French Bulldog Hoodies

What's more badass than a frenchie in a hoodie? But hey, they're not just for cool looks and collecting likes! A hoodie will give your french bulldog an extra layer of protection on colder days, and they'll be thankful since their natural coat is short-haired and insufficient to keep them warm. Just look at these wonderful models for your little gremlin!

French bulldog hoodies are a great choice for keeping your pooch warm and preventing him from hyperthermia. Since this gorgeous breed has a one-layered and short coat, hoodies are great for maintaining their body temperatures in optimal ranges. With Frenchie World hoodie selection, your Frenchie will be both fashionable and warm this season.

Is a hoodie OK to wear in both winter and summer season?

Hoodies are preferable to be worn throughout the year. They are great for going out in windy and cozy summer and spring evenings, as well as wearing them under the jacket in winter. Our assortment is wide, so you can choose between thicker and thinner versions depending on the climate conditions in your area. Depending on your dog’s character, he might prefer the one with or without a hood. In case he doesn’t feel comfortable wearing a hoodie with a high neck, you can try those with lower cuts.

Check out our funniest Frenchie hoodies

Whether you are searching for a funny or a fashionable hoodie for your furry gremlin, we have them all!

Frenchie World dinosaur costume is definitely our favorite. It’s great for a Halloween party and making memorable moments. Right after goes a Shark dog hoodie that is perfect for making everyone turn their heads. Of course, how can we forget on spending Christmas without evergreen Santa Clause warm hoodie?

Check out our best selling Frenchie hoodies

Our Frenchie hoodie selection comes in a wide variety of styles, colors, and fabrics.

Cotton hoodies are preferable for moderate weather temperatures while the mixed types of fabrics are suitable for colder months. So, it’s only up to you and your furry friend’s need what kind of French bulldog hoodie to choose.

If you prefer a casual style for your dog, then you might like our Sporty NYC Dog Hoodie.  For spending warm winter nights, we suggest you check out this soft and fuzzy Winter snug hoodie. We are sure your Frenchie will adore wearing it!

For those bad Frenchie boys and girls that like to mess around, our Devil French bulldog hoodie is specially made to suit their sassy personalities. Whether you are searching for a basic hoodie or a fashionable and costume-like one, Frenchie World hoodies are waiting to be worn.