Gifts for french bulldog lovers

Show the world that you are a proud frenchie mom or dad! Here is a huge collection of items for french bulldog owners, inspired by our lovable creatures. French bulldog themed t-shirts, accesories, jewelry, socks, caps, phone cases... some very unique ideas that would also make a perfect gift for any frenchie lover! 

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Discover our best selling items that will thrill every Frenchie lover

Frenchie World® Women French Bulldog slippers present an infallible part of every woman’s footwear. They are so comfortable that you’ll enjoy wearing them the whole summer season!

Another great idea for buying Frenchie inspired gift is Frenchie Mom Mug. We bet every woman will adore drinking coffee or tea at work from this unique mug.

And how can we escape being humorous and silly at the same time especially when you own a French bulldog? Since there is no Frenchie owner that didn’t become familiar with their sudden releasing gasses, that’s why we decided to make I Didn’t Fart Slim Fit Unisex T-Shirt.

What does every woman need to have in her bag?

First of all, we all know that women can’t escape carrying unnecessary things in their bags. However, these items present ‘a must’ wherever they go. Since they can’t leave the house without the keys, this French Bulldog Leather Keychain is an infallible part. Let your Frenchie hang out with you all day!

Can you guess what could be the next item? There’s no way for a woman to spend her day without her mobile phone. Therefore, we are sure she will adore our Iphone Case with Expanding Stand holder.