How to Get Rid of Ticks on Dogs?


Here it comes the most annoying part of warm weather. We talk about ticks on dogs! Although they are small in size, these creepy creatures can actually make big problems to your dog.

Ticks are able to transmit many diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme disease, and Tularemia. Spending time in nature is certainly a great idea, but have you ever wondered how you can prevent your French bulldog from getting ticks? Since they are already prone to develop different skin allergies, you need to think about how to get an allergy of the tick bite as well. Here are some of the solutions for dealing with ticks on dogs.


What types of ticks can attack your French bulldog?

There are a few types of ticks that usually affect dogs and American dog tick and Brown dog tick are one of them. American dog ticks follow the smell of humans and dogs in nature and wait for the perfect opportunity to crawl onto someone’s body. They are known as the carriers of the Rocky Spotted Mountain fever that usually develops a few days after the dog got affected. This type of condition is followed by fever, serious rash, bloody urine, and swollen lymph nodules. The treatment requires both topical creams and antibiotic treatment.

Brown dog tick can live both in home and outside condition, so it’s more difficult to get rid of it. Besides complete cleaning the house, you’ll need to treat your dog with antibiotics because this type of ticks can transmit Canine Babesiosus, Canine Ehrlichiosis, and Rocky Spotted Mountain Fever.

How to treat ticks on French bulldogs?

Besides you can use a tick shampoo, tick collar or ampoules for treating ticks, you can also try using some natural tick repellents. In case your Frenchie already got a tick on his body, the rule is that you should not try to remove it by yourself. I always advise my clients to take their dog to see a vet because they will also analyze the tick if it was a transmitter of some of the previously mentioned diseases.

In case you didn’t know, ticks can be treated by spraying your dog’s coat with a solution made of 50 % of water and 50 % of apple cider vinegar. Since ticks don’t like acidic environments, the ticks will definitely crawl away from your French bulldog’s skin.

Peppermint oil is another tick repellent that can be used both for treating different insect bites. So, if your batpig suffers from itchy skin, the peppermint oil will calm the inflamed spots as well.

 Lavender oil is not only beneficial for its calming effects but also works great as prevention of ticks on dogs. There are dozens of studies that show that the smell of lavender oil is capable to calm an anxious dog.

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