How To Choose The Right Bed For A French Bulldog? Useful Tips

Choosing the right bed for a French bulldog is the first task you have to accomplish when bringing a new family member home. A dog bed is not only the place your pet should sleep. It’s should be a safe zone where he/she will feel relaxed and comfortable.

What to look for when choosing the right bed for a French bulldog?

Since French bulldogs snore a lot, you have to pick a dog bed that will make him/her comfortable during sleep. Since the head position can prevent snoring and ease breathing, for some Frenchies, the best option will be to sleep on a dog bed with elevated edges.

  • Consider your dog’s sleeping position

However, this is not always the rule of thumb, so the best advice we can give you is to monitor your Frenchie’s sleeping behavior. Does he love to snuggle and curl up in the bed like a ball? If the answer is yes, then you have to search for a nest-type of bed.

A French bulldog bed that is round and looks like a nest provides a sort of safety to your pup. It’s often the best option for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety. They provide a crate feeling and make them feel more relaxed.

Frenchie World® Donut Cuddler Bed is one of those beds, and it will be especially suitable for colder months. Thanks to its round shape, this Frenchie bed is perfect for pooches who love to curl up. The bed is filled with pp cotton and it’s padded with faux shag fur.

Thanks to a zipper shell that is easy to remove, you can always keep this dog bed clean. You can choose between different colors, and also wash the covering in the washing machine.

In case your French bulldog loves to spread during sleep, then you have to choose a dog bed that is big enough to provide him full body support. Our advice is to check the following Frenchie World® Sofa Bed. This round bed is soft and big enough to make your dog feel cozy. The slightly elevated edges can serve him to place his head, and the good news is that you can wash the bed in a washing machine.

  • Consider your dog’s size

Choosing the right size of a French bulldog bed is highly important. Just imagine how would you feel to sleep in a tight and small bed. Canvas Soft & Cozy French Bulldog Bed is available in three sizes and the outer fabric is scratch resistant and easy to clean. You can remove your dog’s dead hair by wiping the bed with a wet cloth and hand washing it as well.

  • Choose the right fabric

If your Frenchie is a messy piglet, then choosing the French bulldog bed made of robust fabric would be the best choice. Water-resistant and scratch-resistant dog beds can be very helpful in keeping your environment clean.

  • Consider buying a summer bed for your French bulldog

As we all know, French bulldogs suffer from overheating, so they require sleeping on cooling dog beds in the summer. Summer Cooling French Bulldog Pad Bed features a cooling outer layer and it will work best if you place it out of the sunlight. The cooling pad bed is waterproof, it features an anti-skid bottom and it’s available in different patterns.

French Bulldog Ice Cream Summer Mat is another pick that is made of waterproof and cooling fabric. It comes in an ice-cream design and features an elevated edge on one side to make a dog more comfortable during sleep. By chilling on this mat, your Frenchie will get a pleasant cooling effect and will stay safe from heatstroke!

Self Cooling pad bed is among the best-selling French bulldog cooling beds on the market. Since it’s filled with gel, your dog will get a better colling effect. The outer layer is cold in touch and it helps your dog to regulate his body temperature in a couple of minutes. The gel filling keeps the bed cold, and to get the best cooling effect, you have to place it out of direct sunlight.

Where is the best place to put a French bulldog bed?

The first and the most important thing is to make sure that your furry friend feels comfortable in his bed. Choose a calm and peaceful place in the house where you’ll place your dog’s bed. Your French bulldog won’t love to sleep in a crowded room. Instead, choose your bedroom and let him sleep close to your bed.

Another French bulldog bed can be placed in your living room so your dog can be in your company while having a nap and relaxing during the day.

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