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Food and Water dog bowls present an essential part of every dog’s life. Whether you are searching for a classic or slow feeding bowl for your Frenchie, we have them all! There is also a vast choice of dog water bottles for traveling purposes for keeping him/her always hydrated.

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Wooden Adjustable French Bulldog Bowl

This innovative design features a sturdy wooden stand that can be adjusted to the perfect height for your Frenchie, reducing the strain on their neck and spine while eating. Wooden Adjustable French Bulldog Bowl will be a good pick for adult and senior pooches who need to release the pressure in their joints.
  • Adjustable Wooden Dog Bowl Stand
  • A sturdy wooden stand can be adjusted to the perfect height for your dog
  • Two stainless steel bowls that are easy to clean and rust-resistant
  • Bowls can be easily removed from the stand for cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made of premium quality wood, making it durable and long-lasting
  • A stylish addition to your pet's feeding area
  • Perfect for dogs of all sizes
Why we love it?The stand comes with two stainless steel bowls that are easy to clean and rust-resistant. These bowls are perfect for holding food and water and can be easily removed from the stand for cleaning. They are also dishwasher safe. The stand is made of premium quality wood, making it durable and long-lasting. It is also designed to look great in any home, making it a stylish addition to your pet's feeding area. This French bulldog bowl stand is perfect for dogs of all sizes and can be adjusted to the perfect height for your pet. Whether you have a small puppy or a large adult dog, this stand will make mealtime more comfortable and enjoyable for them. 

360 Degree Slanted Dog Bowl


Avoid messy face by using our 360 Degree Slanted Dog Bowl!

  • Can be used in so many types of small cat and dog especially once with flat face such as French bulldog. It is divided into two parts. Food bowl and the bottom base
  • Quality 360 degree free tilt design, uniquely designed in a way for allowing pet owner to adjust the bowl position freely for best feeding posture
  • Special raised bowl that prevent food and drink from spilling by the food falling towards the center
  • Best way to easily feed your pets comfortably and hygienically
  • Made with 100% quality resin material, safety Guaranteed, resistant and easy to clean

French Bulldog Outdoor Collapsible Bottle

Item Type: Water Bottles Material: Plastic Type: Dogs Volume: 400ml

Black Label Frenchie World® Double Diner

Black Label Frenchie World® Double DinerThe Black Label Frenchie World® Double Diner is a fancy way to feast! Your dog will adore the raised feeder and the detailed scroll design makes quite the statement in your house! Comes with two stainless steel bowls. Pet Dining Sets Key Features: Aids in digestion as dogs are more level with their food, Keeps pet dining area organized Decorative and functional home décor, Great for older dogs with joint and hip problems.The perfect addition to your pet's cuisine! Black label diner dishes have a stainless steel interior giving them a bacteria resistant foundation.The bowls are dishwasher safe and have a lifetime guarantee. This package contains one 7x14-1/4x5 inch vintage bowl holder and two 1- quart bowls. Imported.Perfect for small or medium size dog, so they can easily access food. Material: Stainless Steel color: Black Size: 26 x 13 x 8.5cm / 10.23 " x 5.11 " x 3.34 " (approx.) The diameter of the bowl: 13.5cm / 5.31 " (approx.)

Ceramic & Wood French Bulldog Bowl

Let your Frenchie enjoy his meals by eating from luxurious food bowls made of antibacterial ceramic and ensured with wooden stands.
  • durable wooden stand
  • wooden stand prevents sliding around
  • antibacterial ceramic
  • available in many colors and variants
  • dishwasher safe
  • an ideal pick for Frenchies of all ages
  • suitable for Frenchies that are allergic to plastic bowls
Why we love it?Thanks to the antibacterial ceramic, you can stay calm about your Frenchie's health. This bowl won't collect germs and bacteria, and it will be the perfect pick for Frenchies with a tendency to allergies. Since some pooches react sensitively to eating from plastic bowls, ceramic dog food bowls will be a better option. This French bulldog bowl is available in many variants, and it can be used both for food or water.

