Must-Have For French Bulldogs

These items are essential for the well-being of your frenchie, and they are among the best sellers in our shop. There are many practical things, and for some of those, you probably didn’t know they existed! But they are true life savers for your french bulldog care.

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“Silky Paws” balm by Frenchie World

"Silky Paws" by Frenchie World"Silky Paws" by Frenchie World is perfect for your pooch’s pads!Using all-natural ingredients, this balm is formulated to soothe your best friend’s dry, cracked, chapped or rough paws. Smoothing this balm onto your pet’s toes regularly will also help prevent irritation, moisturize, and maintain their paw health.The "Silky Paws" by Frenchie World blend is organic, vegan, and full of healing nutrients that will help your pet get back up on his feet to explore the great big world!Ingredients: Natural propolis, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, tea tree essential oil, peppermint oil, lemon citronella oil Dosage: Apply daily to pet feet or skin Efficacy: Softening crust, reduce cracking, moisture feet, health protection & preserves silky skin.

3 in 1 Multifunction Dog Bed-Sofa-Mat

3 in 1 Multifunction Dog Bed-Sofa-Mat
  • ♥ Multi-functional dedign Foldable pet bed can be used as a cat cozy cave to hideaway or flattened into mat ,even can be as pet sofa to use
  • ♥ Our pet house will protect your pet from cold in warm and sturdy cave in winter, or enjoys soft open mat in warm days.
  • ♥ Our pet bed is comfortable and beautiful,suitable for small or medium size pet,such as cat, small dog, puppy, kitten, ferret, rabbit
  • ♥ Given your pet a comfortable, private , warm place to sleep and relax,and this pet beds are not just for the floor, put them on the counter, on the table, on the couch or on the shelf, place them all around the house wherever your pet likes to settle.

 US Size

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3D French Bulldog Ceramic Mugs With Bamboo Lid


3D French Bulldog Ceramic Mugs With Bamboo Lid

Warm up this WInter with this 3D French Bulldog Ceramic Mugs With Bamboo Lid.
  • Original Designed and Hand crafted: Ceramic cup with bamboo lid
  • Store exclusive
  • Limited Edition
  • Perfect gifr for Frenchie parents
  • Contemporary design cup - great for everyday usage
Capacity: 360ml / 400ml

French Bulldog Outdoor Collapsible Bottle

Item Type: Water Bottles Material: Plastic Type: Dogs Volume: 400ml

Dog Funny Mouth Piece

Dog Funny Mouth PieceWhy You & Your Pooch Will LOVE This Hilarious Toy:
  • PERFECT FOR CHEWERS: This devil's lips toy is EXTREMELY DURABLE and has a squeaker behind the lips. Your dog will enjoy years of squeaky the toy while you enjoy years of laughs!
  • SUPER CUTE & SUPER FUN: Not only will your dog love this toy, but so will you and yours friends! Expect to get tons of laughs and tons of fun for the whole family with this hilarious toy.
  • SCARE OFF BURGLARS: What burglar would dare invade a home with a guard dog sporting these ferocious devil's lips teeth? Grrrrrr!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Not satisfied for any reason? Simple Contact Us for a no-hassle refund and return!

Bone Shaped Poop Bags Dispenser™

Bone Shaped Poop Bags Dispenser™Bone Shaped Poop Bags Dispenser™ are the perfect solution to helping the planet and meeting your needs.
  • 6 Colors Dispensers
  • Touch fastener strap
  • 15 bags included
Why We Love It:Bone Shaped Poop Bags Dispenser™ are the perfect solution to helping the planet and meeting your needs. PoopBags harmlessly dissolve into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) in as little as 24 months--and they’re cool looking too! Bags feature extra long length so you don’t have to worry about your sleeves.The bags have a pleasant lavender scent that helps to mask odors so you won’t mind carrying the bag while you finish your walk!We like the long quick touch fastener strap that can easily be attached to your leash, belt loop or handbag so you'll always be prepared for potty breaks. The compact size is unobtrusive, and the handy carrying clip allows you to attach used bags for hands-free walking until the proper waste receptacle can be found.Not all dog waste bags are created alike! Many are not biodegradable or are too flimsy to do the job. These are the perfect balance of Earth friendly and user-friendly for a greener planet without making you turn green!Be sure to look for our Poop Bag refills (sold separately.)

Camouflage Frenchie Swimming Vest

Camouflage Frenchie Swimming VestEvery Frenchie needs to get ready for splashes and waves by wearing a high-buoyancy dog swimming vest.
  • ensured with high-buoyancy panels on both sides
  • available in attractive and bright camo patterns
  • reflective safety straps
  • emblazoned with a shark fin
  • adjustable velcro closure on the belly
  • safety back handle
Why we love it?Enjoy swimming adventures this summer season and make your furry friend safe in both shallow and deep water with our Camouflage dog swimming jacket. It comes in attractive and highly-visible bright colors and it is ensured with reflective stripes on both sides. The floating panels will keep your dog on the top, and prevent it from sinking. As a cherry on top, the swimming vest features a hilarious shark fin on the back. So, watch out! There is a fat and furry shark who is lurking from the sidelines.

