Do I Need A Smart Dog Collar For My French Bulldog?

Every dog loves freedom. Even though your Frenchie tends to follow you everywhere, he still needs to taste how it looks like walking unleashed. Fortunately, thanks to smart dog collars, your furry friend will stay both safe and free when going outdoors.

What are smart dog collars?

Smart dog collars provide your pet with safety and convenience. They feature a GPS-tracking system and allow your pooch to explore the outdoors in a different way. Since dogs tend to roam, it’s important to know where your furry friend is at any second.

Like any other smart device, a smart dog collar works like invisible fence. Unlike a shocking collar, a this type of collar for your Frenchie is not harmful and painful. It is actually an item that allows you to follow your Frenchie in case of dognapping or wandering.

The smart dog collar works on a sim card and by installing the app on our phone, you’ll be able to follow your pet’s location. It can be quite useful in dog parks, yards, and playgrounds where your dog can run and chase to spend the pent-up energy.

So, if you ask us, your French bulldog definitely needs this item for many reasons. Unfortunately, Frenchies are often the targets of dognappers due to their high prices on the market. Therefore, this collar for your Frenchie will be one of the ways to protect your four-legged friend when disappears from your sight.

What is the best smart dog collar for French bulldogs?

GPS Tracker French Bulldog Collar is one of the safest collars for these batpigs. It’s made of nylon webbing with waxed edges and features reflective sewing that improves your pet’s visibility in dark. The device works on batteries and provides 30+ hours of work.

Thanks to this French bulldog collar, you can achieve safety with vibration and sounds of your voice too. You can give your furry friend commands to come back, stay, or sit wherever he is. If your Frenchie is prone to wandering, then you can test it in your home conditions first.

When your Frenchie gets close to the boundaries, you can stop him by using your voice command recorded on app. The app allows you to see where your dog is at any moment, and thanks to the waterproof feature, it can be used even in wet weather conditions.

Another smart dog collar you can use on your Frenchie is the French Bulldog Tracking Collar. At first sight, the collar looks elegant and stylish because it’s made of artificial leather and comes with a traditional belt buckle.

The GPS device put on it looks like a giant gem, so it can go unnoticed by dognappers. Just like the previously mentioned French bulldog collar, this one also works on a sim card and by installing the app. It features voice record, voice monitoring, and 30+ hours of work. It’s also a money-saving option because it’s rechargeable and comes with a charging cable.

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