New Arrivals 2019

Year after year, we care for the wishes and needs of our loyal customers! We listen to your suggestions and advice and always try to improve our service. We hope that you’ll like the new arrivals we’ve prepared for 2019.

How to renew your home this season?

In case you are searching for an inimitable item inspired by your love for Frenchies, we advise you to check the following French bulldog Giant Wall Clock. It wil certainly make your living room consummate!

Since every dog deserves to have his/her own place for sleeping and resting, then this dog bed might present a perfect solution for your furry pooch.

Check out the best selection both dog and human T-shirts

Spring is the right time for starting a complete makeover and renewing wardrobe. Since we love our collection to become spotted wherever you appear, we decided to remind you of the best sitcom of all times. Check our Frenchies human t-shirt to discover what are we talking about.

We will never escape making our Frenchies to look special in any kind of occasion. This French bulldog Jumpsuit presents a great fit for going for a walk in cold spring and summer evening.

For showing your French bulldog’s handsome body figure, we suggest you take a look at this gorgeous Polo T-shirt. Your Frenchie will definitely become the Prince Charming!