French Bulldog Shirts

A wild shirt on your Frenchie adds an extra layer of laid-back, summer coolness to your already uber-cool dog, how cool is that?! Just look at these beautiful shirts… these designs instantly make passers-by notice and smile – whenever you go out with your french bulldog.

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Fursace French Bulldog T-shirt

Add a touch of luxury to your Frenchie's closet because no one will wear it better than a sassy and classy little gremlin!
  • made from a cotton/polyester blend
  • emblazoned with a printed Fursace logo on the back
  • inspired by the famous human clothing brand
  • hand wash in cold water
  • a classic piece of dog clothes for special occasions
Why we ♥ it?Not only because of an eye-catching design but also because of the quality of the fabric, your dog will be the main trendsetter in the neighborhood! Your Frenchie can wear it on special occasions, daily strolls, and any other party where he/she will attract attention!  

“Fridays” velvet shirt

This Friday Velvet Shirt in 4 colors by Frenchie World is the perfect spring hoodie for your pup!
  • "Friday" printed on the back
  • Black, Whine Red, Gray and Pink
  • 100% Velvet
Why we love it?No one will wear it better than a Frenchie! This French bulldog hoodie is so lightweight, classy and simply gorgeous! Let your dog look like a million dollar furry babe while walking down the street! 

“Me & Mom” Matching hoodies

"Me & Mom" Matching hoodiesMatching Hooded Sweatshirts for you and your French Bulldog!These would make an awesome gift for those inseparable best friends in your life. Striped hooded sweatshirts in white with black.Please see size chart to ensure proper fit.THIS IS NOT A SET.  Please choose each piece separately!Size chart:XS: 20 cm neck circumference, 30 cm chest circumference, 20 cm back length S: 23 cm neck circumference, 34 cm chest circumference, 24 cm back length M: neck circumference 26 cm, chest circumference 39 cm, back length 26 cm L: neck circumference 29 cm, bust 44 cm, back length 29 cm

Aloha French Bulldog Shirt

Clothes inspired by tropical vibes represent a total hit this summer season! That’s why we’ve created this AAloha French Bulldog Shirt to bring the positive and hot summer vibes to your best four-legged friend’s closet!
  • A perfect pick for summer wear
  • Inspired by tropical vibes and Amazon nature
  • A stylish pick for your Frenchie
  • 100% Cotton
  • Hand wash in cold water
Why Do We Love It?Wearing a shirt at the beach always seems like the right choice especially if it has been inspired by colorful summer patterns. Therefore, this Amazonian French Bulldog Shirt will make your Frenchie look handsome, cool, and stylish wherever you want. It’s made of breathable cotton that may serve as protection against allergens, and sun rays, while the attractive design makes it perfect for special occasions as well!Size chart:Size  / Length / Chest          S / 28cm / 48-51cm M / 33cm / 55-58cm L / 36cm / 59-62cm  

Animal Cartoon Frenchie Vest

Animal Cartoon Frenchie VestTurn your little gremlin into a Teddy Bear, Fox, Elephant or Giraffe and dress him into our lightweight Animal Cartoon Frenchie Vest!
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Hand wash in mild water
  • Ideal to use as protection against different environmental allergens
Why we love it?Your lovely pup will adore wearing this soft, breathable, and cozy Animal Cartoon Frenchie Vest because it will keep him safe from harmful UV rays. The stretchable cut and well-sewn edges are there to prevent discomfort, while the O-neckline won’t strangle the dog’s neck. These dog vests are so durable so they hold up to the most active play. If you could pick up one variety of clothing that is comfortable, durable, trendy, and functional for your French bulldog, we would definitely recommend lightweight dog vests.Size chart:

Apple French Bulldog Vest

Promote healthy life habits and dress your Frenchie in our adorable Apple French bulldog vest!
  • Inspired by healthy life habits
  • Composition: 100 % cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Available in 2 colors
Why do we love it?We adore this Apple French bulldog vest because it can serve as a warm layer on chilly and breezy weather. At the same time, the design is so fresh and cute and can be worn even on special occasions. The inner part is warm and soft to make sure your pooch won’t feel uncomfy while wearing it. The elastic cuffs are thin and quality to sustain all your dog’s activities and to prevent potty messes. You can choose between yellow and beige colors and the sewn patches of apple are double-tested for the quality.Size chart:

