What Is The Best Shampoo For French Bulldogs?

I am sure that most dog owners feel proud to hear from people that their dog has a brilliant and smooth coat. The shiny and attractive hair not only tells a lot about a dog’s health, but it also reveals the quality of the shampoo you use for its bathing. That’s why I want to help you on how to choose the best shampoo for French bulldogs.

 Can I use human shampoo on a dog?

There is a common misconception that you can use human shampoo for bathing a dog. Since dogs have different pH from people (up to 7,5), using human shampoos can only cause them to experience skin issues in the future. Flaky, dry, and itchy skin may be only some of the problems. Of course, it doesn’t mean that a human shampoo will cause issues if you used it a couple of times. Long term usage can cause skin damage over time because our shampoos are too acidic. They can break down the dogs’ skin mantle and can put them on a higher risk to develop bacterial infections.

What can I use in place of shampoo for French bulldogs?

Well, you certainly can’t expect that your Frenchie will always smell like a bunch of flowers. Especially if you take into account the places your pooch explores every day, the only thing left is to thank him for being ‘so clean’.

On the other hand, most dog owners don’t have so much time to bathe their dogs every time they get dirty or when they start to release so-called ‘doggy odor’. In those moments, the best option is to clean your French bulldog’s hair with a wet towel and to refresh it with a French bulldog Dry Cleaning Foam.

The foam consists only natural ingredients that will not cause any skin allergy in your little gremlin. Another great thing is that it’s also antibacterial. Therefore, it will keep your Frenchie’s skin away from infections.

The foam is also good to use in case when a dog is afraid of having baths. It often happens if a pup recently had a traumatic experience with water. So, instead of forcing your furry friend to have a shower, cleaning his skin with wet wipes or a towel and applying the dog foam will do the job.

Besides using a French bulldog foam, you can also try using the Frenchie World Bath Salt. It doesn’t stitch the eyes, so your batpig will feel more comfortable to enjoy showers. The Bath Salt presents an excellent replacement for a French bulldog shampoo. It is available in 4 fragrances and is enriched with oils.

What is the best French bulldog shampoo?

Here we come to the most crucial part. As I French bulldog breeder I must admit that I tried different shampoos on my French bulldogs. Luckily, my Frenchies don’t have issues with allergies, but many Frenchie owners in my vicinity asked me to recommend them which one to buy.

That’s why I decided to share with every Frenchie owner who read this article which shampoo I choose for my pooches. The following shampoo for French bulldogs can be used on other dog breeds, of course. It soothes inflammations, repairs the skin, and improves its elasticity.

How often should I bathe my French bulldog?

Well, this routine depends on your dog’s lifestyle. Usually, I recommend bathing every 2nd month. In the meantime, you can combine cleaning your furry friend’s coat with wet wipes and dry cleaning foam.

I also recommend you to check French bulldog Shower Brush to use is while you’re bathing your pooch. Put a few drops of shampoo and water inside the brush, close the case and start washing your batpig’s hair. He’ll surely enjoy the massage he gets at the same time!

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