How Often Should I Bathe My Frenchie?


How often should I bathe my Frenchie? I guess this question most of you would like to know the answer. The frequency of bathing a dog depends on many things, so let’s start with the most essential ones. While most humans take showers once a day, with dogs, things go a little bit different.

How often should you wash your French bulldog?

Regardless of what dog breed you own, every dog needs to have baths. Besides it’s good for their health; bathing can help them to deal with environmental allergens as well. Unlike cats, dogs can clean themselves to certain limits. When a Frenchie groom himself, he helps facilitate the growth of hair follicles and support skin health.

However, every strange licking behavior should be noticed on time because frequent licking usually points out to an underlying health issue.
When we talk about bathing a Frenchie, there is a thing you need to consider, and it’s your dog’s lifestyle. Does your dog behave like a piglet every time you take him outside for a walk? Frenchies who like to roll in the grass definitely need to take showers far more often than so-called couch potatoes.


Other essential factors to consider are the skin conditions of your French bulldog. Depending on the type of skin issue, your Frenchie might need less or more frequent baths.

In normal conditions, when a Frenchie possesses normal life habits, you can bathe him every three months. However, for moderate piglets, I recommend to perform it once a month. In the time between washes, I recommend you to use the following Dry Cleaning Foam Shampoo. It’s famous for its natural antibacterial effects and is completely suitable for pooches with sensitive skin. Another great thing about it is that it protects the skin from allergens. Your Frenchie’s coat will not only smell great, but it will also look shiny and healthy. After you apply the foam on your dog’s fur, you should deep massage into his skin and then wipe it with a dry towel.

How to choose the right shampoo for a French bulldog?

We can’t deny that French bulldogs are notorious for their sensitive skin. They are prone to show allergy to the usage of inappropriate products. That’s why I advise you not to buy cheap dog shampoo that only smells great. The ingredients inside of it really matter. The following SOS Natural French Bulldog Shampoo is available in different compositions to suit every dog. Whether your Frenchie has light-colored fur, or he has extremely sensitive skin, this shampoo line has it all.

What brush to use for Frenchie’s coat?

Luckily, French bulldogs don’t shed much. However, they require regular brushing to get rid of dead hair and the best way to do that is while having a bath. In that way, you’ll escape making an unplanned mess in your living place. The following French Bulldog Shower Brush is designed to use while taking a shower. The soft silicone pines will gently massage your French bulldog’s while making foam at the same time.

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