French Bulldog Sweaters

Wearing a sweater on your Frenchie, that’s some next level of cuteness!😍 But hey, it’s more than being just cute. Like for us humans, sweaters give your puppy the additional layer they need to shield them from shuddering – always keep in mind that Frenchie is a short-haired dog.

Here at Frenchie World, we have selected various hues, textures and cuts – from winter knitted sweaters to the lightweight summer pieces of clothes.

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BURU French Bulldog Sweater

BURU French bulldog sweater will keep your pup warm from nose to tail! Embellished with elegant pearl and bow on the neckline, and made from warm knitted acrylic, it'll be the right pick for those special occasions when you want to show your pup to the world!
  • red girly design
  • elegant black bow emblazoned with pearl
  • elastic cut
  • ribbed hem and cuffs
  • hand washable
Why do we love it?This Frenchie World full-length dog sweater is perfect for stylish pups who love to stay warm! Knitted with a soft, elastic fabric, this sweater is both trendy and comfortable. The red color is perfect for stylish pups who want to make a statement, while the girly cut is perfect for any fashionable pup. And....that's not all! This Frenchie Sweater is also embellished with a lovely pearl and bow on the neck, so your little princess will have a special detail wherever you go.

Cuddly French Bulldog Fuzzy Jacket


Stay warm and cozy this winter with our cozy French bulldog fleece jacket. It's made of warm and lightweight material and available in 2 colors. You can even put a hood on your dog's head for extra cuteness!

  • perfect winter outfit for your lovely dog
  • choose between a pink pig and brown Teddy bear
  • button closure on the belly
  • it can be worn over other French bulldog clothing items
  • hand washable
  • the hood is perfect for keeping your little gremlin safe in cold
Why do we love it?

You love your pup, right? Get them the best Fuzzy fleece dog jacket with button closure on the belly and hood for the head, in 2 colors and patterns: brown Teddy bear and pink Piggy. With this one-of-a-kind, animal pattern design, you'll keep your pup toasty warm, so that you can have good quality time together! This French bulldog jacket is perfect for staying warm and comfy on those crispy winter evenings. By dressing your dog in this adorable clothing piece, your little pup will enjoy the blanket feeling it provides.

French Bulldog Fashion Shirt Set

Let your dog feel special and look elegant on every pawdventure in our French Bulldog Fashion Shirt Set!
  • shirt made from a pleasant cotton fabric
  • the sweater that goes around the dog's neck serves as a fashion detail
  • the set is perfect for special occasions
  • high cut on the belly
  • hand washable
Why do we love it?Looking for a stylish and fashionable piece of dog clothing to make your pet noticed? Look no more than our shirt and sweater set that will respond to any occasion. The shirt is pleasant to touch and made from a skin-friendly fabric that suits sensitive Frenchies, while the sweater comes as a fashion detail to resemble human outfits. Whether you want to take cute photos with your Frenchies or turn them into the most fashionable creatures on Earth, this set will is sure to make a fashion statement on every corner!

French Bulldog Plaid Luxury Sweater

Add a dose of class & style to your furry friend's outfit by dressing them into our French Bulldog Plaid Luxury Sweater!
  • a super soft French bulldog sweater made from acrylic wool
  • a perfect pick for autumn and winter weather
  • hand washable
  • elastic and wide neckline
  • contrast cuffs for better effect
  • inspired by the famous human fashion brand
Why we love it?If you're looking for a classic French bulldog sweater to make your pet warm and comfortable this winter season, look no more that this one! It's super elastic, soft, and it won't make your pooches uncomfortable during their everyday activities. Since it comes in an easy-to-match color combination, we're sure your dog will always have a stylish piece of wardrobe for special occasions. The wide neckline allows your dog to breathe normally, while the knitted acrylic wool will keep their body temperature within optimal ranges. To achieve a complete outfit for special occasions, we recommend you matching it with our Winter Cotton French Bulldog Jacket.

Frenchie Vuitton Sweater

Let your dog become a part of a high-class society by wearing our posh Frenchie Vuitton Sweater!
  • adorable design inspired by the famous human fashion brand
  • made from soft acrylic wool
  • the fabric makes your dog warm in chilly and crispy weather
  • elastic cut that makes a dog comfortable
  • unisex design
  • hand washable in cold water
Why do we love it?Since we admire the attitude of all Frenchies, we think it would be a shame not to dress them fashionably. This French bulldog sweater is one of those essentials every fashion icon should have in their closet, and your pooch is one of them. Made from stretchable acrylic wool and emblazoned with a retro inscription, your batpig will definitely make a fashion statement in your town! Whether it's a special day or a relaxing stroll, every pet deserves to look enthralling. 

Frendi French Bulldog Sweater

Wrap your pup into the most comfortable and fashionable dog sweater you'll ever find! Frendi French bulldog sweater will be ready to respond to any occasion that requires a dose of style.
  • cotton blend fabric
  • easy to combine color and outfit
  • a perfect pick for the fall/winter season
  • double ribbed hem and cuffs
  • wide neckline, suitable for Frenchies
Why do we love it?Basic dog clothing and French bulldogs don't go hand in hand. That's why we decided to introduce you to a stylish yet comfy French bulldog sweater that will add a dose of style to every pet's closet. It's made from a stretchy fabric, features an elastic neckline and will be a great pick for every sassy and classy pooch out there. Match it with your outfit and enjoy walks with your Frenchie like never before! We're sure you two won't go unnoticed.

Fuzzy Santa French Bulldog Sweater


You see that furry delight? Better get it now before it's gone! Get your Holiday Ready with a cozy French Bulldog sweater, a must-have for this season.

