French Bulldog Shirts

A wild shirt on your frenchie adds an extra layer of laid-back, summer coolness to your already uber-cool dog, how cool is that?! Just look at these beautiful shirts... these designs instantly make passers-by notice and smile - whenever you go out with your french bulldog.

Check out the best selling French bulldog shirt collection

There is no greater happiness than seeing people turn their heads for your fashionable Frenchie. Frenchie World® Hawaiian shirts are great for bringing summer vibes to your neighborhood as well as to become spotted on the beach.

For special and elegant occasions we’ve prepared Dog Tuxedo & Vest Set that will make all Frenchie girls fall on their paws for their Prince Charming.

In case your doggie is kinda’ sporty dude, this Frenchie World® Baseball Shirt will definitely fit his playful personality!

What type of material is suitable for French bulldog’s sensitive skin?

Since Frenchies are prone to suffer from allergies, it’s extremely important to buy them clothes only from natural materials. No matter if your pooch suffers from allergies or not, it’s advisable to choose cotton shirts for summer months, while for colder weather condition you can choose a mixed type of fabrics.

Cotton clothes best don’t support dog’s sweating and prevent a dog from dehydration. Check out our Solid Dog Polo by Frenchie World® for summer days and Fuzzy Zip Up French Bulldog Vest for cold evenings!