French Bulldog Jackets & Coats

Putting a coat on your Frenchie during colder days is not a matter of collecting likes on Instagram – this dog breed really needs it. French Bulldogs are very sensitive to cold weather, as they have short hair and they’re small. Also, their snouts are too short to warm up the air they breathe in.

So, having a coat or jacket for your Frenchie is a must! We have selected the most beautiful designs that fit the french bulldog’s body. Be sure to check our guide to measuring your French Bulldog – this will ensure that you choose the perfect fit!

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Color Splash French Bulldog Jacket


Style, Comfort and Protection all in one. The perfect winter outfit for the dog in your life.

  • made from soft and warm fuzzy fleece
  • it provides essential insulation in cold weather
  • adorable splash of colors for your little gremlin
  • zipper closure
  • hood with bear ears
  • hand washable
Why do we love it?

This French bulldog jacket is made of the best quality materials and created to suit every activity. We aimed to create secure and comfortable clothes while keeping your pup warm in all weather. That's why there are double thick layers and sleeves, snug ankles where they meet bottoms, and a thick layer on the back that will prevent your pet from freezing. You're gonna love the ix of colors and camouflage pattern. And that's not all! The bear ears on the hood are totally adorable! Let your furry friend look and feel like a bear while walking down the street!

Colorful French Bulldog Vest

This winter, your Frenchie will be able to enjoy the great outdoors by wearing one of the warmest and coziest dog vests you'll ever find!
  • mad from water-repellent polyester
  • filled with warm pp cotton
  • zipper closure
  • ensured with double D rings on the back
  • zipper closure on the back for easier dressing on and taking off
  • 17 colors available
  • machine washable
  • high-quality fabric that won't tear
Why do we love it?Prepare your furry friend for cold weather with our Colorful French bulldog vest, available in 17 colors. It features practical double D-rings on the back and zipper closure, so we're sure you'll save time preparing your pooch for a walk. Besides, it's padded with pp cotton that prevents hyperthermia and makes your pet warm and snug. Thanks to a water-repellent fabric, your dog's coat will stay dry even in wet weather conditions.

Cuddly French Bulldog Fuzzy Jacket


Stay warm and cozy this winter with our cozy French bulldog fleece jacket. It's made of warm and lightweight material and available in 2 colors. You can even put a hood on your dog's head for extra cuteness!

  • perfect winter outfit for your lovely dog
  • choose between a pink pig and brown Teddy bear
  • button closure on the belly
  • it can be worn over other French bulldog clothing items
  • hand washable
  • the hood is perfect for keeping your little gremlin safe in cold
Why do we love it?

You love your pup, right? Get them the best Fuzzy fleece dog jacket with button closure on the belly and hood for the head, in 2 colors and patterns: brown Teddy bear and pink Piggy. With this one-of-a-kind, animal pattern design, you'll keep your pup toasty warm, so that you can have good quality time together! This French bulldog jacket is perfect for staying warm and comfy on those crispy winter evenings. By dressing your dog in this adorable clothing piece, your little pup will enjoy the blanket feeling it provides.

French Bulldog Designer Vest


Ready for your best four-legged friend to keep you company this winter? Give your pup a French bulldog designer vest for some extra warmth and style.

  • padded with warm pp cotton
  • made from water-repellent polyester fabric
  • button closure
  • high quality fabric that won't tear
  • detachable hood for cold weather
Why we ♥ it?Protect your dog from the cold with our newest and best dog vest you'll ever find! The French Bulldog Vest is made from high quality polyester that can keep your dog safe and warm during harsh weather. The vest is padded with pp cotton for more comfort, and has a detachable hood to protect your dog from the wind and rain .Your furry friend will be comfortable and safe in their own vest which can accommodate up to a 20-25 inch girth. This is truly an amazing product for any French Bulldog owner! Besides feeling warm, your pet will also look trendy and stylish for any occasion. In case your pooch needs and extra layer, you can even match it with one of our French bulldog hoodies.

