French Bulldog Statues

If you are a French bulldog owner that is searching for unique home items, then you’ll definitely like our Frenchie statues! They will surely provide your living place with unique details and express your love for these gorgeous frogdogs!

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Ceramic French Bulldog Night Lamp

Light up your room with soft light and a little statue of a French bulldog.
  • Voltage: 90-260V
  • Switch Type: Knob switch
  • Light Source: LED Bulbs
  • Elegant decorative element for your home
  • Perfect gifts for kids and French bulldog owners
  • 2 in 1 item for your interior (statue and a lamp)
  • you can choose between 3 types of lamps that shine different color combinations
Why we love it?The Ceramic French Bulldog Night Lamp is made of durable white ceramic and comes with tiny LED bulbs inside. It can serve as an elegant statue to decorate your living place during the day, and as a night lamp during the night. Kids will especially adore it because this tiny Frenchie will keep them safe overnight! Forget the bulky statues that look too massive and let this little ceramic canine keep you company at night and day. This French bulldog statue and the lamp is perfect for all those picky customers who want to be surrounded by Frenchie-inspired items.

Crystal-Eyed French Bulldog Statue

Crystal-Eyed French Bulldog StatueWith his jet black fur and sparkling crystal eyes, this French bulldog statue is sure to add some glamour to your home. He's the perfect addition to any decor and makes a great gift for any dog lover. So bring home your very own French bulldog statue today!
  • made of carved stone and colored with eco-friendly paint
  • hand-crafted details
  • crystal black eyes on a dog's head
  • great idea for a gift
  • the statue is placed on a small pedestal
  • size: 7 cm approx
Why we love it?This little Frenchie is simply adorable, with his crystal-clear eyes gazing at you adoringly. He's the perfect addition to your home décor, and makes a great gift for any dog lover. His hand-crafted details are sure to please, and he's just the right size to take anywhere with you. So don't wait any longer – add this little guy to your collection today! Give him as a gift to the Frenchie lover in your life, or keep him for yourself!

Floral French Bulldog Statue


Floral French Bulldog Statue

Add a unique decorative item to your bookshelf, night table, or desk with this conversation-starter French bulldog figurine.
  • material:resin
  • available in floral, tropical, and acrylic paint patterns
  • 21,5 x 15.5 x 13cm
  • perfect addition to your special corner in the house
  • cute gift idea for French bulldog owners
  • carefully crafted edges
  • hand-painted patterns
  • realistic details
Why we ♥ it?Are you searching for a perfect addition to your favorite home or office spot? There's no need to search for anything else because this French bulldog resin statue is available in 3 gorgeous patterns. Choose between romantic flowers, tropical leaves, and acrylic paint depending on what will suit your interior best. With this adorable Frenchie statue, you'll enhance the ambiance and achieve balance and harmony in any room.

French Bulldog Angel Handmade Statue

Another collectible from Frenchie World, this French Bulldog Angel Handmade Statue is the perfect gift and all profit will be given to French Bulldog Rescue!
  • Limited Edition!
  • Ceramic & Porcelain Technique
  • Handmade, Gold Plated
  • Color: Black and Gold

French Bulldog Bronze statue

French Bulldog Bronze statue
  • Cold-cast Hand made Bronze Statue - Figurine - Sculpture
  • Accurate representation of the breed, 100% made in the USA
  • Enhance your home or office with this stunning tribute to one of man's (and woman's) best friend
  • Life-like and Extremely Detailed!
  • The gold patterns on its surface looks like a suit of armour
  • Product size:19 x 9 x 16cm / 7.5 * 3.5 * 6.3in
  • This sculpture is molded, grinded and colored by professional craftsman with several processes

French Bulldog Flower Pot

Transform your balcony, living room, and any other special place of the house by adding this French bulldog flower pot. Ideal for growing succulent plants, this sleepy Frenchie will bring a special charm to your living place.
  • made of durable resin
  • perfect for growing succulents
  • minimalistic design
  • easily fits different interiors
  • perfect idea for a gift
Why we love it?Lovers of minimalistic design will adore seeing this tiny Frenchie Flower Pot in their yard or house. The Flower Pot is made of resin and its size is perfect for growing succulents, cactus species, and other small plants. Sometimes, even a small detail such as these sleepy Frenchie can bring a special spirit to your favorite corner. Made with a lot of love for these cute gremlins, every dog owner would be thrilled to receive such an adorable gift that will carry a 'life' inside.Size:

