Seizures in French Bulldogs! How To Help Your Pet?

seizures in french bulldogs

Seizures in French bulldogs are probably one of the most terrifying occurrences you could witness. They can occur due to a number of reasons such as genetic predispositions, poisoning, and diabetes. So, in case your Frenchie is dealing with repeating seizures, here is what do you need to know.

What are the main reasons of seizures in French bulldogs?

Seizures in Frenchies can be quite distressing, especially because they can be triggered by many reasons! Besides idiopathic epilepsy which is an inherited disorder and includes repeating seizure episodes, other reasons for seizures in Frenchies include the following:

  • Diabetes
  • Food poisoning
  • Head injuries
  • Rabies
  • Canine distemper virus
  • Liver disease
  • Brain tumor
  • Anemia
  • Kidney disease
  • Encephalitis
  • Stroke

seizures in french bulldogs

How to recognize seizures in French bulldogs?

Seizures in your French bulldog can be spotted quite easily and they consist of three components.

The first stage of a seizure in a French bulldog

The first stage is called the aura or pre-ictal phase and it includes strange body language and showing nervous or anxious behavior. The dog may start hiding, seek a safe place, or tend to stay close to its owner. This phase often goes unnoticed and most owners don’t connect it with a seizure episode.

The second stage of a seizure in a French bulldog

Otherwise called the ictal phase, this episode may last from one to several minutes. A dazed look, shaking, trembling, lip licking, drooling, and paw licking can be only some of the symptoms.

In case of loss of consciousness, the dog’s muscles will start to move spastically and erratically. You should not try to move your dog and try to pull out its tongue. There is a wrong opinion that a dog with a seizure can choke on its own tongue.

During the ictal phase, urination and defecation may occur, and the seizure may last up to several minutes. In case it lasts over 5 minutes, the dog is said to be in the status epilepticus.

The third stage of a seizure in a French bulldog

In the last stage, a Frenchie may seem disoriented, and tired, and it can start to breathe fast. Salivation, pacing, and temporary blindness can also occur, so that’s why it’s very important to gently pet your dog, tell him/her praise words, and try to calm him/her down.

seizures in french bulldogs

Are seizures dangerous for my Frenchie?

Seizures can be dangerous for your French bulldog if the ’’attack’ occurs on stairs or some other place where your dog could fall. Therefore, we suggest you remove knocking objects from the area where your pet spends most of its time.

What should you do if your Frenchie is having a seizure?

  • As we already mentioned, it’s very important not to try to pull out the dog’s tongue during the seizure. Otherwise, your Frenchie might bite you and you could hurt him at the same time.
  • No matter how terrifying your dog looks during the attack, you should know he/she is not conscious or in pain. Stay calm, because it’s the only way you could help your Frenchie.
  • If the seizure lasts over 3 minutes, there is a risk of getting into hyperthermia. In such situations, we recommend you put a wet towel over your Frenchie’s body. You should use cool and not ice-cold water to reduce your dog’s body temperature.
  • We recommend you always consult to your veterinarian even when your pooch seems normal after the seizure.
  • Make notes about the seizure you saw. How long did it last?
  • In case your dog had more than one seizure episode during the 24 hours, you should take it to the vet as soon as possible.


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