French Bulldog Cooling Items

We all know that Frenchies are on a higher tendency to suffer from overheating. That’s why we’ve prepared cooling items that will keep your French bulldog safe, cool, and fresh during the summertime. Frenchie World cooling items are specially designed for the French bulldog breed and provenly helps these pooches to deal with high air temperatures.

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Dog Cooling Bandana

Keep your Frenchie safe during hot days by providing him with an essential dog cooling bandana. It will help your pet to stay away from heatstroke by decreasing body temperature.
  • Composition: high tech polyester fabric
  • For the best effect leave it in a fridge for an hour before wearing
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Velcro closure
Why do we love it?Your French bulldog will be kept safe while walking in hot temperature thanks to this Dog cooling bandana. It is made of special high tech polyester fabric that absorbs the heat. The fabric doesn’t contain any chemicals, adhesives, and phase change materials. Before using, you need to soak the bandana in cold water, twist it dry and place it in a fridge. To get the best effect, we advise you to leave it for an hour. Your pet will be able to safely have a stroll in the summer because this collar will decrease his body temperature.Size chart:S: Neck Circumference x Width: 27 x 4cm M: Neck Circumference x Width: 34 x 4.5cm L: Neck Circumference x Width: 41 x 5.5cm XL: Neck Circumference x Width: 60 x 5cm

French Bulldog Cooling Collar


French Bulldog Cooling Collar

This exceptional French Bulldog Cooling Collar is made of comfortable fabric and soft, adaptable gel which will provide a smooth and soft cooling effect.
  • Neoprene will keep it cold longer
  • 4 gel packs included
  • One hour to 90 minutes of cooling effect
  • Must have item for summer
  • One size fits all
  • Adjustable drawstring allows you easy neck adaptation
  • Trendy summer patterns
  • Machine washing is not allowed
  • Dry cleaning with wet wipes and water
Why we love it?We all know that Frenchies are on a higher tendency to suffer from heat stroke. That's why it's essential to protect them during the summer season by using cooling items. French bulldog cooling collar features a cooling gel that helps a dog to keep his temperature within normal limits. Besides, the neck is known as a 'refreshment spot' on dogs, so that's why a collar can significantly help prevent overheating.To use this collar on your Frenchie and to get the best of it, we recommend you to place it in the fridge for about 30 min before wearing it. As your dog wears it, he will get an equal feeling of cooling throughout the body.

Breathable & Cooling French Bulldog Pad

Prevent your Frenchie from overheating by providing him a cool place for chilling and sleeping. This French bulldog cooling pad is specially designed to ease your dog’s summer days and nights!
  • Place the bed in the coolest place in the house
  • Provides a dog with a cooling effect
  • Protects a dog from heatstroke
  • Made with non-slipping bottom
  • Easy-to-clean fabric, waterproof
  • Elevated edges for better neck and head support
Why we love it?Your little gremlin will adore sleeping on this French bulldog bed during the summer months because it’s made of heat-resistant fabric. It works best when it’s put out of direct sunlight and placed in the coolest room in the house. The ice silk cushion is made of high-density ice silk, which provides a physical cooling effect. The bed is available in so many adorable patterns and the leak-proof fabric will help in keeping this bed clean for a long time. Elevated edges can serve as a pillow, while the non-slipping bottom will keep the bed in one place.

Cartoon French Bulldog Cooling Mat

Cartoon French Bulldog Cooling Mat Keep your pooch safe this summer with this Cartoon French Bulldog Cooling Mat. High-quality printed cartoon

Cooling Gel French Bulldog Mat

  Help your dog get the ultimate cooling effect after summer walks by having a rest on our Cooling Gel French Bulldog Mat!
  • comes with a bag of gel balls
  • the mat should be filled with water
  • made of high-quality stain-resistant and water-resistant fabric
  • available in 2 colors and 3 sizes
  • cleaning with a wet cloth
  • it should be placed in the coolest place in the house
  • use it in the car, outdoors, inside the house, or in the crate
Why we love it?Your dog will adore chilling and resting on this cooling mat filled with gel. Besides a foldable mat, you'll get a bag of gel balls which you need to pour inside the mat. The gel balls will grow in contact with the water you need to pour inside the mat as well. Wait for about 2 hours, and the mat will transform into a soft and cozy spot where your pet will enjoy sleeping.  Place the sleeping mat in the coolest place in the house to provide the best cooling effect to your Frenchie. Since these little gremlins can quickly overheat in the summer, allowing them to rest on cooling mats can save their lives.

Freezy Penguin Cooling Mat

Make your dog cool and safe during the summer by allowing him to chill and sleep on our Freezy Penguin Cooling Mat.
  • Heat-resistant fabric
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Non-slipping surface
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth ice silk
  • Rebound sponge
  • Moisture-proof anti-slip plastic drop bottom
Why Do We Love It?This lightweight Freezy Penguin Cooling Mat is a perfect pick for keeping dogs with brachycephalic skulls safe. The fabric and the filling of the moisture-proof layer are heat-resistant, so your dog will get a gradual cooling effect on hot summer days. Place it in the coolest place in the house and out of direct sunlight to provide your pooch with maximum comfort. We are sure he’ll enjoy spending time on it and since it’s easily portable, you can even take it with you wherever you want.Size info:S: 48x32cm M: 55x42cm L: 68x52cm