French Bulldog Garden Statue

Decorate your favorite corner of the house or garden with this exquisitely detailed French bulldog garden ornament! Let your furry friend greet every coming guest!
  • made of resin
  • size: 17*13*10cm / 6.7*5.1*3.9inch
  • Packing: Foath + Paper Box
  • Package Included: 1PC Resin Dog Statue
  • adorable garden decoration
  • perfect French bulldog gift
Why we love it?If you're lover of statues, then you'll surely love to see this handmade piece of art in your favorite corner of the house or yard. Show everyone that your little gremlin takes a special place in your heart by adding this resin statue to your exterior and interior. Each detail is carefully crafted to look realistic and natural. It easily fits different spaces and will cheerfully greet at the front door when you come over.

French Bulldog Geometric Art Sculpture

French Bulldog Geometric Art Sculpture Brighten up the home or office with one of Frenchie World’s architectural inspired French Bulldog

French Bulldog Geometric Resin Sculpture

A Frenchie for Life!Designed in London, Made in Italy. Hand finished in recyclable plastic. LIMITED EDITION!
  • Made with high-quality resin
  • Each piece is individually hand-painted 
  • Designer piece
  • Perfect for a gift
Sizing info:

French Bulldog Matte Pearls Statue


French Bulldog Matte Pearls Statue

Add a touch of modern art and luxury to your living room, office, or bedroom by placing this French bulldog statue in a special corner of the house.
  • decorated with matte pearls
  • available in different colors
  • stylish Frenchie statue for every dog lover
  • standing Frenchie size: 19x 19.5 x 9 cm
  • sitting Frenchie size: 16x 12x 19.5 cm
 Why we ♥ it?This French bulldog ornament will bring a dose of luxury and uniqueness to any special spot in the house. Made of resin and covered with matte pearls, it will fit any type of interior. Choose between a sitting and standing Frenchie and show everyone what is your favorite dog breed. Stunning craftsmanship with pearly details and features is only one of the reasons to include it in your home decoration. You can't miss with this one!

French Bulldog Silicone Mold

 Discover your hidden skills and become a chocolate, candle, or soap maker with this cute and easy-to-use French bulldog silicone mold.
  • silicone mold that is suitable for making candles, soaps, statues, and chocolate figures in the shape of a Frenchie
  • a unique way to surprise your special person
  • choose between geometric and realistic Frenchie molds
  • easy cleaning, unbreakable, resistant to heat
  • temperature Range: -40 ~ +230 ℃
Why we love it?We bet you haven't seen a mold in the shape of a Frenchie so far. This original and unique gift will help every Frenchie owner to enjoy the time of making unique cookies, chocolate, soaps, and candles. With this silicone mold, you'll be able to decorate your living place with tiny and scented Frenchies. You can even create resin figures in it because the silicone is durable, elastic, and non-sticky.Use And Care: Fill the dish wash sink with a solution of Dish Detergent and hot water(110-120°F/43-49°C); Place Mold flat into the dish wash sink. Wipe Mold with a sponge. Shake vigorously once or twice to remove excess water; Let Mold air dry. Silicone mold must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized before use.

French Bulldog Statue

Made from ceramic & enamel, this French Bulldog unique figure is a great addition to every home ot kennel.Store exclusive.

Discover vast designs of Frenchie statues

The Frenchie World team always loved to stand out from the crowd! That’s why we decided to offer you something special and unique for your living place or a kennel. Our French bulldog statues are made from bronze, ceramic, enamel, and plastic, so it’s only up to you which one you’ll choose.

What are the best-selling French bulldog statues?

According to the choice of hundreds of customers, our Geometric Contemporary French Bulldog Figure presents a total hit! It’s made of recyclable plastic, designed in London, and made in Italy.

For those who prefer a classic type of statue, then the French bulldog Bronze statue might be your best choice. Since it’s made of bronze, you can be sure it will last for years! This sculpture is molded, and colored by professional craftsmen through several processes.

As one of the best masterpieces, we recommend you take a look at the following statue.