Like every dog, a french bulldog needs a sense of “having its own personal space”, and these beautiful dog houses and beds provide that. This is the place where frenchie feels protected and cared for, as it has a special home inside your own home. Also, french bulldogs are very sensitive to cold because of their short hair, and these beds and small houses will provide insulation from the coldness of the floor.

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Luxury French Bulldog Adjustable Nest Bed

Let your pet experience the ultimate comfort during snoozing hours with our Luxury French Bulldog Adjustable Nest Bed.
  • soft and cozy nest bed that easily transforms into a mat
  • available in three colors
  • machine washable at 30c
  • made from silky microplush
  • diameter 60 cm
  • easy-clean and pet-friendly fabric
  • filled with pp cotton
Why we ♥ it? We all know that our dogs' beds should represent their safe zone for sleeping and chilling. That's why we think it's the ultimate time to reward your pet with a luxurious French bulldog bed that will help them sleep like a baby. The outer fabric is soft and pleasant in touch and very easy to clean in case of unplanned messes. Besides, it's filled with pp cotton, so it will shape according to your pet's sleeping position. Thanks to an adjustable drawstring, you can quickly transform this Frenchie nest bed into a sleeping mat. This feature makes it equally great both for cold and warm months.  

“Cheap & Chic” Ultra soft durable bed

“Cheap & Chic” Ultra soft durable bed Why We Love It: Fit for pet royalty, this quilted dog bed is

“Teddy” bed

“Teddy” bed Ultra soft, washable and store exclusive Size chart:         

3 in 1 Multifunction Dog Bed-Sofa-Mat

3 in 1 Multifunction Dog Bed-Sofa-Mat ♥ Multi-functional dedign Foldable pet bed can be used as a cat cozy cave

5 in 1 French Bulldog Crate Set

5 in 1 French Bulldog Crate Set Whether you want to buy a French bulldog house, pad or a bed,

Banana Soft Plush Bed Nest

Banana Soft Plush Bed House Nest This is a cozy and warm pet bed house for your love pet, which

Breathable & Cooling French Bulldog Pad

Breathable & Cooling French Bulldog Pad Prevent your Frenchie from overheating by providing him a cool place for chilling and

Butterfly Dog Sofa With Pillow

Butterfly Dog Sofa With Pillow Your pup will be ready for Dreamland in this plush Butterfly Dog Sofa With Pillow in

Camouflage Dog House

Camouflage Dog House Whether it’s in your car or in your living room, the Camouflage Dog House in Green has

Canvas Soft & Cozy French Bulldog Bed

Canvas Soft & Cozy French Bulldog Bed For your Frenchie no day is so bad it can’t be fixed with

Cartoon French Bulldog Cooling Mat

Cartoon French Bulldog Cooling Mat Keep your pooch safe this summer with this Cartoon French Bulldog Cooling Mat. High-quality printed cartoon

Cartoon Pad Dog Bed

Cartoon Pad Dog Bed Keep your traveling and camping pup off the ground and comfy with the Cartoon Pad Dog

Why is important for a Frenchie to sleep in his own bed?

Dog beds and houses present a great solution for providing your pup with a safe and comfortable place for sleeping and resting. They are also perfect tools for performing crate training that present an essential part of housebreaking new puppies too. Another reason to buy a dog bed is if there are certain areas in your home where the dog isn’t allowed. Dog beds will certainly help you to train a Frenchie to limit the access to the rest of the house as well as to learn the other house rules, like not chewing up furniture.

Check out our craziest-looking dog houses

From Pineapple Dog House to Frenchie House Shark (Washable), our great assortment will definitely thrill every Frenchie in the World.

In case you own a cute Frenchie Princess, we made a special Crown Plush Sofa Bed with fuzzy pom-pom at each crown peak! She will definitely enjoy sleeping on her throne!

Since there’s no Frenchie that doesn’t like to snuggle up in their own space, this fun White Frenchie tent to dream of the night sky!

How to protect your furniture from your Frenchie’s hair?

There’s no better feeling than resting on the couch with your furry friend! However, you probably got rid of constant cleaning your dog’s hair every time he/she sits on the couch. That’s why we advise you to check our Frenchie World® Breathable Sofa Mat and Frenchie World® Cozy soft cave house that will help to keep pet hair, moisture, and little pet accidents off your furniture.