Are French Bulldogs Hard To Potty Train?


One of the first things every dog owner wants to teach the puppy is to potty outside. When we talk about the French bulldog breed, the good news is that it is highly intelligent and easy to train. Besides, they may act stubborn in certain situations, Frenchies aren’t hard to potty train if you use the right motivational tool.

How to potty train a French bulldog puppy?

Even though bringing a puppy home is equal to having a baby, teaching your canine the specific lessons might go much more natural than with kids. So, let’s discover how to teach a Frenchie to potty outside successfully.

In case you brought your furry friend home in the winter season, I advise you to perform first potty lessons inside the house. You can use disposable potty mats that should be placed in a quiet place in your home. Since you should not disturb your dog when it goes to the toilet, the disposable cloth can be placed in your bathroom or in a peaceful room where he can do it alone.

I also advise you not to remove the mat if your Frenchie went there only to pee. It’s because the mat will contain his smell, so he’ll connect it with the potty lesson next time he wants to release his bladder.

After your dog finished ‘the work’ don’t forget to praise him with treats and words. That’s how he’ll figure out it’s something he needs to repeat so he can get treats again. The following Frenchie World Catapult can present a great motivational tool to reward a French bulldog.

Your dog will not only like the idea of getting treats, but he will also enjoy the play. Food can be ejected very quite far from the shooting place, cultivate the ability of your pets.

Create a potty training schedule

To teach a Frenchie to go to potty successfully, I advise you to perform lessons always at the same time of the day. It’s true that our dogs don’t have a clock, but they know how to memorize the time when they need to go to the toilet. Therefore, you shouldn’t confuse your French bulldog by going outside in different parts of the day.


Teach your Frenchie a ‘go potty’ command

Just like with performing any other lesson, this lesson also requires using a special word. You should use the command ‘go potty’ every time your doggie went to his mat or when you take him outside.

After he successfully performed the command, don’t forget to reward him with a treat or a toy. Toys can also present a sort of satisfaction for your furry gremlin. The following Chewing toy will not only have a meaning of reward but will also keep your Frenchie entertained for a long time. Since it releases the squeaky sound, your pet will want to discover how the toy works.

How to determine the potty time?

Just like humans, dogs can also start acting nervous when they need to go to the toilet. Therefore, you should observe your dog’s body language and decide when is the best time to go outside. Some of the symptoms may be barking, nervously walking from door to door, and waiting for the owner in front of the doors.

Keep away from negative reinforcement

There is nothing worse than punishing a dog if he has done the job inside the house. Well, it’s true that you’re enough of cleaning after your pooch, however, punishment is not allowed. In that way, you’ll only cause the negative effect so your Frenchie may start acting stubborn. On the other hand, your pup can start to feel scared of you and that’s probably the last thing you want to happen.

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