How To Get Your Frenchie To Love Bath Time?


It might sound silly, but even dogs who love to swim can hate baths. When we talk about French bulldogs, you probably know for the fact that they sink like rocks. So, if your Frenchie hates bath time too, there are few tips you should consider to help him overcome his fear.

Other than a vet visit, bath time can present for some dogs one of the most stressful moments in their lives. Since getting a dog clean means a lot for his health, I advise you to take into account my advice to make your pooch relaxed when having a bath.

How to help your French bulldog to overcome the fear of water?

If your Frenchie ever experienced drowning or was close to that scary situation, then he has a big enough reason to be afraid of water.

Show your Frenchie a positive attitude

One of the keys to making your dog feel relaxed when taking a bath is showing a positive attitude. Your body language and relaxed attitude will help him to overcome the fear. If you have experienced resistance from your Frenchie, I am sure that he also ‘smelled’ your bad energy. Spontaneous playing near water, telling praise words, and showing affection will mean a lot for your pooch.


Imagine it’s the time for playing

One of the ways to change both your and your French bulldog’s experience about bathing is to imagine it’s the time for playing. Dress your old clothes or swimsuit and play with your dog in a bathtub. Note that pets imitate their owners’ behavior. Therefore, if you show him there’s nothing to be afraid of, he’ll encourage himself to jump into the water. Using toys is also desirable. Does your Frenchie have a favorite toy that likes to carry around? If the answer is yes, then you should let him bring it while he’s taking a shower.

Use snacks

Using tasty treats to make your Frenchie love bath time is one of the best ways to make him do it. It might sound gross and weird but you can smear the peanut butter in your bathtub to make him hoop inside. In that way, he will make a positive association with the tub.

Make the water comfortable

Setting the appropriate temperature might sound tricky especially because dogs can’t stand very warm water. Therefore, I advise you to make a lukewarm bath to make your Frenchie feel comfortable.


Introduce a Frenchie with the bathtub

By allowing the dog to introduce with the bathtub, you’ll help him to enjoy the process.

 My suggestion is to let your Frenchie explore the bathroom and the bathtub when it’s still dry.

Choose a mild shampoo

There are many reasons why you need to choose a mild shampoo that will not sting your furry friend’s eyes. First of all, French bulldogs have sensitive skin that can become itchy and red.

Treating their skin with too many chemicals can cause their folds and paws to become swollen and develop the infection. No tears shampoo will also protect your dog’s eyes and will make him feel comfortable when taking a bath.

The following bath salt is specially created for the French bulldog breed. This special formula will not sting their eyes and it perfect for maintaining your Frenchie’s sensitive skin.

Try a Dry cleaning foam

Dry cleaning foam presents a great solution to maintain your dog’s coat clean and fresh between baths. It’s suitable for a dog’s sensitive skin and contains German medicinal herbs. You should gently massage his fur for 5 minutes and then wipe with a dry towel.

 Bring your friend’s dog to help you

Sometimes, the best teacher can be your friend’s dog. So, why not try it? Bring your friend’s dog who adores bathing and let him play together in the bathtub.

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