A wild shirt on your frenchie adds an extra layer of laid-back, summer coolness to your already uber-cool dog, how cool is that?! Just look at these beautiful shirts… these designs instantly make passers-by notice and smile – whenever you go out with your french bulldog.

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“Fridays” velvet shirt

This Friday Velvet Shirt in 4 colors by Frenchie World is the perfect spring hoodie for your pup!
  • "Friday" printed on the back
  • Black, Whine Red, Gray and Pink
  • 100% Velvet
Why we love it? No one will wear it better than a Frenchie! This French bulldog hoodie is so lightweight, classy and simply gorgeous! Let your dog look like a million dollar furry babe while walking down the street!  

“Me & Mom” Matching hoodies

“Me & Mom” Matching hoodies Matching Hooded Sweatshirts for you and your French Bulldog! These would make an awesome gift for

Aloha French Bulldog Shirt

Aloha French Bulldog Shirt Clothes inspired by tropical vibes represent a total hit this summer season! That’s why we’ve created this

Animal Cartoon Frenchie Vest

Animal Cartoon Frenchie Vest Turn your little gremlin into a Teddy Bear, Fox, Elephant or Giraffe and dress him into

Apple French Bulldog Vest

Apple French Bulldog Vest Promote healthy life habits and dress your Frenchie into our adorable Apple French bulldog vest! Inspired

Beach Life French Bulldog Shirt

Beach Life French Bulldog Shirt Head to the beach, enjoy sipping your favorite summer cocktail, and dress your dog in this

Bear Pattern Dog Vest

Bear Pattern Dog Vest Show your pup’s wild side with the Bear Pattern Dog Vest vest & t-shirt! Bear all over

Big Heart French Bulldog Shirt

Big Heart French Bulldog Shirt Show everyone how big your Frenchie’s heart is by dressing him/her into our Big Heart

British Plaid French Bulldog Shirt

British Plaid French Bulldog Shirt Make your Frenchie look always splendid by wearing our British plaid French bulldog shirt! Casual

Corduroy French Bulldog Shirt

Corduroy French Bulldog Shirt Make your pet ready for any occasion by dressing him/her into this superior Corduroy French Bulldog

Cotton Striped Dog Polo

Cotton Striped Dog Polo Posh pups will love the feel of this Cotton Striped Dog Polo! White collar Cute print

Dino & Flamingo French Bulldog Summer Vest Shirt

Dino & Flamingo French Bulldog Summer Vest Shirt Bring positive and summer vibes into your dog’s closet and choose a

Check out the best-selling French bulldog shirt collection

There is no greater happiness than seeing people turn their heads for your fashionable Frenchie. Frenchie World® Hawaiian shirts are great for bringing summer vibes to your neighborhood as well as to become spotted on the beach.

For special and elegant occasions we’ve prepared Dog Tuxedo & Vest Set that will make all Frenchie girls fall on their paws for their Prince Charming.

In case your doggie is kinda’ sporty dude, this Frenchie World® Baseball Shirt will definitely fit his playful personality!

What type of material is suitable for the French bulldog’s sensitive skin?

Since Frenchies are prone to suffer from allergies, it’s extremely important to buy them clothes only from natural materials. No matter if your pooch suffers from allergies or not, it’s advisable to choose cotton shirts for summer months, while for colder weather conditions you can choose a mixed type of fabrics.

Cotton clothes best don’t support dog’s sweating and prevent a dog from dehydration. Check out our Solid Dog Polo by Frenchie World® for summer days and Fuzzy Zip Up French Bulldog Vest for cold evenings!