 diamonds / 14 diamonds Material: Faux Suede & PU Leather Colors: Pink, Black, Blue

Bling Jewel Dog Collar

Bling Jewel Dog CollarBring on the bling with the Jewel Dog Collar from Frenchie World!
  • Faux white pearls and crystals
  • Glittery collars with a crystal buckle
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Small Size: 0.6" wide, Neck size for 8~11"(1.5*30cm), 11 diamonds Clear Crystals
Why We Love It:
We love the alternating pearls and crystals on this collar! The Bling Jewel Dog Collar is glittery with a crystal buckle and beautiful Czech crystal accents! The metal hardware is durable and the collar is adjustable for convenience. Great for daily wear or special holidays.
Size chart:
Size:         Width:         Total Length:       Adjustable range For Dog's NeckXXS           1.0cm               25cm                             17~22cmXS             1.0cm                30cm                             22~27cmS                1.5cm               37cm                              27~33cm

M               2.0cm                42cm                              29~38cm

Juicy Fruits French Bulldog Harness, Collar, and Leash Set

Juicy Fruits French Bulldog Harness, Collar, and Leash Set Turn your little four-legged princess into a fresh watermelon, juicy pineapple, or sour cherry by using this adorable Juicy Fruits French Bulldog Harness, Collar, and Leash Set!
  • perfect for the summer wear
  • padded edges to prevent skin cuts and blisters
  • ideal for untrained dogs who pull a lot
  • hand washable in cold water
  • x-shaped harness
  • made of soft canvas
  • engraved collar buckle with a dog's name and an owner's phone number
  • emblazoned with summer, juicy fruits
  • the set consists of a collar, harness, and leash set
  • reflective sewing
Why we love it?Your dog will get a complete feeling of safety when going on walks thanks to the Juicy Fruits French Bulldog Harness, Collar, and Leash Set. The canvas fabric is embellished with printed summer fruits, which represent a trendy summer pick. The collar is decorated with a 3D flower and can be used to hook up a leash or just to carry an ID tag. If your Frenchie is still untrained, then this harness will help you easier perform leash training lessons. The fabric is soft, breathable, and padded with mesh, so your dog will definitely feel pleasant to wear it during warmer months. Size chart:

Bae Printed Collar, Leash & Bowtie Set


Bae Printed Collar, Leash & Bowtie Set

Let your Frenchie set a trend with this Bae Printed Collar, Leash & Bowtie Set.
  • Stylish: Great for family photos, birthdays, costume party, wedding ceremony, holiday celebration, or just a stroll down the street.
  • Designer 100% cotton fabric, sewing over heavy webbing for durability and comfortable.
  • Golden Metal Buckle, Metal stainless ring, to attach a leash and tags to the collar.
  • Detatchable dog bowtie, easy to work with any collar.
  • Removable dog bow tie be made by hand, attached to collar using an elastic strap.
Sizing info:
BOWTIE DIMENSIONS  XS  = 1.75" x 3.25" (4.4 cm x 8.2 cm)
S/M=2.28'' x4.9'' (5.8cm x12.5cm)
L/XL = 2.75" x 5.25"    (6.98 cm x 13.3 cm)

LEASH SIZES: XS =1/2" x 4ft S=  3/4 " x 4ft M= 3/4" x 5ft L= 1" x 5ft XL=1" x 5ft

Adjustable French Bulldog Neckerchief Bandana


Adjustable French Bulldog Neckerchief Bandana

Our Adjustable French Bulldog Neckerchief Bandana is a fashionable, and stylish addition for your Frenchie.Features:
  • 12 different designs
  • Lightweight mesh fabric
  • Safety light buckle
  • Adjustable

Angel Wing French Bulldog Collar

Let your Frenchie always look special and stylish when going to strolls by putting him/her this adorable Angel Wing French Bulldog Collar around his/her neck.
  • Adjustable collar
  • Made of soft but durable nylon webbing
  • Ideal for special occasions
  • Available in many colors
  • The wings are made of soft fabric
  • Plastic buckle
Why We Love It?Are you a kind of dog owner that always wants your dog to look spotted and stylish? Well,  thanks to this Wing French Bulldog collar you can turn your pup into a cute four-legged angel. This French Bulldog collar can be worn on special occasions and can serve as a lovely accessory. Besides, you can use it to hook up the dog’s ID tag or to add a cute addition to the outfit for someone’s birthday party. The wings are soft but durable, while the collar is adjustable so you can set the appropriate size.Size info:Length: 27cm / 10.62 " Width: 1cm / 0.39" Neck: 16-27cm / 6.29-10.62 "

How to choose the right collar for a French bulldog?

When choosing a collar for a French bulldog, we advise you to choose comfortable wear that will not clutch his thick neck. Since Frenchies are more likely to wear harnesses because of their short and compact bodies, a collar should serve as an item to provide a pooch with over needed dog’s info.

However, if your Frenchie is already an adult and has taught to walk beside your leg, you can use a collar for putting a leash on it. Harnesses are used more often because they prevent a dog from pulling.

Another guide to consider is durability. It’s important for a collar to be made from a solid material that will resist your dog’s playing and other activities.

Check out the cutest collars for French bulldogs

Frenchie World collars are made with a lot of love! With our Laser Engraved Custom Personalized Dog Collar, your dog will wear a super good-looking collar all packed with important info engraved right onto the buckle!

For making your furry gremlin the most fashionable dog on the Earth, we suggest you check out our Leash and Bow tie set.

In case your Frenchie prefers showing his dangerous side, we are sure that this¬†Frenchie World¬ģ Skull leather collar¬†will perfectly fit his personality.

Since we both care for Frenchie girls, there’s no way they’ll not get thrilled for this Rhinestone Dog Collar with Crystal Bone Pendant.