Do Frenchies Dream Like Humans?

What French Bulldogs Might be dreaming about? You’ve probably noticed that your little gremlin whines, moves his legs like he’s running, and rolls his eyes during sleep. Well, those could be signs that your Frenchie is going through different stages of sleep.

How do dogs dream? Do French bulldogs dream like us?

There is scientific evidence to back this up. Scientists made an experiment on rats where they monitored their brain activity while they were running around the tracts and playing with a ball. They then monitored their brain activity while they were sleeping. The result was that the same area in their brain showed the activity that was the exact same as when they were playing and running around the tracts. That must mean that those rats were dreaming about what was happening during the day. So, scientists used rats for experiments to relate to humans. And since dogs, humans, and rats are mammals, then we can conclude that our dogs definitely dream.

So, while humans have more complex dreams and even nightmares, dogs have simple dreams about their humans. Our Frenchies dream about human interaction, getting trained by us, the love of their owners and family members. Researchers also think our pooches likely dream about dog things like chasing squirrels, running after rabbits and playing. There have also been studies that found dogs sleep better in their crates and after being trained. Exercise is the best way to make your Frenchie pleasantly tired and less prone to bad behavior. Crates and dog beds represent safe places for your furry friend, so they’ll feel more relaxed in them

It’s also important to note that there are two types of sleep. There’s REM sleep which includes rapid eye movement and NON-REM sleep. We can describe REM sleep as a deeper level of sleep when dreaming about something or someone occurs. You’ve probably noticed that your dog howls, whimpers, whines, cries, move his legs during this stage of the dream. It’s the deepest level of sleep where your furry gremlin will be hard to wake up.

Did you know that French bulldog puppies sleep and dream more?

Yes, that’s right! Frenchie puppies go through REM sleep a lot because they’re growing and need that deep sleep. French bulldog puppies usually sleep 18-20 hours a day. It’s an important stage of their growth and brain development. However, when your pup is awake, make sure you provide it with enough play, exercise, and interaction.

Should you wake your Frenchie if he’s having a nightmare?

If your dog cries and whines during sleep, then you can try to gently wake him up. However, if your Frenchie growls and seems like he’s fighting with someone, then it’s not recommended to interrupt him. Note that he might bite or nip you accidentally. Instead, try to call him to see if he can wake up. A Frenchie who had a nightmare can also seem disoriented, scary and start to tremble. In that case, showing affection can help a lot.

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