This is the largest collection of french bulldog clothes in the World! These are NOT general “small dog” products. As we all know, French bulldog has a very specific body shape, more of a pig than a dog 🐖- so this beautiful creature requires a unique kind of dogwear. All of these items were tested on our own french bulldogs. We have french bulldog sweaters, hoodies, jackets, coats, costumes, pajamas, shirts, and much more! Every item has a sizing chart and clear guidelines on how to measure your french bulldog.

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Ghost Rider French Bulldog Costume


Your dog is probably excited about this Halloween! But it makes sense: the spooky season is the time for tricks and treating. And Ghost Rider is one of our favorite costumes this Halloween season.

  • easily adjustable with velcros
  • the spooky skeleton will sway while your dog walks
  • perfect dog costume for a Halloween party
Why we ♥ it?

Your Frenchie deserves the coolest costume, and the Frenchie World has the best—just in time for trick-or-treating. The Ghost Rider French Bulldog Costume looks way cute, and it's adjustable and easy to take on. Just add a few pantries, and you and your pup will be ready to prowl the neighborhood. Think it's finally time to spook up your pup? Surprise everyone this Halloween with a howling good dog costume that is as comfy and cool as it is. Our Ghost Rider French bulldog costume will be the cherry on top of any fantastic dog party while keeping your pet in happy dance mode. You can't go wrong with this costume for your baby dog. Stay scaringly stylish while you're out trick or treating with our cute Ghost Rider pet costume!

Designer Vuiton French Bulldog Bowl

Do you want to spoil your Frenchie with a luxurious lifestyle?  If yes, then let it have a luxury meal! This bowl was designed for all those little batpigs who live their lives to the max. 
  • made from high-quality recycled material
  • safe for the environment
  • capacity: about 500ml
  • placemat 30x50cm
  • bowl: 15x19. 5x6.7cm
Why we

You deserve the best - so does your dog. Stop struggling with cheap dog bowls on the market that can't hold up to your pup's eating habits. Get your dog a Luxurious eating and drinking bowl today, and never worry about spills again! It's dishwasher-safe, durable, and of course, the cutest bowl in the town.

Bring your Frenchie's dinner time to the next level with this fashionable dog bowl. Your furry friend will enjoy eating from this bowl, and you can order it with a matching mat and drinking bowl too. The bowl is made from recycled materials and decorated with pretty pink accents, making it perfect for any home decor.


Dog Face French Bulldog Windbreaker Jacket

Lightweight and insulating, this French bulldog windbreaker jacket will keep your pup safe in harsh weather conditions.
  • made from polyester windbreaker fabric
  • waterproof layer for rainy weather
  • zipper closure
  • adjustable size on the belly
Why we ♥ it? Perfect to keep your little gremlin safe in the autumn and winter, this sporty dog windbreaker jacket will become one of the most wearable items from their closet. Made of waterproof fabric and ensured with reflective details, from now on you and your doggy will be able to enjoy evening walks. The jacket is available in many colors and sizes and made with one purpose in mind- to keep every Frenchie out there safe and comfortable in windy and wet weather.    

All Over Frenchie Snowsuit

All Over Frenchie Snowsuit Serious weather calls for serious dog gear! Full body snowsuit with zip-off hood and rear legs

Fashion & Friends French Bulldog Sweater


We have the perfect idea for you if you've ever wished your dog had a designer outfit. Say hello to our luxury French bulldog sweater - soft, warm, and stylish!

  • made from knitted acrylic wool
  • perfect for frosty weather conditions
  • adorable pick for special occasions too
  • handwash in cold water
  • high-quality dog knit wear
  • inspired by famous human fashion brand
Why we ♥ it?

Buy a luxurious dog sweater for your pet and spoil them with the best quality. Your Frenchie will wear the finest, cozy and stylish clothing that any four-legged friend can have. This piece of clothing will bring joy and happiness to your pet's life. They will be with you all day long, walking around proudly wearing their new favorite piece of clothing.

Who doesn't like high-end fashion and luxurious items for our four-legged friends? The Fashion & Friends French Bulldog Sweater is a style statement for playtime in chilly weather. Your dog will look stylish, feel toasty and warm at -5°F. It will be the center of attention of any party. Trust us, it's perfect.