Ceramic Bone French Bulldog Feeding Bowl

Choose an elegant and high-quality feeding bowl for your Frenchie. This Ceramic Bone French bulldog feeding bowl comes with an elevated part to ease the process of eating and drinking in Senior Frenchies.
  • Vet tested and approved
  • Bamboo dish rack
  • 15-degree tilt
  • Designed to ease the pain in joints and neck
  • Comes with an elevated part
  • The bowl is made of high-quality ceramics
Why do we love it?Specially crafted for the French bulldog breed, this Elevated Ceramic feeding bowl helps in reducing neck pains. Since Frenchies have short necks, they require eating from elevated feeding bowls. This bowl also removes the pressure from your dog’s front legs that can be very nerve-wracking in older Frenchies.Size info:

Ceramic Bowl with Non-slip Table

Ceramic Bowl with Non-slip Table This Ceramic Bowl with Non-slip Table is not just a cool piece of home accessory, but

Ceramic Cartoon Feeding and Drinking Bowl

Your dog will now have a unique and cute bowl for eating and drinking thanks to our carefully crafted Ceramic Cartoon Feeding and drinking bowl.
  • Available in dozens of cute designs
  • Composition: ceramic
  • Dishwasher safe
Why do we love it?Your little princess or pal will now have the prettiest feeding and drinking bowl in the neighborhood. Our Ceramic cartoon bowl comes in different patterns such as Teddy Bear, Panda, Fox, Cat, fish, and many others. They are easy to clean, and dishwasher safe too. The glossy glaze brings a dose of luxury, and it will surely fit any type of interior.

Ceramic Designer Dog Food Bowl

Ceramic Designer Dog Food Bowl If you are looking for the best ceramic bowl for your French Bulldog – look no more.

Ceramic Feeding Bowl With Wooden Stand

Ceramic Feeding Bowl With Wooden Stand Choose a high-quality and unique French bulldog feeding bowl that will make a difference

Ceramic Frenchie Food & Water Bowl

Ceramic Frenchie Food & Water Bowl Made of non-toxic ceramic, this Ceramic Frenchie Food & Water Bowl will bring a

Frenchie World® 2-in-1 Travel Bottle Bowl


Frenchie World® 2-in-1 Food Storage and Water Bottle with Collapsible Travel Bowl

One Drink. One Snack. Same Bottle.

The Frenchie World® 2-in-1 Travel Bottle Bowl delivers both cool water and a dry snack for your dog when you are both on the go. It’s the first reusable bottle with two side by side chambers. Flip open the lid to dispense treats or kibble, then pop open the cap top to pour a cool drink of water in the attached collapsible cup.


• Watertight cap top on liquid compartment

• Wide snap lid on snack compartment

• Liquid capacity: 12oz/360ml per chamber

• 1 cup/8oz companion cup

• Carabiner lets you easily clip the collapsible bowl to anything

• BPA-free

• Dishwasher safe

Designed by Frenchie World® in the USA.

How to prevent a French bulldog from eating fast?

Frenchie World® Anti-Choke Slow Eating & Drinking Bowl is specially made to prevent your pooch from fast eating. Due to their brachycephalic skulls, French bulldogs are prone to suffer from flatulence and stomach gasses that are caused by inappropriate eating and air intake.

Our special Frenchie feeding bowls are made with a special part in the middle of the bowl that stops your furry gremlin to get all the food at once. For keeping your dog both challenged and entertained while eating, we suggest you check our Interactive Anti Choke Bowl.

Check out our best-selling Food and Water sets

The Frenchie World® 2-in-1 Travel Bottle Bowl delivers both cool water and a dry snack for your dog when you are both on the go. It will surely provide you a state of mind when you are spending a day outside.

For keeping your lovely dog free of gastrointestinal problems, we represent you the Frenchie World® Non-spill dinner set. It makes your pup more comfortable to get food and water because of the raised pedestal.

Keep your furry gremlin always hydrated

We all know that Frenchies are prone to overheating in summer due to their brachycephalic skulls. Therefore, you always need to pay special attention to their hydration demands. Our portable water bottles present a great solution when you need to complete a couple of errands with your lovely batpig. Make sure he/she always keeps an optimal level of water in his/her body.