Wearing a sweater on your Frenchie, that’s some next level of cuteness!😍 But hey, it’s more than being just cute. Like for us humans, sweaters give your puppy the additional layer they need to shield them from shuddering – always keep in mind that Frenchie is a short-haired dog.

Here at Frenchie World, we have selected various hues, textures and cuts – from winter knitted sweaters to the lightweight summer pieces of clothes.

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Pinky Glam Frenchie Sweater

It's time to make some glam moves today! Let your little four-legged princess look like a million-dollar babe in this exclusive dog sweater!
  • sassy and classy outfit for your furry princess
  • made from the highest quality acrylic wool
  • created for extravagant occasions
  • warm layer for colder months
  • decorated with faux fur
  • available in pink and baby blue colors
Why we ♥ it? Let's admit! No one will wear it better than a Frenchie! This exclusive French bulldog sweater is made for some extravagant occasions when your pup needs to look like a million-dollar girl! It's made from acrylic wool and decorated with faux fur to make the outfit more dramatic and special! So why not to add such a piece of wardrobe to your little princess' closet? We are sure she will glam and shine in this outfit.

Luxurious French Bulldog Cardigan

Let your furry princess look noticed on every pawdventure and stay classy, warm, and trendy at the same time!
  • made from recycled materials, safe for the environment
  • emblazoned with golden buttons
  • available in different colors and sizes
  • stylish piece of wardrobe for your little batpig
  • perfect for chilly autumn weather
  • handwash in cold water
Why we ♥ it? Match it with your outfit and make a fashion statement in your town! This stylish Frenchie sweater will turn your pup into a modern four-legged girl and make everyone turn their heads while walking down the street. The sweater is perfect for crispy fall days and those occasions when we all have to look classy and special. It's soft, stretchable, and decorated with golden buttons to bring a touch of luxury to her outfit. We bet no one will wear it better than your four-legged princess.

‘This Way’ French Bulldog Sweater

Perfect for lounging at home or going on strolls, this French Bulldog Sweater will provide your pooch with a supersoft touch of wool in those shivery temperatures.
  • made of wool
  • thick, warm, and elastic dog sweater
  • handwash in cold water
  • stretchable turtle neckline that protects the dog's neck from the cold
  • perfect weight to feel cozy without weighing your dog down
Why we ♥ it? We are sure this Frenchie sweater will make for a lovely conversation starter over the holiday season! It's so soft, warm, and pleasant in touch, so you would definitely want to steal it from your pup. If you stroll on a wintry day, this layer of wool will give a perfect touch of warmth and comfort. Don't let your dog shiver and feel cold when going outdoors! Our furry friends still need outdoor activities even when the temperature drops down.

Black & White Fashion Frenchie Sweater

Nothing beats winter like a warm and cozy sweater! This French bulldog sweater will give your pet essential protection on those crispy and breezy days!
  • made of warm acrylic wool
  • hand washable
  • double-knitted to provide better warmth
  • ideal for autumn and winter seasons
  • emblazoned with black and white knitted details
  • elastic neckline that gives your dog comfort during walks
  • high cut on the belly
Why we ♥ it? Built to last, this knitted French bulldog sweater will give your dog the ultimate warmth on cold days. The sweater is so elastic, stretchable, and soft, that your furry friend would even enjoy wearing it indoors. Whether your pup needs a piece of wardrobe for a special occasion or just to stay warm on daily walks, this piece will work for both. And, that's not all! There is a high cut on the belly to prevent those unpleasant potty messes.

100% Wool Handmade Knitted Cardigan

100% Wool Handmade Knitted Cardigan The 100% Wool Handmade Knitted Cardigan – Green is the stylish and functional dog sweater every

Adjustable Knitted Hat & Scarf Set

Adjustable Knitted Hat & Scarf Set Made of high-quality materials, warm and comfortable, skin-friendly non-toxic. Warm and comfortable The ear

Animal Print French Bulldog Sweatshirt

Animal Print French Bulldog Sweatshirt Show the wild side of your four-legged beast by dressing it into our fleece warm

Arctic Velvet French Bulldog Sweater

Arctic Velvet French Bulldog Sweater Make sure your Frenchie always looks stylish and feels warm by wearing our Arctic Velvet

Basic French Bulldog Zip Up Sweater

Basic French Bulldog Zip Up Sweater Get ready for the ultimate package deal. This special design is both stylish and

Big Eyes Striped Sweater

Big Eyes Striped Sweater The Big Eyes Striped Sweater is a sweet sweater for your dog! Cashmere blend Big Plush

Cactus French Bulldog Sweater

Cactus French Bulldog Sweater Get ready for pawing through breezy and chilly spring and autumn days by making your dog

Carrot French Bulldog Sweater

Carrot French Bulldog Sweater Turn your little gremlin into a juicy carrot by making him warm and trendy in our

Discover the best French bulldog sweaters for winter

Since it’s extremely important to provide your pooch with extra warmth in winter, we suggest you choosing woolen and mixed material sweaters. Wool is famous for its incredible power of warming, while mixed materials are suitable for making your furry friend well isolated from outside temperatures. We advise you to check our Woolen star dog sweater hoodie as well as Woolen sweater for boys.

Make your Frenchie look festive

Let’s admit! We all love the holiday season. It’s the time when we all spend more time with our pets and family. Therefore, it’s also the time to make provide your furry friend with festive styling. This Elk Sweater is a perfect fit for celebrating Christmas Eve.  

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