French Bulldog Fashion Fleece Jacket

Give your dog a chic & trendy piece of clothing that she/he will enjoy wearing! Made of super-soft fleece and inspired by a famous human clothing brand, this French bulldog jacket will be a conversation starter in the neighborhood.
  • made of warm and soft fleece fabric
  • inspired by a famous human clothing brand
  • zipper closure
  • high collar to protect the dog's neck from the cold
  • machine washable
  • it provides a 'blanket feeling' while wearing it
Why we ♥ it? No one will wear it better than your Frenchie! This adorable fleece jacket is made to wrap and snug your little gremlin on those chilly days. Since French bulldogs can't regulate their body temperature due to their brachycephalic skulls, buying clothes for them is not your whim. Therefore, protect your dog from those harsh weather and make him/her feel comfortable when going on strolls! The printed fleece details will catch everyone's eye and your pooch will look like a million-dollar baby for sure! undefined

80’s Retro Shiny Jacket

80’s Retro Shiny Jacket The 80’s Retro Shiny Jacket will have your pup barking in the rain! Shiny water resistant coat Red, Pink

Camouflage French Bulldog Jumpsuit Raincoat

Camouflage French Bulldog Jumpsuit Raincoat Play in the rain and show off with the Camouflage French Bulldog Jumpsuit Raincoat! Water

Cartoon French Bulldog Raincoat

Cartoon French Bulldog Raincoat Don’t worry about wet fur anymore with this stylish Cartoon French Bulldog Raincoat. Waterproof Lightweight All

“Trust Yourself” Camo Spring Jacket

“Trust Yourself” Camo Spring Jacket Bundle up for a great look in the “Trust Yourself” Camo Spring Jacket by Frenchie World!

Hyped Fashion Style French Bulldog Jacket


Fashion doesn't stop when it's cold outside! Our Hyped Fashion Style French Bulldog Jacket is the newest must-have item this season.

  • Get your dog ready for walks in brisk weather without sacrificing style
  • Stylish and classy winter attire for your furry partner. Give them the same treatment you would give yourself with this premium quality winter jacket.
  • Double layers together of artificial leather and trimmed white fur provide insulation from moisture outside and warmth inside, protecting against any harsh conditions
  • zipper closure eases the dressing

Why we ♥ it?

The faux leather outer layer is made from environmentally friendly material, while the prize fur layer wraps your dog in lavish warmth - making it a beautiful and fashionable item for the winter season. Your furry friend is one of the most important parts of your life. That's why it's crucial to take extra good care of them in winter. Let them stay warm, safe, and comfortable while you go outside to enter a new season with a new look that reflects trendy style. Flaunt your fur-bared buddy's features by getting them this handsome coat, that comes right in time for the changing looks. The outer layer is made of artificial leather, while the layers within provide a cocoon for fur-adorned moments in a dog's life.

Cotton Teddy French Bulldog Vest

Help your Frenchie brave those chilly months in this Cotton Teddy French Bulldog Vest.
  • lined with fuzzy fleece
  • filled with pp cotton for additional warmth
  • available in two colors
  • hand-washable in cold water
  • the hood is embellished with cute teddy bear ears
  • high cut on the belly to prevent potty messes
Why we ♥ it? This French bulldog vest features the latest technology to give your puppy non-bulky warmth and protection. It's so soft, warm, and snuggly that your little batpig will enjoy wearing it. The sleeveless design improves mobility, while the pair of ears on the hood makes your pet look even cuter and more gorgeous. The button closure on the belly eases the dressing, while a high cut on the belly will prevent those unpleasant potty messes. The vest is perfect for daily wear, especially because of the cotton lining around the edges. In that way, your Frenchie gets a pleasant cotton touch around the armpits and on the belly, where their skin is extremely sensitive. size: XS=back length 20cm, bust 28cm, weight 1KG S=back length 25cm, bust 34cm, weight 1.5-2KG M=back length 30cm, bust 38cm, weight 2.5-3.5KG L=back length 35cm, bust 44cm, weight 4-5KG XL=back length 40cm, bust 48cm, weight 5.5-8KG

Find the cutest French Bulldog Hoodies for your little batpig!

Whether you only want to dress your pooch in some unique dogwear or you are searching for a Halloween costume, we have them all! This Shark Dog Hoodie is perfect for both special occasions and even everyday wear!

In case you want to own personal security, then this Dog Security shirt will definitely make everyone turn their heads!

Since we also care about looking both elegant and fashionable, we need to mention a special Dog Tuxedo & Vest Set. Turn your little prince into prince charming for a special day or party.

What do you need to make your Frenchie warm in cold weather?

Frenchie World offers a wide range of dog jackets and coats that are made of pleasant and warm materials. Whether you are searching for a waterproof jacket or a thick dog coat, our assortment will definitely thrill you.

For keeping your dog’s fur dry in case of rain, we advise you to check this  Camouflage Waterproof Raincoat. For those cold weather conditions that cause a lot of problems to Frenchies, you can protect your their fur by wearing this Winter Jacket!