Ideas To Turn Your French Bulldog Into An Adorable Easter Bunny

Are you looking for Easter ideas to spend a holiday with your Frenchie and the rest of the family? Buying chocolate eggs, marshmallow bunnies and other choco treats are only some of the essentials to make the Easter celebration complete. However, turning your Frenchie into a living Easter bunny will make some egg-stra special memories this year! That’s why we’ve made the list of the cutest French bulldog Easter bunny outfits to make the best family photos ever.

What are the cutest picks of French bulldog Easter bunny clothes?

Even though the Easter celebration will look a bit different this year, we shouldn’t forget about our tradition. And the tradition says that gnawing the ears of chocolate rabbits, dying eggs, eating hot cross buns, and decorating home with bunny-inspired items are must-have essentials to spend a meaningful holiday.

Since we all consider our Frenchies for our four-legged kids, it would be a great idea to provide them with bunny-inspired outfits. The following picks are carefully tailored to suit the French bulldog breed and their round and short bodies.

French Bulldog Rabbit Hoodie

French bulldog rabbit hoodie will add a pair of extra ears and will make your pooch ready both for walks and taking family photos. This French bulldog hoodie is made of superior ribbed cotton that is breathable and soft in touch. It’s available in two colors, and the hood with rabbit ears will bring festive spirit to such a special day.

French Bulldog Bunny Jumpsuit Hoodie

Keeping a Frenchie warm and snug on cold days might sound challenging. However, with this French bulldog bunny jumpsuit, your dog can get a complete protection and feel warm on those chilly spring nights. The jumpsuit is made of soft fleece that works as a blanket. It can be especially beneficial when the shedding season starts because it will keep all the dead hair under.

Frenchie Fuzzy Sweater With a Bunny Bag

If you’re searching for a chic pick of a French bulldog Easter bunny outfit, look no more, because this one will surely become your favorite. Specially made for four-legged ladies, this Fuzzy Sweater with a Bunny bag will bring a dose of elegance to the Easter celebration. The set is perfect for taking family photos and showing around through the neighborhood. Besides, the fabric is thickenough to protect your pet from hypothermia on breezy weather.

Frenchie Striped Rabbit Pajama Hoodie

If you’re planning to organize a pajama party with your family members, don’t forget to dress your Frenchie in a cozy dog pajama too. This French bulldog pajama features huge bunny ears and it’s made of lightweight cotton that can protect your pet from environmental allergens. If your dog suffers from seasonal allergies, wearing a pajama jumpsuit can protect his/her skin to come in contact with pollen and other allergy triggers.

Giant Bunny French Bulldog Hoodie

This is definitely one of our favorite French bulldog Easter bunny outfits! Giant bunny ears, the hood made of plush, and pleasant and stretchable fabric will provide your pet with an outfit to remember. You’re gonna love taking photos with your batpig dressed in such a cute dog hoodie! Our customers love the fabric, and ribbed cuffs and hem that keep the hoodie in the right place.

Fuzzy Bunny French Bulldog Sweatshirt

Is there anything cuter than seeing your Frenchie carrying his bunny toy on his back? Well, the good thing about this unique sweatshirt is that your dog will always have a toy to play with wherever you go. The bunny on the dog’s back can be removed and used for playing fetch in the yard or at home. On the other hand, the sweater is great for layering, and staying warm and snug throughout the year.

Lady Bunny French Bulldog Sweatshirt

Lady Bunny Sweatshirt is specially made for Frenchie ladies who adore being noticed wherever they paw-in. This French bulldog sweatshirt is decorated with cute bunny ears on the left side and an elegant tulle bow. This pick will be perfect for special celebrations, as well as when going on strolls on crispy spring days.
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