Frenchie Boots: Make Your French Bulldog Look Trendy

French bulldog boots: Best picks

Have you ever wondered why does your French bulldog have to wear dog boots? French bulldog boots and shoes can protect your pet’s tiny body parts from harmful elements such as ice, snow, road salt, sharp terrains, etc. Protective footwear is not used for aesthetic purposes. It represents mechanical protection for your Frenchie’s paws.

Benefits of Wearing Boots for French Bulldogs?

By putting boots on your French bulldog’s paws, your dog will get better traction. It’s a well-known fact that senior French bulldogs are prone to mobility issues. To help them walk easier, it’s advisable to put dog socks, boots, or shoes on their paws, and regularly trim their nails. Long and ingrown nails can seriously affect your furry friend’s daily activities.

Road Salt and Ice Melts

As we all know, substances from road salt can be very bad for our pooches. Ice-melt chemicals contain potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, and antifreeze which represent a great risk to our Frenchies’  health.

In case when your dog eats or licks road salt, poisoning is an expected hazard, while the worst-case scenario results in death. Besides, road salt can cause severe injuries and chemical burns to a dog’s paws.

Sharp and Slippery Terrains

Sharp and slippery terrains represent another threat for your dog’s sensitive paws. Just imagine an old Frenchie, who already deals with mobility issues, walking on a slippery surface. In addition to sprains, your dog could seriously compromise the health of its hips. Such injuries could leave permanent consequences to your senior Frenchie.

Ice and Snow

As an owner of a French bulldog, you have to keep in mind that these fellows are prone to hyperthermia. Since dogs regulate their body temperature through paw pads which are also the only spots where they can sweat, keeping their paws dry and safe is highly important.

While walking on icy surfaces, you might have noticed your French bulldog picking up paws and licking them. Well, it’s one of the signs that your furry friend feels cold. Besides, walking on cold terrains can cause frostbite, and dry, rough, and cracked paws.

Best Boots for French Bulldog

Take a look into the most trending picks for your Frenchie!

Winter Leather Dog Snow Boots

Ensured with anti-slip soles, these boots for French bulldogs are specially made to keep your dog comfortable in cold weather. They’re padded with faux fur and the outer layer is made from artificial leather in different colors. If you adore keeping your bat pig up to date, with fashion, and style, we suggest you invest in these adorable-looking dog booties.

Leather dog snow boots for winter

Deer Leather Dog Snow Boots

Similar to the previous one, these French bulldog leather boots feature a non-slip sole and knee breeches extension to keep your dog’s legs warm. They’re made from artificial deer leather and come with adjustable straps to make sure your dog’s joints are safe when walking on slippery terrains.Deer leather dog boots

Winter Anti-Slip Waterproof Boots

If you’re searching for both fashionable and protective boots for your Frenchie, then you’ll definitely adore the following pick. These Frenchie boots are ensured with shiny protective leather on the front and are made from waterproof polyester fabric. Besides, they have a reflective trim to keep your pet visible in low-light conditions. Choose between 4 colors and let your dog enjoy endless winter adventures.Anti slip waterproof boots

Neoprene French Bulldog Boots

Neoprene fabric provides better mobility to your furry friend and makes it comfortable while performing daily activities. These neoprene boots are soft, and elastic, and feature reflective edges to improve visibility when walking in low-light conditions. You can choose between orange and purple colors, and hand wash them with soap and water when they get dirty.

Neoprene Frenchie boots

Warm Winter Boots With Cute Ears

The following winter boots will not only protect your furry friend’s paws but will also make a fashion statement wherever your dog paws in. They are available in pink and brown colors and feature faux sheep fur for better warmth. Besides, they’re embellished with cute ears on both sides.

Warm winter boots for French bulldogs

Waterproof French Bulldog Boots

These dog boots are perfect for when the ground is wet, muddy, or snowy! It’s the only way to keep your dog dry in inclement weather. They are soft, and padded, and also feature a non-slip sole so your lovely dog will be able to walk on icy terrains as well. The velcro closure allows you to set the size around the dog’s joint and keeps its tendons and ligaments safe from injuries.

Waterproof French bulldog boots for winter

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