How To Prepare A French Bulldog For A Baby?


Bringing a baby home is definitely one of the most beautiful feelings in everyone’s life. However, what’s thrilling for you and your partner, might not be so thrilling for your Frenchie. A dog who has never had contact with babies before can become traumatized and frightened. That’s why you need to know how to prepare a French bulldog for a baby.


 How to Prepare a French bulldog for a baby? Step-by-step guide

Preparing a dog for a new family member might sound challenging. However, if you ask me, it’s easier to teach a dog how to act to a baby than an older brother or sister. French bulldogs are good learners, but when it comes to bringing ‘a new creature’ that releases strange sounds, your dog may become frightened and even jealous. Therefore, you need to make a plan on how to prepare a Frenchie for his/her sibling.

What is the first step before the baby arrives?

Since Frenchies belong to companion dogs, you need to know that they’ll not so easily deal with the fact that their owners will pay more attention to babies from now on.  You’ve probably heard that French bulldogs and kids make great friendships, however, if they don’t grow up together from an early age, Frenchies may act jealous or become anxious.

Before your baby comes home, I recommend you to perform basic obedience classes. They include classes such as sit, stay, not to jump, and to come when you call him/her.

Where is your Frenchie’s place for sleeping?

You might found a problematic to continue sharing your bed with your dog. And, in my opinion, every dog deserves to have his own spot for sleeping from the moment you brought it home. Therefore, teaching a Frenchie to sleep in a new place or even in a new bed should be the first task to perform.

It’s essential to perform the lessons before the baby arrives, otherwise, a Frenchie will associate the changes with it.

Limit the time for playing

Since you’ll have less time for your French bulldog when the baby arrives, I recommend you to lessen the time for playing. It also includes teaching a dog to spend time with his toys alone. We offer you a great assortment of French bulldog toys that can serve as good tools to occupy the attention. Besides chew toys for French bulldogs, you’ll also find interactive toys that will improve the dog’s intelligence.


Play ‘baby sounds’

Another important aspect of preparing a French bulldog for a baby is playing baby sounds. I recommend you to play the record daily and to occasionally increase the volume to see how your pet will react. Several days after continuous playing, your Frenchie should get used to new and strange sounds.

Introduce a Frenchie to your baby’s items

A few days before the baby arrives, you can introduce your dog to your baby’s cosmetics. Let him smell the lotion, diapers, wet wipes, shampoo, and other products that your baby will use.

 How To Prepare A French Bulldog To a Baby? What to do when your baby is at home?

1- The first day you bring the baby home, you should give your dog time to adjust to his new family member. A dog needs to become relaxed about seeing you carry the baby, and not to try to jump on you.

2- After a few days, you should perform the second step of teaching the Frenchie to get used to a baby. It includes allowing him to approach you and the baby. However, it’s good to keep it on a leash to prevent any unplanned situations. If the dog shows obedience, it’s essential to reward him with a treat so he can create positive reinforcement.

3- If you’ve noticed that your dog doesn’t make a big deal about his new sibling, you can release him from a leash. However, I recommend you to carry the baby and to tell your partner to stand by side to follow the situation. If the Frenchie has shown a good reaction, you can gradually increase the time your dog spends with a baby.

4- The key to making good relations in the house can be found in your love and support. It means that you should never neglect your French bulldog because, in the end, he has equal rights as any other family member. Try to make a good balance between your Frenchie and the baby. Otherwise, your four-legged friend may easily connect bad things with the baby’s presence.

5- Dog needs to have his own place for sleeping and chilling and that should always remain the same. Therefore, teach your kid not to invade your pet’s sleeping area. It’s their Achille’s foot.

6- Never leave a dog and a baby unattended even if your Frenchie is the most obedient creature in the world. Sometimes, kids may unintentionally hurt the dog by pulling his tail. As a result, your Frenchie may react aggressively to defend himself.

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