How To Take Care Of Your French Bulldog During The Winter?

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As short coated breed it’s essential to know how to take care of you French bulldog during the winter. Taking them outside in cold weather is challenging due to their tendency to suffer from hypothermia. Let’s start!

How to take care of your French bulldog during the winter?

We all recognize French bulldog for their bat ears, short and stout bodies, and brachycephalic skulls. However, aside from these features, these batpigs also have short, and one-layered coats that make them susceptible to catch a cold or suffer from hypothermia.

Keep the strolls short

One of the first steps to take care of your French bulldog during the winter is to keep the walks short. Instead of going to two long walks during a day, I recommend you to take your dog outside 4 times. By decreasing the time spent outdoors, your dog won’t experience sudden decrease in body temperature.

Wear protective clothes

Wearing protective clothes is another way to stop your Frenchie feeling cold. These little gremlins are incapable to keep their body temperature within normal limits, so they need to wear jackets, coats, and jumpsuits to stay warm.

One of the reasons why are they prone to this issue are their flat muzzles. Another triggers that cause hypothermia in Frenchies are their short coats, and short legs. Since their bellies are closer to the ground, they are more prone to catch a cold when walking on icy, and cold surfaces.

Allow your dog to drink warm water

During the winter season, it’s important to give your dog to drink warm water. Drinking cold water can cause sore throat, so I recommend you to always make sure whether the water from the bowl is pleasantly warm.

Soothe your French bulldog’s paws During Winter Days

Since walking on sharp, icy, and cold pavements can cause frostbites and painful blisters, it’s important to soothe the dog’s paw pads by using the appropriate paw balm.

The following French bulldog paw balm is rich in natural ingredients such as olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, VE, and lavender essential oil. The practical package takes up little space, ad you’ll be able to carry it wherever you go.

Another balm that will help your dog to maintain elasticity and moisture of the paw pads is the Natural French Bulldog Paw Balm. It comes in a metal box and features Olive oil, soybean oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin E, and many other healthy ingredients.

Pay attention to your French bulldog’s nose

Not only paws, but also your French bulldog’s nose are susceptible to experience the influence of cold weather. Therefore, you need to provide it with the right protection against the wind, and icy temperatures. The following French Bulldog Nose Moisturizer features a mix of organic herbs, and it’s suitable for pooches who are prone to allergies. It can be used as a protection from outside harmful elements, as well as for treating hyperkeratosis.

Wear protective footwear

Besides all the previously mentioned care tips, your dog will need to wear protective footwear when walking on snowy and icy surfaces, and concrete covered with road salt. Road salt is very poisonous to dogs, and we all know that you can’t stop your Frenchie licking his paws to discover what’s that salty thing.

That’s why I recommend you to buy your dog the appropriate French bulldog boots that will have an anti-slipping sole, and that will be made of waterproof fabric.

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Wrapping Up: A Cozy Winter for Your Frenchie

By following these tips, you can ensure your French Bulldog stays warm, happy, and healthy throughout the winter season.

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