If you are a French bulldog owner that is searching for unique home items, then you’ll definitely like our Frenchie statues! They will surely provide your living place with unique details and express your love for this gorgeous frogdogs!

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Ceramic French Bulldog Night Lamp

Ceramic French Bulldog Night Lamp Light up your room with soft light and a little statue of a French bulldog.

Crystal-Eyed French Bulldog Statue

Crystal-Eyed French Bulldog Statue With his jet black fur and sparkling crystal eyes, this French bulldog statue is sure to

Floral French Bulldog Statue

Floral French Bulldog Statue Add a unique decorative item to your bookshelf, night table, or desk with this conversation-starter French bulldog

French Bulldog Angel Handmade Statue

French Bulldog Angel Handmade Statue Another collectible from Frenchie World, this French Bulldog Angel Handmade Statue is the perfect gift and

French Bulldog Bronze statue

French Bulldog Bronze statue Cold-cast Hand made Bronze Statue – Figurine – Sculpture Accurate representation of the breed, 100% made

French Bulldog Flower Pot

French Bulldog Flower Pot Transform your balcony, living room, and any other special place of the house by adding this

French Bulldog Garden Statue

French Bulldog Garden Statue Decorate your favorite corner of the house or garden with this exquisitely detailed French bulldog garden ornament!

French Bulldog Geometric Resin Sculpture

French Bulldog Geometric Resin Sculpture A Frenchie for Life! Designed in London, Made in Italy. Hand finished in recyclable plastic. LIMITED

French Bulldog Matte Pearls Statue

French Bulldog Matte Pearls Statue Add a touch of modern art and luxury to your living room, office, or bedroom

French Bulldog Silicone Mold

French Bulldog Silicone Mold Discover your hidden skills and become a chocolate, candle, or soap maker with this cute and

French Bulldog Statue

Made from ceramic & enamel, this French Bulldog unique figure is a great addition to every home ot kennel. Store exclusive.

French Bulldog Waiter Statue

French Bulldog Waiter Statue From now on, you’ll have a personal four-legged waiter who will be on your service 24/7. Choose

Discover vast designs of Frenchie statues


Frenchie World team always loved to stand out from the crowd! That’s why we decided to offer you something special and unique for your living place or a kennel. Our French bulldog statues are made from bronze, ceramic, enamel, and plastic, so it’s only up to you which one you’ll choose.

What are the best-selling French bulldog statues?

According to the choice of hundreds of customers, our Geometric Contemporary French Bulldog Figure presents a total hit! It’s made of recyclable plastic, designed in London and made in Italy.

For those who prefer a classic type of statue, then the French bulldog Bronze statue might be your best choice. Since it’s made of bronze, you can be sure it will last for years! This sculpture is molded, and colored by professional craftsmen with several processes.

As one of the best masterpieces, we recommend you to take a look at the following statue.