French Bulldog Harness

A harness will give you 100% control of your french bulldog. A simple collar with a leash attached should be enough for well behaved dogs. However, for wild ones, the naughty troublemaker frenchies - we strongly suggest getting a harness. You'll avoid their neck getting hurt from pulling, and the harness divides the tension all over the dog's body. Also, a harness discourages pulling at all, while making the dog comfortable.

Should I choose soft padded, mesh or nylon harness?

If you are looking for the most comfortable, all-purpose harness, then you should definitely go for the soft-padded one. It is ultra soft and cozy, but still firm and durable.

Our best seller is this soft padded harness, just look at the comments from our customers below the product. And it comes at the great price too!

In the summertime, you may want to go with a more light variation of the mesh harness, as they are made to prevent frenchie from overheating. I would recommend the Love Paw Mesh Harness, which has 11 designs to choose from.

The nylon harness is the most sturdy and it’s easy to clean too. Our best selling nylon harness is this one.

Why harness is the best choice for french bulldog?

French bulldog is a brachycephalic breed, which means their short body type may sometimes prevent them for breathing properly.

The harness will release the pressure from your french bulldog’s neck, and relocate the weight to wider body surface, which will prevent spine and neck injuries and allow for a full freedom of movement for your frenchie.