Camouflage Waterproof Raincoat

Camouflage Waterproof RaincoatThere is no bad weather, just bad clothing!Protect your dog from the weather without giving them hat hair and keeping them stylish, warm and comfy in the Camouflage Waterproof Raincoat in Woodland Camo!
  • Camouflage design on coat
  • Water Repellent Nylon Shell
  • Warm & Soft Fleece Lining
  • Size Adjustable Chest & Belly Straps
  • Detachable Umbrella-Style Hood
  • Convertible Hood Held Down by Magnet
  • D-ring to Connect Your Leash
  • Button Hole Opening to Connect Leash or Harness
  • Made in the USA!
Why We Love It:This  Push Pushi Dog Raincoat has a sturdy rain hood that protects your dog from the rain without flattening his/her ears. The hood can be detached or you can fold it back and magnets in the hood and the poncho hold it down. Button Hole Opening to Connect Leash or Harness and a d-ring for leash. touch fastener neck and chest for a better and easy fit.Made in the USA!

Frenchie World® 2-in-1 Travel Bottle Bowl


Frenchie World® 2-in-1 Food Storage and Water Bottle with Collapsible Travel Bowl

One Drink. One Snack. Same Bottle.

The Frenchie World® 2-in-1 Travel Bottle Bowl delivers both cool water and a dry snack for your dog when you are both on the go. It’s the first reusable bottle with two side by side chambers. Flip open the lid to dispense treats or kibble, then pop open the cap top to pour a cool drink of water in the attached collapsible cup.


• Watertight cap top on liquid compartment

• Wide snap lid on snack compartment

• Liquid capacity: 12oz/360ml per chamber

• 1 cup/8oz companion cup

• Carabiner lets you easily clip the collapsible bowl to anything

• BPA-free

• Dishwasher safe

Designed by Frenchie World® in the USA.

Dog Safety Car Set


Dog Safety Car Set

Everything You Need for a safe driving with your Frenchie
  • PREVENTS DISTRACTED DRIVING: Pet booster seat keeps mini Fido off your lap where he could interfere with your driving and cause an accident; keeping your dog in your lap while driving is not safe, but with these dog car seats you can relax knowing your pup is safe and comfortable in his own seat; pet car seat gives your pooch a window view where he can see out and enjoy the ride
  • WATERPROOF DESIGN & EASY INSTALLATION: Installs quickly and securely on either the front or back of a bucket seat or the smaller side of a 60/40 split bench seat; dog booster seat features metal supports for structural integrity and a waterproof exterior; no assembly required
  • DOG SEAT BELT INCLUDED: Dog car seatbelt tether is adjustable and easily attaches to any dog harness to keep your pup in his seat
  • SIZING & FIT: 40 x 30 x 25cm, Pet Safety Selt: 2.5 x 70cm
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Product comes with hassle-free Kurgo Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects when purchased new from authorized dealer. Machine washable liner and reversible pad

Cow French Bulldog Suspender Jumpsuit & Dress

Cow French Bulldog Suspender Jumpsuit & Dress Let your Frenchie become the coolest farmer on Earth, with this adorable Cow French bulldog jumpsuit and dress! To complete the outfit, you'll need the Cow French Bulldog Hat too!
  • made of pleasant and stretchable denim fabric
  • available in gray and cow patterns
  • adjustable size thanks to suspenders
  • you can choose between a male and a female version of the suit
  • adorable pick for turning your little batpig into a four-legged farmer
  • machine washable at 30 c
Why we love it?With the new Cow French bulldog jumpsuit, your little furry friend will become the cutest farmer on Earth! Choose between a cute denim suspender jumpsuit and dress with the cow print that will make your dog the center of attention. The dog suspender suit or dress can be perfectly matched with our Cow French Bulldog Hat to show off how trendy your pooch is.  Frenchies of all sizes can get in on the fashion craze! We've made suspender jumpsuits and dresses for both slim and fatty Frenchies, so they can hit the streets in style. Available in different sizes to fit your dog's needs, these bodysuits are available in plain gray and cow print! Choose your favorite one today!

Dog Hooded Harness by Frenchie World


Dog Hooded Harness by Frenchie World

Dogs will rock out in the Dog Hooded Harness by Frenchie World!
  • touch fastener at neck and chest
  • Double D-ring
  • 100% cotton
Why We Love It:The Dog Hooded Harness by Frenchie World is sure to attract some attention to fun! Striped hooded harness touch fasteners at neck and chest closure. Double D-ring for secure leash attachment. Great for pictures and getting out on the town.

What items do you need to have for your French bulldog care?

Besides regular nail trimming, your doggie needs to get paw care as well. Frenchie World paw balm is rich in different oils that will prevent and heal your dog from having dry and cracked paws.

In case of traveling, for your little passenger, we advise you to check out Waterproof seat cover that will prevent your car from your batpig’s hair and will keep him safe.

We also can’t forget the importance of having the right feeding bowl for a Frenchie. Since they are prone to flatulence and fast eating, the best product for solving that issue is our Frenchie World Anti Choke feeding bowl. The bone put in the center of the bowl rotates and makes your furry friend work for his food.

What do you need for protecting your dog’s fur from rain?

Our collection offers you a great choice of dog raincoat to protect your dog from feeling wet and cold. For keeping your pooch both stylish and protected from wind at the same time, we suggest you check this Camouflage Waterproof Raincoat.