French Bulldog Teeth – How to Deal With Tartar and Plaque?


Your French bulldog’s teeth have a lot of work to do. They present your dog’s main tool for eating, chewing, playing and exploring the environment. Thanks to their teeth, dogs are able to discover the world! Therefore, it’s extremely important to keep them healthy and clean.

What are tartar and plaque on your French bulldog’s teeth?

Collecting tartar and plaque on your furry friend’s teeth can lead to serious dental issues. Plaque presents a sticky mix of food leftovers and your dog’s saliva, and in case it’s not cleaned regularly, it turns into tartar. Tartar is otherwise called calculus, and it develops from collecting plaque on your French bulldog’s teeth. It presents a yellow or brown porous cover that is difficult to remove and can cause inflammation of the gums.

However, problems don’t stop here. Painful and bleeding gums often grow to periodontal disease that eventually lead to tooth loss.


What are the most common signs that your Frenchie suffers from dental issues?

  • swollen gums
  • red and bloody gums
  • bad odor coming from your dog’s mouth
  • yellow or brown substance cover your dog’s teeth (tartar)
  • appetite loss
  • inability to chew on food

How to prevent a French bulldog from getting plaque and tartar?

Regular teeth brushing

Well, although it sounds a bit difficult to perform, it’s very important to frequently brush your dog’s teeth. You should not use human toothpaste because it contains fluoride that can be very poisonous to dogs. The best time for teaching your dog to get used to brushing is when it’s still a puppy. I suggest you to gradually teach it to become relaxed by allowing it to sniff the brush and the toothpaste. Telling some praise words and giving tasty snacks will also help a lot.

You can also choose a toothpaste with the taste of dog food, so there’s no way that your Frenchie will not like it.


Add a water additive into your dog’s bowl

In case your pooch doesn’t like the feeling that toothbrushing provides, another solution may present adding a dental water additive into his water bowl. It serves to reduce plaque that harbors bacteria and freshens a dog’s breath.

Use Dental wipes

Dental wipes can be used daily for removing plaque from your French bulldog’s teeth. They are great for many reasons, especially because the owner can gently cross with a wipe through all the dog’s teeth.


Use Dental Treats

What dog doesn’t love treats? Dental treats come in different shapes, sizes, and tastes. They serve to protect your Frenchie’s gums and teeth from plaque and tartar buildup. I advise you to reward your pooch while playing or training and to use them approximately 3 times per week. In the meantime, you can use some of the previously mentioned products.

Use dog chewing toys

Every dog needs toys not only to clean his teeth but also for playing and learning tricks. Toys can be great solutions for pooches that go through a terrible teething phase and for teaching a dog what to chew. You probably don’t want to find your furniture ruined when you get back home from work.  That’s why I recommend you to check the following Bite Resistant Dental Care Shew Toy that will prevent your furry friend from developing plaque and tartar.

Another great toy for cleaning teeth that your Frenchie will definitely adore is this rubber cleaning toy. Unlike other copies that you can find on the market, Frenchie World’s toys are made of 100% non-toxic materials.

Since it has ropes on both sides, your batpig can strengthen his jaw and teeth at the same time by trying to pull them out. For all those furry pooches that don’t like staying home alone, teaching them to spend time with toys can really decrease the possibility of developing separation anxiety.


Buying different interactive toys can really improve your dog’s intelligence and skills. This Beeping Chewing Toy beeps when move, so your four-legged friend will be curious to find out where and what it is. It’s great for playing fetch and removing tartar because it’s made of high-quality silicone.

The toy is flexible and the spike structure makes sufficient rub with teeth when Frenchie bites or chews the bone toy. The unique toy design will not only clean your French bulldog teeth but will also help the jaw muscle grow and strengthen.

The role of diet in your French bulldog teeth care

Besides all previously mentioned tips, the food your dog eats can much affect his dental health. As a reputable French bulldog breeder, I want to recommend you try feeding your Frenchie with the BARF diet. Biologically approved raw food diet is suitable for their sensitive digestive systems and skin that is prone to allergies. In that way, you’ll be the only one who will be able to carefully tailor his menu.


You can also include giving your Frenchie fresh fruits that are rich in different vitamins and antioxidants. In case you haven’t heard for the following fact, strawberries are famous as a natural ingredient that whitens a dog’s teeth. The only precaution is not to feed a dog with too many fruits during a week because they are rich in sugar.

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