The Ultimate Checklist For Traveling With A French Bulldog


Are you looking to spend an unforgettable vacay with your Frenchie? Regardless of the time of the year, every dog owner should know what items to pack before run into a new adventure. Let’s find out how the ultimate checklist for traveling with a French bulldog should look like.

Frenchie World® 2-in-1 Travel Bottle Bowl

One of the most essential things to do when you’re traveling with a dog is to prevent it from dehydration. Allowing a dog to drink plenty of water just before the trip is not advisable because it may upset your dog’s digestive system. However, giving it a few sips every hour can keep your dog hydrated while traveling. That’s why I recommend you to have a look at the following 2 in 1 bottle. It is available in many colors and comes with a foldable case for putting food or water.

Personalized Engraved Frenchie Collar

A collar is actually one of the first items every dog owner needs to buy when bringing a puppy home. It not only serves to keep your pup safe in case of escape but also to hook the leash. The following engraved Frenchie collar is available in so many fashionable designs and can carry the dog’s name and the owner’s phone number.

 Dog Car Safety Set

Driving a long distance with your Frenchie almost sounds like a mission impossible. Since traditional dog seat belts can make your dog feel nervous and uncomfortable, I recommend you to have a look at this dog car safety set.

One of the major concerns when traveling with a pet is whether the regular seatbelt can be used for dogs. Well, since they’re designed only for humans, using regular car seatbelts on dogs can cause severe neck and spine injuries. I don’t even have to mention that Frenchies are small in size and that a car seatbelt can be used on them.

The Frenchie World dog car safety set attaches a full-body harness to a strap with a buckle. It also consists of a waterproof crate to keep your little gremlin safe in case of a high-speed crash and other accidents.

POO Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

Well, you certainly don’t want to be caught without poop bags for your Frenchie when you’re on vacation. Luckily, this funny Poop Bag dispenser can be hooked on a leash, so you’ll never forget about taking it.

 Don’t forget to take a vaccination records

Vaccination records are especially important if you are crossing international borders. Therefore, you’d better stay prepared in case of an emergency.

 Dog First-aid kit

In case you want to go camping with your pooch, I recommend you to take a first-aid kit. It will surely provide you a state of mind! A Dog First-Aid kit should consist of a dog eyewash, ear-cleaning solution, tweezers, cotton balls, wet baby wipes, and a nail trimmer.Soft French bulldog blanket

Since Frenchies are notorious for their tendency to hypothermia, you need to stay prepared for sudden temperature changes by bringing a warm dog blanket with you. Due to their short coat and brachycephalic skulls, these lovely batpigs are unable to regulate their body temperature.

French Bulldog Cooling Collar

In case you are traveling with your Frenchie during summer season, I highly recommend you to take self-cooling items that will help your pooch to deal with high temperatures. The following Frenchie cooling collar consists of 4 gel packs that can regulate a dog’s body temperature in only a few minutes. It can provide a cooling effect up to 90 min to your French bulldog.

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