  • made from soft and fuzzy fabric that looks like a sheep fur
  • available in different colors and designs
  • cute French bulldog sweater to wear during the holiday season
  • hand wash in cold water
  • a perfect pick for taking family photos
  • ensured with ribbed hem and cuffs
Why do we love it?

Designed to keep the fluffy pooch warm during winter, these fashionable sweaters use faux fur blend and are perfect for family photos around Xmas tree or anywhere, anytime! Prepare your pet for winter! Our French bulldog Christmas sweater is made from a fuzzy, warm fabric and is perfect for those cold winter days.  All sweaters are lasting washable too, so any tear patches will be a thing of the past! You can choose between cute designs that are perfect for all occasions.

Knitted Winter French Bulldog Pullover

Look stylish and stay warm! These dapper dog sweaters are designed to give any pup a chic and on-trend look as they keep warm in the chilly autumn and winter weather. Their delicate knit won't itchy their skin, making it a great choice for all dogs of all coat types.
  • made from a knitted cotton wool
  • perfect for crispy fall and winter days
  • decorated with a pom pom on the top of the hood
  • hand washable and stretchable pick of French bulldog clothing
Why do we love it?

What makes Frenchie World stand out from its competitors? Our stylish designs and our quality. This French bulldog sweater is made from durable knitted cotton with tried and tested reinforced stitching. With its cozy design and comfortable extra warmth, this garment is perfect for winter adventures, chilly evenings around the fire, festive occasions, and everyday use alike.


Knitted Wool Frenchie Sweater


To be the perfect pet parent this season, get your dog warm, comfortable and safe in cold weather with a new dog knitted cardigan that everyone will love!

  • made from a soft and warm acrylic wool
  • inspired by human clothing
  • it features a hood with a pumpkin design
  • a perfect pick for a Halloween night
  • hand washable
  • button closure on the belly
  • available in two colors

Why do we love it?

Roam around the chilly city with your pet! Sweaters for dogs are now a must in changing seasons and this dog-knitted cardigan will be your choice for the best option. Featured with button closure on the belly, this small crochet dog cardigan comes also fun pumpkin design decorated hood. Made of acrylic wool, it's worth buying and warmth-providing for your dog. Since these little batpigs can't sustain living in a cold climate, wrapping them into warm layers is a must! In that way, your pet will be able to enjoy strolls in crispy winter months.


Luxury Knit French Bulldog Sweater

This trendy and cute French Bulldog sweater is made of warm cotton and knitted with elastic, making it the perfect autumn garment for your beloved pet.
  • made from cozy knitted cotton
  • perfect for cold autumn days
  • decorated with lovely details on the back
  • elastic cut that is suitable for Frenchies
Why do we love it?With its fun floral details, this dog sweater is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. It's ultra-trendy and super cute! This sweater is made from 100% cotton and is knitted for a warm, comfortable fit. The elastic waistband ensures a snug fit, and the nude color is perfect for chilly weather. With such a trendy and modern design, this sweater is perfect for stylish dogs who want to stay warm and fashionable all winter long. In case when your dog needs an additional layer to stay warm, we recommend you check out our cute and stylish French bulldog jackets. 

Maple Christmas French Bulldog Sweater


You might not be a fashionista but your dog should be! Get him this fashionable and cozy French bulldog sweater so he/she can stay warm this Christmas. Your family photo is going to look adorable with your Frenchie looking good in his new dog sweater under the Christmas tree.

  • made from soft and warm wooly fabric
  • decorated with maple leaves
  • perfect for the holiday season
  • adorable clothing pick when taking family photos under the Xmas tree
  • hand wash in cold water
  • available in 2 colors
Why do we love it?

Our Frenchies deserve something really classy for once. We'll make sure that your pupper doesn't leave the house this December with anything but their best look when we give them this French bulldog Christmas sweater. A symbol of class and elegance, our sweaters come in different sizes, colors, with optional collars, and they're guaranteed to absolutely wow whoever has the privilege of meeting them.

XS = back length 20 cm, bust 28 cm, weight 1Kg S=Back length 25cm, bust 35cm, weight 1.5-2Kg M = back length 30 cm, bust 40 cm, weight 2.5-3Kg L=Back length 35cm, bust 45cm, weight 4-5Kg XL = back length 40 cm, bust 50 cm, weight 5.5-9Kg

Mickey Mouse French Bulldog Sweater

Made from a soft and cozy cotton knit, this French bulldog sweater features an adorable all-over print of everyone's favorite mouse.
  • knitted cotton
  • elastic and super soft
  • emblazoned with Disney characters
  • machine washable in cold water
  • elastic hem and cuffs
  • adorable clothing pick for your Frenchie
Why do we love it?This Mickey Mouse French Bulldog sweater is the perfect way to keep your pup warm and stylish all autumn long! Made from soft and cozy cotton knit, it features an adorable all-over print of everyone's favorite mouse. The elastic turtleneck and sleeves make it easy to slip on and off, while the warm and trendy colors are sure to make your furry friend stand out in a crowd. So whether you're headed to the park or just snuggling up at home, this sweater is sure to keep your pup happy and comfortable all season long!

Discover the best French bulldog sweaters for winter

Since it’s extremely important to provide your pooch with extra warmth in winter, we suggest you choosing woolen and mixed material sweaters. Wool is famous for its incredible power of warming, while mixed materials are suitable for making your furry friend well isolated from outside temperatures. We advise you to check our Woolen star dog sweater hoodie as well as Woolen sweater for boys.

Make your Frenchie look festive

Let’s admit! We all love the holiday season. It’s the time when we all spend more time with our pets and family. Therefore, it’s also the time to make provide your furry friend with festive styling. This Elk Sweater is a perfect fit for celebrating Christmas Eve.  

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