14 Gifts For French Bulldog Lovers in 2022

gifts for french bulldog lovers

Let’s admit it! There are so many Frenchie-inspired gifts you would like to buy right now! Since the end of the year is closer than ever, we prepared a list of 14 gifts for French bulldog lovers that will thrill every dedicated owner out there! We are sure you’ll find the one for your special person!

What are the best picks of gifts for French bulldog lovers?

In case you want to surprise a special person in your life, then you might have a hard time choosing the right gift. Luckily, the following list of gifts for French bulldog lovers will provide you with great ideas on how to make owners of these pooches happy.

3D French Bulldog Chain Phone Case

Girls love stickers, charms, and dressing up their phones. You’ll find this cute case both gorgeous and great for everyday wear. In addition to delivering rugged protection from damage and scratches, our lid’s minimal design adds a little spunk to your coworkers’ desks – they won’t even know they’re looking at your productive working phone!


3D French Bulldog Ceramic Mugs With Bamboo Lid

Every Frenchie owners gotta have a mug inspired by their love for these gremlins. This adorable French bulldog mug is perfect for coffee or tea breaks at work. The lid will keep your drink warm, while the sleepy 3D Frenchie will remind you of the fact your batpig is patiently waiting for you to come back home.


A Woman Cannot Survive On Wine Alone She Also Needs A Frenchie T-Shirt

Specially designed for all those girls who love both wine and their little dogs, this pick will be perfect for relaxing daily outfits when you want to feel comfy. The printed inscription already says enough for itself, so we’re sure you’ll enjoy wearing it.


Bored Frenchie Statue

If you’re as crazy about French bulldogs as we are, then this cute statue will be the perfect addition to your collection. It may remind you of your favorite puppy at home, or of all the fun moments you’ve experienced together. It will definitely remind you that no matter what mood they are in, French bulldogs will always be fashionable and fabulous.


Corner Sofa French Bulldog Cover

If you’re searching for gifts for French bulldog lovers that will be both cute and practical, then you’re in the right place. Dogs get a lot of love, but they’re messy little beasts. From pee, to poop, to shedding, this Frenchie World Sofa Cover needs your love and needs your furniture. It provides a way for you, the best pet parent in the world, to protect your furniture from the next ‘incident’ that your pup has on it.


French Bulldog AirPods Case

The Frenchie series covers AirPods with cuteness, safety, and style. It’s made of reliable, scratch-resistant silicone and after slipping your wireless earphones insert, the protective case seals with a silicon adhesive backing to avoid any issues. The cute 3D Frenchie is certainly one of the most wanted gifts for French bulldog lovers because it will keep your expensive gear safe.


Floral French Bulldog Statue

A sleek resin-plated French bulldog statue with a French bulldog’s face, everything about this design is perfect for an elegant new addition to your home or office. It comes in 3 beautiful patterns so you can choose the one that you love the most from flowers, to leaves, to stars.


Cozy & Fuzzy French Bulldog Matching Hoodies

When you’re sneezing and feeling cold – Frenchies are your ultimate match. We precisely calculate all the ‘misliked’ parts of ours cold-cozy hoodies to accomplish unmatched quality. Whether you prefer to sweat or not – our multi-function fabric will help you enjoy your cozy moments with measurable satisfaction.

Maybe you don’t share genes, but you do share hoodies! Show everyone that you and your dog are like ‘honey & milk’ by wearing our Cozy & Fuzzy French Bulldog Matching Hoodies.


French Bulldog Ceramic Flower Pot

Contemplate nature’s beauty with a Frenchie-inspired flower pot! Our lovely ceramic pots are quality, easy to assemble and will motivate you to plan more #dogsofinstagram worthy photos. With its cute and ingenuous design, you’ll surely want to have it at your home.


French Bulldog Coin Purse Keychain

Everyone needs something they can never misplaced when they go out, but do you want something that’s overpriced and looks generic? Just get the pretty Frenchie Keychain and never lug around a heavy bag ever again when you go out. Choose from any color to match your style, available in our online store!


French Bulldog decorative sleeping mat

Frenchie is family, after all. Keep them feeling like they are part of the action while you’re away by decorating their sleeping space with this adorable mat. Show off the newest addition to your house to anyone who knocks! It’s made for both of you – y’all!


French Bulldog Garden Statue

Let this French bulldog statue be a ray of sunshine in your indoor decor or outdoor environment with its whimsical charm. All the details are exquisitely crafted to look realistic and natural. It blends right in with nature and will never go out of style.


French Bulldog Pawprint Stamp Pad

At Frenchie World, our mission is to create meaningful and customized gifts for each sentimental life event. Deeply in love? We’re here for you. New to the stage of dog parenthood? This one’s for you. No matter the circumstance, we have you gift-covered.


French Bulldog Leather Keychain

Keep your keys within arm’s reach with this beautiful keychain that features a relief-style carved genuine French Bulldog. Each dog is unique and perfect in form and detail. Made just for you only using the finest quality leather and hand-crafted to last a lifetime!


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