How Do You Treat a French Bulldog Ear Infection?

french bulldog ear infection

French bulldog ear infection is one of the most painful health issues your dog can face with. Thanks to their brachycephalic skulls, these dogs are on a higher tendency to suffer from ear infections, breathing issues, and problems with keeping their body temperature within optimal limits.

What could be the cause of a French bulldog ear infection?

The main reasons for the French bulldog ear infection could be the breed’s ear canal abnormal anatomy and food allergies. When the ear canal becomes too narrow due to selective breeding, such pups become more prone to infections. According to statistics, over 40 % of French bulldogs develop ear infections once in their lifetime.

There are three types of dog ear infections, known as otitis interna, otitis media, and otitis externa. Otitis interna and otitis media are the common types that occur in Frenchies, and if left untreated, they can lead to deafness, vestibular signs, severe pains, and facial paralysis.

On the other hand, feeding a Frenchie with an inappropriate diet can also lead to ear infections. Such ear infections are called otitis externa and can progress into otitis media and interna if you don’t treat it on time.

french bulldog ear infection

What food ingredients can be the cause of a French bulldog ear infection?

Ingredients such as corn, soy, and dry kibble rich in artificial color, additives, and by-products can be only some of the causes of the infection. If you feed a Frenchie with an inappropriate diet, it can show initial symptoms such as scratching, redness of the outer part of the ear, and bad odor coming from the ear.

Some French bulldogs can also show an allergy to chicken meat, pork, and eggs. So, if you have a difficult time determining the exact cause of the problem, we recommend you ask your vet to switch your dog to an elimination diet. It’s the only way to make sure what ingredient causes itchiness in your pet.

How to prevent French bulldog ear infections?

Ear infection in your Frenchie can be prevented by maintaining their ears clean. Since Frenchies have pointy ears, they’re more prone to collecting dirt and environmental allergens. Our advice is to daily check their ears for stuck elements such as pieces of grass, ground, or sand, and to clean them once a week.

French Bulldog Ear CleaningSolution is one of the must-have products to maintain your Frenchie’s ears healthy. The solution is specially-formulated to keep the ears healthy and free of debris. The elastic pipe allows easy usage, while the fresh scent neutralizes and treats the smelly odor.

You should squeeze the bottle to release the solution, close the ear and gently massage the area around it. After 10 seconds allow the dog to shake its head and release the solution. Use a clean cotton ball to pick up the remaining dirt and reward your dog with treats.

Since the ear-cleaning routine is quite messy, we recommend you perform it in your bathroom or yard. Once the routine is over, you’ll be surprised how much dirt your french bulldog’s ears can hide.french-bulldog-ear-cleaning-solution-frenchie-world-shop-pet-pet-ear-wash-28864363757717-6445477

What are the most common symptoms of an ear infection in a French bulldog?

Besides excessive scratching, a dog will have a brownish discharge and bad odor coming from the ears. Crusting and scabs in the ear as well as head shaking could also be some of the symptoms. To avoid severe ear infections in your Frenchie, it’s essential to take your pet to the vet as soon as you notice any unusual symptoms. It’s the only way to prevent your dog from persistent infections in the future.

Dog ears play an important role in their lives. So, by keeping them clean, you can prevent your pet from chronic infections.

french bulldog ear infection

How to treat a French bulldog ear infection?

We are all aware of the fact that the French bulldog ear infection is one of the most painful conditions. Besides using a medicated ear-cleaning solution, your vet will prescribe you antibiotic drops. Steroid ear drops are recommended only in the first three or four days to ease the itchiness and swelling in the ear canal.

Treatment of a French bulldog ear infection usually takes up to 2 weeks, but severe infections may take months to resolve. In case of chronic severe ear infections, your vet may recommend total ear canal ablation. It’s a type of surgery where the diseased ear canal is removed to prevent the recurrence of the infection.

Following the vet’s advice and finishing the treatment is a must because ear infections are one of the most persistent conditions. Even if your Frenchie appears to be getting better, treatment of this condition may last up to several months.

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