French Bulldog Anti-Heatstroke Scarf


 Make your furry friend safe in hot weather by protecting the most important spot on its body- the back of its head!
  • ensured with gel cooling packs
  • available in different designs
  • adjustable size
  • to get the best cooling effect, place the collar in the fridge to cool off
  • Size:L (60-75cm) Size:M (45-60cm) Size:S (30-45cm)
  •  prevents a dog from heatstroke by keeping his neck cool and safe
  • it doesn't provide a choking feeling
Why we ♥ it?Your dog's safety comes first, especially when you have to leave the house in the hot weather. That's why this dog cooling scarf should become a must-have item in your pet's closet. Filled with gel packs to provide the ultimate cooling effect, this dog collar will keep the most important spot on your dog's body safe and cool. Your dog's back of the head quickly overheats in warm weather, so you have to keep that spot cool and safe from the heat. The French Bulldog Anti-Heatstroke Scarf is carefully crafted from heat-resistant fabric and the gel filling will keep the dog's body temperature within optimal limits for hours.

French Bulldog Anti-Heatstroke Vest


Show your dog that he takes a special place in your life by keeping him safe from summer hotness by buying him this dog anti-heatstroke vest.
  • made of ice silk heat-resistant fabric
  • available in different colors and sizes
  • perfect for keeping the dog safe in hot weather
  • soak it in the cold water to get the best cooling effect
  • hand washable
  • easy to dress on and take off
Why we ♥ it?Besides it provides a pleasant cooling effect if it's worn wet, this anti-heatstroke vest will even make your pooch look trendy on every pawdventure. It's made of heat-resistant fabric and the cut fits very gently onto the Frenchie's body. Thanks to a velcro closure, you can set the size easily. The vest provides the over-needed check support and keeps the dog's body cool both at the front and at the back. The vest will even be of great help in protecting your furry friend from environmental allergens and insect bites.

French Bulldog Bear Summer Cooling Mat

French Bulldog Bear Summer Cooling Mat Your summer will be safe with this French Bulldog Bear Summer Cooling Mat. Viscose

French Bulldog Cooling Collar

Your Frenchie’s health should be in the first place! That’s why we decided to create a French bulldog cooling collar that will make your pet safe to walk in warm summer weather.
  • Comes with gel packs
  • Composition: a natural blend of fabrics
  • Machine washable on 30 c
  • Adjustable points
  • Available in cute summer patterns
Why do we love it?Available in different summer patterns, this French bulldog cooling collar will make your dog safe from heatstroke when going for a stroll. It comes with cooling gel packs that should be left in a fridge for an hour before you go outside. The collar has adjustable buttons and it can be washed in a machine on 30 c. Since our dogs can’t sweat, they’ll pant in order to release the excess temperature from their bodies. That’s why we need to provide them with extra help during hot months.

French Bulldog Cooling Corner Crib

 Upgrade your Frenchie's time of rest and sleep by allowing him/her to taste enjoyable moments on this French Bulldog Cooling Corner Crib.
  • easy to install
  • features edges on two sides
  • ideal to use during the summer months
  • available in 2 shapes and many colors
  • a cooling top surface is leakproof and scratch-resistant
  • filled with PP cotton
  • it can be disassembled
  • features a sponge pad inside, extra comfort throughout the year
Why we love it?This adorable and practical Dog Corner Crib will provide every anxious dog with enjoyable and relaxing moments. Available in the triangle and square shapes, you can choose the one that will suit your dog better. The elevated edges can serve as pillow, and by placing it in the corner of your room, your pooch will get a feeling of safety. The bottom is anti-slipping, while the top layer provides a cooling effect.

French Bulldog Cooling Summer Collar

From now on, your Frenchie will be able to safely go for a walk in the summer because this Dog cooling summer collar will prevent him/her from overheating!
  • You can match it with our Summer Coolin Vest that comes in the same patterns
  • Composition:  printed cooling fabric
  • Hand wash in cold water
  • Available in cute patterns
  • Adjustable points
Why do we love it?Your pet will be safe from hot weather because this cooling collar will prevent him/her from heatstroke. It is available in many cute patterns and has the adjustable point to perfectly suit your Frenchie’s neck. The ice bag that goes inside of the collar will keep your Frenchie cool for a long time and the breathable mesh inner layer transfers the cooling effect to the dog. It is available in three sizes and can be washed in cold water.

What are ’must-have’ cooling items for French bulldogs?

One of the most essential cooling items every dog owner needs to have for his Frenchie is the following French bulldog cooling collar. It includes 4 gel packs that cool your dog’s neck and prevent it from heatstroke.

Summer-cooling vest is ideal when you need to take your French bulldog outside in hot weather. You should soak it in cold water, twist it, and dress it on your dog.

What are the best cooling mats for French bulldogs?

The self-cooling pad bed is designed to keep your Frenchie away from overheating because it’s filled with cooling gel. Since it’s thick, you can be sure that it will keep your pet safe for hours. On the other hand, it’s also suitable for senior pooches that require sleeping on cozy beds. The gel shapes according to your dog’s body.

Another important product you gotta have in your home is the Frenchie World® Self Cooling Sleeping Mat. It helps your pooch to regulate his body temperature and is made of cooling gel that works best when it’s put out of direct sunlight. If your Frenchie likes to spend time next to you on a couch, then this Summer Cooling French Bulldog Furniture Cover is a practical item you can carry wherever you want.