Beach Life French Bulldog Shirt

Head to the beach, enjoy sipping your favorite summer cocktail, and dress your dog in this super cute Beach Life French Bulldog Shirt! We are pretty sure those are three things every Frenchie owner needs in his/her life.
  • made of cotton
  • available in 2 patterns
  • an ideal pick for the summer months
  • breathable fabric, skin-friendly
  • inspired by Hawaiian vibes
  • provides UV protection to the dog's skin
Why we love it?Who doesn't like summer? Summer is one of the most favorite seasons not only for us but also for our dogs. Even though Frenchies are on a tendency to suffer from overheating, they surely deserve to enjoy beach life and spend time in the fresh air. Therefore, this French bulldog shirt will be the perfect pick for those days when you want to chill off and spend a pleasant time with your pet. Since this dog shirt is made of breathable cotton, your Frenchie will get the essential UV protection and will look attractive and spotted at the same time!Size chart:

Bear Pattern Dog Vest

Show your pup's wild side with the Bear Pattern Dog Vest vest & t-shirt!
  • Bear all over printed pattern
  • White dog tank with custom print
  • 100% cotton dog shirt
  • Machine washable!
Why We Love It: This Bear Pattern Dog Vest will make even the sweetest pups look tough! It could also make Halloween a bit more fun and scary. The soft 100% cotton knit will keep your pup feeling comfortable. This dog tank also features a sleeveless style and a high-cut, stay-dry belly for the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Big Heart French Bulldog Shirt

Show everyone how big your Frenchie's heart is by dressing him/her into our Big Heart French Bulldog Shirt.
  • made of organic cotton
  • perfect for spring and summer strolls
  • available in 4 colors and many sizes
  • breathable and elastic
  • emblazoned with cute printing
  • double-lined edges
  • hand washable
Why we love it?Frenchies might be small in size, but their hearts are huge as the Universe. That's why we think these dogs deserve to get ready for summer strolls by wearing this adorable French bulldog shirt. With this cute print on the back, your pooch will become noticed wherever goes. Besides, the cotton fabric can serve as a protection against allergens during seasonal allergies. Since it's breathable and elastic, your pet will be able to perform all types of daily activities. Whether it's going on a stroll through the neighborhood or a special occasion, your Frenchie will surely take the spotlight on every corner.Size chart:

British Plaid French Bulldog Shirt

Make your Frenchie look always splendid by wearing our British plaid French bulldog shirt!
  • Casual plaid design
  • Composition: 100 % cotton
  • Hand wash on 30 c
Why do we love it?Your little gremlin will have an elegant, cute and fashionable piece of clothing for special occasions. The plaid pattern never goes out of style and the material is so pleasant so your pup would adore to wear it. The shirt is available in different sizes and represents the perfect pick for spring and autumn seasons. The high cut will prevent your lovely dog from the potty messes, while the buttons are put to prevent hair twitching.Size chart:

Club Garcon Oxford French Bulldog Shirt

With this classy "Club Garcon" Oxford French Bulldog Shirt your pooch will be pretty, cozy and positive!
  • Striped classic fabric with red details
  • "Club Garcon" red contrast embroidery on back
  • Wooden like buttons
  • Loose fit
Our Club Garcon Oxford French Bulldog Shirt is perfect for lounging around the house but is so cute, you'll want to head out on the town!"No dogs allowed" will be a thing of the past when folks see how well groomed and proper your pup looks in this positively preppy style! Now your dog will seamlessly fit in with the "in" crowd.
Size  Chart
XS30 cm20 cm20 cm
S34 cm24 cm23 cm
M39 cm26 cm26 cm
L44 cm29 cm29 cm
XL49 cm32 cm32 cm
2XL55 cm35 cm36 cm
3XL58 cm36 cm38 cm

Corduroy French Bulldog Shirt

Make your pet ready for any occasion by dressing him/her into this superior Corduroy French Bulldog Shirt for casual days. 
  • Available in different colors
  • Made of soft-in-touch corduroy
  • Inspired by human’s clothes
  • Decorated with metal buttons
  • Emblazoned with pockets
Why we love it? Whether you’re searching for a casual piece of clothing for your French bulldog or you want to make him/her warm and stylish, this shirt should become your favorite pick for the chilly and crispy weather. Available in pistachio green and bright pink colors, these Frenchie shirts represent an ideal pick for showing around and staying warm. Your dog can even wear it under the jacket to get total protection in the winter. The shirt is embellished with metal buttons and pockets on the back that brings retro and casual vibes at the same time.Size chart:

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What type of material is suitable for the French bulldog’s sensitive skin?

Since Frenchies are prone to suffer from allergies, it’s extremely important to buy them clothes only from natural materials. No matter if your pooch suffers from allergies or not, it’s advisable to choose cotton shirts for summer months, while for colder weather conditions you can choose a mixed type of fabrics.

Cotton clothes best don’t support dog’s sweating and prevent a dog from dehydration. Check out our Solid Dog Polo by Frenchie World® for summer days and Fuzzy Zip Up French Bulldog Vest for cold evenings!