A spooky, scary skeleton is walking down the street and it could be your Frenchie! From costumes and accessories to crazy-looking sweaters and pajamas that will make your dog look so festive and hair-raising at the same time, we, at the Frenchie World, have them all!

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Ghost Rider French Bulldog Costume


Your dog is probably excited about this Halloween! But it makes sense: the spooky season is the time for tricks and treating. And Ghost Rider is one of our favorite costumes this Halloween season.

  • easily adjustable with velcros
  • the spooky skeleton will sway while your dog walks
  • perfect dog costume for a Halloween party
Why we ♥ it?

Your Frenchie deserves the coolest costume, and the Frenchie World has the best—just in time for trick-or-treating. The Ghost Rider French Bulldog Costume looks way cute, and it's adjustable and easy to take on. Just add a few pantries, and you and your pup will be ready to prowl the neighborhood. Think it's finally time to spook up your pup? Surprise everyone this Halloween with a howling good dog costume that is as comfy and cool as it is. Our Ghost Rider French bulldog costume will be the cherry on top of any fantastic dog party while keeping your pet in happy dance mode. You can't go wrong with this costume for your baby dog. Stay scaringly stylish while you're out trick or treating with our cute Ghost Rider pet costume!

Halloween Bat French Bulldog Costume


Treat your pup to a spooky, crawly, and pretty darned cute costume with this awesome Halloween Bat Frenchie costume. Bat lovers won't have to wait for October—they can sport these playful styles all year round!

  • inspired by bats
  • made from a stretchable fabric that is soft and lightweight
  • jumpsuit cut costume that features bat wings
  • a perfect pick for a Halloween party
  •  handwash in cold water
Why we love it?

This Halloween, don't let your Frenchie feel bored. Turn them into a scary bat! Show your friends how their pets can look spooky with this Halloween Bat costume. It's perfect for hanging out with your friends on All Hallows' Eve, or just making the neighbors scream. The costume is made from a cotton blend, and it's super lightweight and stretchy. We're sure you're gonna love how the wings sway while your Frenchie walks!

Skeleton French Bulldog Halloween Hoodie

Dogs know how to keep themselves scarce - but when it's Halloween, it's time to stand out! This is the perfect way for your pooch to do both with a Skeleton French Bulldog Hoodie.
  • Printed skeleton design on the back for a cool look.

  • Selected and picked for you to make your pup more charming as well!

  • Stretchable cotton blend will ensure no burden on the joints, and it never runs out of shape

  • High-quality fabric blended with cotton so that it's always soft and stretchy.

Why we ♥ it?

Why not scare people for the holidays? Trick people out of the neighborhood with our uniquely styled, glow-in-the-dark skeleton hoodie for dogs. Risky to be seen at night? A glowing skeleton dog hoodie is a perfect way to get noticed, get attention but maybe not make new friends. Dress up your furry friend in our ghost dog hoodie and make them feel spooky. With a printed skeleton pattern on the back that glows in the dark, their effectiveness of ruining trick-or-treaters' night is increased. Let the skeleton shine with a hoodie that they'll stand out and look adorable in! Get this pick now to avoid selling out later!

Chucky French Bulldog Costume

Chucky French Bulldog Costume Features: Suitable for Halloween parties and various occasions. Perfect gift for a cute pet. Made of

Cow French Bulldog Hoodie

Cow French Bulldog Hoodie Make some Moo-Moo moves and get your Frenchie ready for any kind of occasion in this

Apple Dog Hoodie Costume

Apple Dog Hoodie Costume Now your pup can be fruity and fabulous with this adorable Apple Dog Hoodie! Cotton material Touch

Cowboy Dog Costume

Cowboy Dog Costume It doesn’t have to be Halloween or a special occasion to dress up your pet! So when

Dog Funny Mouth Piece

Dog Funny Mouth Piece Why You & Your Pooch Will LOVE This Hilarious Toy: PERFECT FOR CHEWERS: This devil’s lips toy

Bat Pig Dog Costume

Bat Pig Dog Costume Your pup will go absolutely batty over this adorable Bat Pig Dog Costume! Durable backpiece with

Doctor And Nurse Halloween Dog Costume

DoGtor And Nurse Halloween Dog Costume The cuteness from the DoGtor And Nurse Halloween Dog Costume will cure you of

Dog Lion Headgear

Dog Lion Headgear Have your dog roaring for fun in the Dog Lion Headgear! One piece costume Plush mane headpiece

Cartoon Halloween Dog Costume

Cartoon Halloween Dog Costume COMFORTABLE & SOFT MATERIAL — The stitch pet outfit is made of high quality shorn velvet

Your dog deserves the pumpkins, candy, and party for Halloween! It feels like an impostor when you dress up in costume, meanwhile your fur-baby is just watching from the window. Now you can make your furry friend be the star of the night with our fashionable costumes inspired by everything from spider dog to bunny cat entrees.

Discover the craziest-looking French Bulldog Halloween costumes!

Orange is the new black, and your Frenchie is the worst nightmare this Halloween! Spook up your neighbors by dressing your puppy into a nutty pumpkin outfit!

This Halloween, have your dog stand out as the cutest one at the party! Go all out with one of our dog costumes, hats, and other accessories for a costume that will be loved by both children and adults alike. Our costumes are perfect for dogs no matter their size — big or small! So try this season's scariest buy: a Halloween French Bulldog Costume!