Puffer French Bulldog Jumpsuit


Dress your little gremlin in a fashionable jumpsuit, perfect for brisk walks and snowball fights. In these cold winter months, spend more time with your pup and make it feel warm on every pawdventure.

  • .waterproof and lightweight fabric
  • filled with pp cotton
  • available in 6 colors and many sizes
  • zipper closure on the dog's back
  • elastic cuffs and hem that protects your dog from cold
  • comes with a sewn harness for easy walks
  • there's no need to buy a separate harness
  • nylon-webbing harness emblazoned with print
  • easy to adjust straps
Why do we love it?Nothing can beat the cold as a dog jumpsuit made from cozy and warm pp cotton and waterproof fabric. This French bulldog jumpsuit will be the best option for your pooch when you want to allow him/her to enjoy winter games and endless snowball fights. The turtle neckline is elastic and put with an important purpose- to protect your little gremlin's neck from cold and prevent it from hypothermia. The jumpsuit comes with a sewn harness made from nylon webbing. The straps are also elastic and feature a double D ring on the back. With this practical clothing piece for your French bulldog, your dog will be ready to leave the house in a minute!

Reflective French Bulldog Raincoat

From now on, your furry friend's rainy adventures will get a dose of style and protection with our Reflective French Bulldog Raincoat.
  • made from a waterproof fabric
  • lightweight and comfortable
  • features a hole for the leash
  • reflective stripes for better safety
  • a hood with an adjustable string
Why do we love it?We have to admit that the smell of a wet dog is the most unpleasant smell we'll ever face. Therefore, buying your Frenchie a protective raincoat will not only prevent them from being wet, but will also keep them safe from feeling cold. This French bulldog raincoat is made from a waterproof fabric, and it features reflective stipes so your dog can stay safe and visible even in low light conditions. Besides, it also comes with a practical leash hole on the back, so your dog will be ready for a stroll in a minute

Reversible Pawitton French Bulldog Vest

Trendy, padded, and warm! What else do you need in a French bulldog vest? This clothing pick is perfect for exploring the great outdoors in the most comfortable way your pet could get.
  • lined with soft pp cotton
  • warm, soft in touch
  • reversible pattern
  • inspired by the famous human fashion brand
  • button closure
  • hood for keeping a dog safe in the winter
Why do we love it?This vest is the perfect way to keep your Frenchie warm and stylish all at the same time! The reversible design means you can switch up the look whenever you want, while the padded material will keep them cozy no matter what. Plus, the hooded style means they'll be extra comfortable when they're out and about exploring. The button closures make it easy to take on and off, and the stylish cut will make your pup look great no matter which way they wear it! Match it with one of our items from the Hype Frenchie collection and your pet will be ready for any kind of adventure!Reference size; S: Back length  20 CM; chest 32 CM M: Back length 25  CM ; chest 37 CM L: Back length 30 CM; chest 42 CM XL: back length 35 CM; chest 47 CM XXL: back length40  CM; chest 52 CM

Water-repellent Puffer French Bulldog Vest

Wrap your pup into the warm & protective dog vest that will allow your Frenchie to enjoy time spent outside.
  • lined with warm fleece
  • filled with pp cotton
  • the outer layer is water-repellent and windproof
  • shiny black color
  • zipper closure
Why do we love it?Introducing the Frenchie World Water-Repellent Puffer Vest! This vest is perfect for those chilly days when you want to take your furry friend for a walk. The water-repellent material will keep your pup dry, while the padded interior will keep them warm and cozy. The shiny black exterior is sure to turn heads, and the windproof design will keep them protected from the elements. So don't let the cold weather stop you from enjoying quality time with your furry friend - grab a Frenchie World Water-Repellent Puffer Vest today! 

Winter Cotton French Bulldog Jacket


Make sure your furry friend is good to go for winter with a stylish coat!

