French Bulldog Health & Care

Every dog owner should provide to his/her dog the appropriate care. French bulldog health and care demands include regular nails trimming, grooming and keeping his/her paws smooth and clean. Check out the best Frenchie World products to keep your pooch clean and healthy!

Care basics to keep your Frenchie healthy in summer

You are probably aware of the fact that French bulldogs can’t sustain hot weather conditions. That’s why we need to provide them with plenty of water and a cool place for resting in summer. Frenchie World Self Cooling™ pad bed is made to prevent your pooch from overheating and it works best when kept out of direct sunlight.

Another essential part of summer care presents the "Silky Paws" balm by Frenchie World. The unique and totally natural formula is made to soothe and protect your furry friend’s paws from cracked and dry summer skin.

What are the most important products for French bulldog care?

Besides previously mentioned "Silky Paws" balm by Frenchie World and Frenchie World Self Cooling™ pad bed, every Frenchie needs a regular nail trimming. Here you can find the best Dog Pedicure set. For grooming your batpig’s fur and for keeping it free of dead hair, we advise you to check our Silicone Frenchie brush glove. It’s great for reaching all hard to reach the dog’s body parts.