How To Make Your French Bulldog Smell Better?


During summer months, your Frenchie might become more stinky than usual. The reasons for such occurrence are many because you’ll probably want to spend more time outdoors with your lovely pooch. That’s why we’ve decided to provide you with the tips to make your French bulldog smell better. Besides using natural recipes, you’ll discover high-quality products that are completely safe for your Frenchie.


French bulldog stinky coat- what to do?

Since you can’t prevent your Frenchie from acting like a messy piglet, it’s advisable to know the tips about how to make your French bulldog coat smell good. Your dog can have a stinky coat due to many reasons, so let’s find out what could be the triggers.


If you adore going to swim with your Frenchie, then you’ve probably felt the bad smell coming from his wet coat. Since every dog can produce a different scent that will also depend on the food he eats, it would be great to use a product that will give a fresh and clean fragrance to his fur. As one of the best products to use on Frenchies to make them smell beautiful after swimming, I suggest you try the following French Bulldog Dry Cleaning Foam.

Besides it smells wonderful, this dry cleaning foam can be used throughout the year thanks to completely natural ingredients. It’s rich in herbs that soothe the skin and calm irritations, so your Frenchie will surely like to get a spa treatment by using it.

Yeast infection

If your French bulldog smells like popcorn or cheese, then you should check whether he suffers from the yeast infection. The dog’s itchy behavior, red and irritated skin, and yellow-while alluviums will be the first sign that your pet developed a skin infection. Yeast is a type of fungus that represents the natural resident of everyone’s skin.

However, when the dog’s immunity is unbalanced, yeast overgrowth can be only some of the problems. To naturally treat the yeast and maintain a healthy and shiny coat, I suggest you spray your pet’s fur with a 50-50 solution made of apple cider vinegar and water. Be careful if your dog has open wounds or cuts because the burning feeling will only traumatize him.


Check your French bulldog tail pocket

Even though Frenchies are naturally born without tails, they have a hidden place called tail pocket. It is a dark and moist place placed deep beneath the tail. It’s prone to collect feces and dirt, so you gotta pay special attention to cleaning this spot on a Frenchie’s body. It’s best to use wet baby wipes because they’re free of alcohol. Another option is to use a wet towel, but wet wipes still sound like a less messy option.

If you don’t daily clean the Frenchie’s tail, it can quickly become inflamed, red, and painful in touch.

 Brush your French bulldog’s teeth

Bad odor coming from the dog’s mouth is probably one of the worst nightmares for every dog owner. That’s why it’s equally important to provide your pet with proper oral hygiene. Teaching a dog to the brushing process should be performed from an early age because not all pooches will easily get used to such routine.

Chew toys represent a perfect alternative for removing plaque and tartar from your Frenchie’s teeth. Luckily, our store offers you a wide assortment of French bulldog toys, so you’ll surely find the one that will occupy your dog’s attention.

The following French bulldog chew toy is made of durable rubber and features dozens of channels with pins that act like a toothbrush when your dog bites it.

As one of the best replacements for a toothbrush, I also recommend you to have a look at the following practical French bulldog toothbrush. Since it’s actually a cover for the owner’s finger, you’ll be able to thoroughly clean the dog’s teeth.

Regularly clean your French bulldog’s ears

Most Frenchie owners would agree that those big and bat-shaped ears can be one of the reasons for your dog’s bad scent. Therefore, to make your French bulldog smell better, you need to daily check whether the dust, allergens, or plant pieces entered into his ears.

 How to clean the Frenchie’s ears?

Try to calm your pet and allow him to sniff the equipment you’ve prepared for the process of cleaning. Reward him with a treat and then squeeze the solution into the ear channel. Don’t let the tip of the applicator touch your dog’s ear, as this can introduce bacteria. Wait for approximately 10-15 sec by holding your dogs head so the solution can do the job. Don’t forget to feed him with treats because this will be almost impossible to succeed.

The next step is to allow your dog to shake the head to release the solution from the ear. Once your French bulldog has finished shaking, take the cotton ball or gauze and gently wipe out the ear canal. Make sure you’re not going deeper than the depth of one knuckle. If the dog whines and looks like the process is painful, I suggest you see a vet because there’s a high possibility of an underlying ear infection that must be treated with antibiotics.

 Use a Coconut oil in a spray

If you want to make your pet’s coat not only smell wonderful but also to look shiny, I recommend you to buy Extra virgin Coconut oil. You can spray the French bulldog’s fur with it once a week to make it glossy and silk in touch. Besides, this magical ingredient is known as one of the best natural remedies for treating itchy skin, inflamed wounds and insect bites.

Choose the right French bulldog shampoo

Choosing a high-quality and natural shampoo for your dog might sound challenging especially because of the French bulldog’s sensitive skin. That’s why I advise you to use a shampoo without parabens and with the lowest level of artificial ingredients. Baby and human shampoos are not a safe option because they are made for a different level of skin pH.

My favorite pick is the following SOS natural dog shampoo because it’s rich in Aloe Vera that is famous for its magical effects. Besides it soothes the skin, it also provides a protective barrier that will make your pet’s skin less susceptible to irritations and allergies.

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