  • padded with soft pp cotton
  • available in 2 colors
  • adorable pick for breezy weather
  • inner layer made from a cotton
  • skin-friendly
  • hand wash in cold water
  • made from fabrics that are safe for our environment
Why do we love it?

Keep your dog safe and warm with our cotton-padded dog jacket. We offer a lightweight option that's perfect for the chilly weather. This Frenchie jacket features a button closure on the belly, and it's available in 2 colors. Featuring a slim fit and two colors so they can be seen out on a walk, you really can't go wrong with our solution. The cotton is also soft and doesn't let cold bother your dog.

Dinosaur French Bulldog Jumpsuit

Dinosaur French Bulldog JumpsuitMake your pup both warm, funny and spotted next time you go for a walk with this Dinosaur French Bulldog Jumpsuit!The adorable Dinosaur French Bulldog Jumpsuit is great to wear both on special occasions or when having a walk in cold weather. We are sure that there won’t be any cuter fellow in your neighborhood. The costume jumpsuit is suitable both for Halloween party and taking family photos on special occasions.Size chart:

Dog Face French Bulldog Windbreaker Jacket

Lightweight and insulating, this French bulldog windbreaker jacket will keep your pup safe in harsh weather conditions.
  • made from polyester windbreaker fabric
  • waterproof layer for rainy weather
  • zipper closure
  • adjustable size on the belly
Why we ♥ it?Perfect to keep your little gremlin safe in the autumn and winter, this sporty dog windbreaker jacket will become one of the most wearable items from their closet. Made of waterproof fabric and ensured with reflective details, from now on you and your doggy will be able to enjoy evening walks. The jacket is available in many colors and sizes and made with one purpose in mind- to keep every Frenchie out there safe and comfortable in windy and wet weather.  

All Over Frenchie Snowsuit

Serious weather calls for serious dog gear!
  • Full body snowsuit with zip-off hood and rear legs to lock out the elements.
  • Insulated nylon shell helps keep body heat close.
  • Nylon shell insulated with polyfill.
  • Leash hole for convenience
Why We Love It:
Who says winter weather has to keep your dog down? Now with our All Over Frenchie Snowsuit, your dog can play outside even in the most brutal storms.
For sensitive dogs, having the extra leg and abdominal coverage makes a huge difference in their ability to tolerate the cold weather. There are still openings for your pup to take care of his outdoor needs, however.
The four-legged design locks warmth in and locks the cold weather out. The poly-filled insulated nylon shell holds your dog's body heat in close to keep him or her warm.
Size  XS Body Length 21cm Chest 31cm Neck 20cm
Size    S Body Length 24cm Chest 36cm Neck 23cm
Size    M Body Length 29cm Chest 42cm Neck 27cm
Size    L Body Length 33cm Chest 48cm Neck 31cm
Size   XL Body Length 37cm Chest 54cm Neck 34cm
Size XXL Body Length 41cm Chest 60cm Neck 37cm

What type of jacket to choose for your Frenchie for rainy and windy weather?

It’s highly important to choose a waterproof cover for your French bulldog when walking in rainy weather conditions. We all know they are prone to rapidly losing their normal body temperature range, so buying a waterproof dog jacket is a must. We recommend you to check our Versatile Reflective Waterproof dog jacket. It’s suitable for windy weather conditions, so you’ll keep calm by knowing your dog will not catch a cold.

In case you need a classic-looking dog coat for summer rain, I advise you to take a look at this coat. It protects both your dog’s body and the head.

How to turn your French bulldog into the biggest star in the neighborhood?

First of all, Frenchies are charming by their nature. However, it’s not a waste to spice up their everyday styling with some crazy-looking dog jackets. For providing your pooch with a gangsta style, we advise you to check our Luxury Leopard dog jacket.

Since we can’t forget about adorable Frenchie princesses, we bet they’ll look sweet as honey in this Luxury Princess Pink French bulldog jacket.

Our French bulldog jackets & coats are carefully made to suit the unique bodies of these little gremlins, so you don't have to think about the cut and whether your pet will feel comfortable.