How Do Dogs Say Sorry? Frenchie World Reveals!

Cream French bulldog having sad face and lying on the floor

We are all familiar with those sad fluffy faces when our Frenchies do something bad. Do dogs say sorry that way? Those eyes almost ‘scream’ the words ”I’m sorry” for behaving recklessly. While their way of feeling sorry is one of the cutest things, it also makes us wonder do they really know how to show a sense of apology. Read on and find out the truth.

How do dogs say sorry? Facts to know

It’s an undeniable fact that dogs can feel our emotions. They absorb our energy like sponges, so they’re pretty much aware of the things going on in our lives. Just remember how many times have you felt bad about something, and then voila’ here it comes your Frenchie from such feeling by sitting in your lap and giving you emotional support.

That’s why you can’t trick your dog when you feel pissed off him. He will quickly realize that he needs to say sorry for being a naughty boy. Floppy ears, putting the head down, hiding under the table, and showing those ‘sad puppy eyes’ are something that we are all familiar with.

If you don’t forgive your Frenchie, he will probably start rubbing and pawing his face with paws. Besides, if you continue with the ignorance, the next level of feeling sorry is to sit in your lap and rubbing the muzzle against your hand or face. Licking the owner’s hand, and whining can also be some of the signs. After all those cute sessions of showing an outburst of emotions, one of the most difficult things is to resist those huge, protruding eyes. So, the following steps will depend only on you.

Do you want to cuddle your French bulldog and tell him that you don’t mind his disobedience? Well, our advice is to think twice before acting hastily.

If you want to build a healthy relationship with your lovely pet, it’s essential to become his pack leader. By becoming your French bulldog’s pack leader, you’ll prevent your dog from causing troubles at home.

How do dogs say sorry? Should you ignore your pet?

The main rule to keep in mind when you notice that your dog wants to say sorry is to stay consistent with the training lessons of becoming the pack leader. We know that it’ probably very hard to ignore your pet. However, that’s how you’ll ‘explain’ to him that he shouldn’t do that.

Besides, it’s also essential to work on your mutual relationship. Your Frenchie surely doesn’t want to live in an unhealthy environment where he will be punished for every wrong step. Instead of choosing physical punishment, you gotta play a mental game with your pet.

Dogs are curious and social beings that are born to play and investigate their environment. It’s in their blood to behave like that, so you shouldn’t restrict your dog from such practice. Every dog has the right to explore items by licking, sniffing, and chewing on them. Therefore, the main way is to teach your pooch what can and what can not chew.

Cream French bulldog sitting on the home floor

Rewarding is important

After we revealed the question ‘do dogs say sorry?’ We can’t escape mentioning that rewarding is important. To teach your dog to discern good and bad things, you have to make a positive association for every good behavior. For example, if your Frenchie has learned a specific command, the key element is to reward him with snacks. Besides, showing affection and telling praise words will also do a lot for his personality.

There’re no studies that can prove to us that dogs know to say sorry. However, many dog behavior specialists believe that dogs look like they’re feeling sorry because they understand humans’ emotions and reactions.

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