The Cutest Halloween Costumes For French Bulldogs In 2022

One of the most thrilling days of the year is almost here. Halloween party brings so many joyful and funny moments into everyone’s house, so that’s why we think it would be great to turn your little four-legged pumpkin into a witch, cowboy, bat, and many other awesome characters.

What are the cutest Halloween costumes for French bulldogs?

Have you already thought about what your dog can wear for the Halloween party? Luckily, the Frenchie World store offers you unique and funny French bulldog costumes that will make your dog the biggest star in the neighborhood.

You can choose between a bat costume, shark, devil, cowboy, owl, dinosaur, and many other cool picks.

Halloween Bat French Bulldog Costume

Turn your little gremlin into the cutest overweight bat in town! This French bulldog costume will definitely be one of the funniest picks for a Halloween party. It’s made of stretchy fabric, it features adorable bat ears on the hood and a scary printed skeleton on the chest part.

french bulldog Halloween costumes

French Bulldog Funny Mouth Mask

Your dog will have the coolest Halloween costume by wearing one of our hilarious face masks. They’re made of soft latex and are easy to adjust with an elastic band that goes around the dog’s head. The mask is perfect for taking photos on one of the most special holidays of the year.

french bulldog costume

Ghost Rider French Bulldog Costume

Let your little batpig wear the coolest costume this Halloween season. The spooky ghost will sway as your pooch walks, so we bet every will get laugh at the party. Our Ghost Rider French bulldog costume will be the cherry on top of any fantastic dog party while keeping your pet in happy dance mode. You can’t go wrong with this costume for your baby dog. Stay scaringly stylish while you’re out trick or treating with our cute Ghost Rider pet costume!

frenchie costume

Skeleton French Bulldog Halloween Hoodie

It’s Halloween night, not a soul in sightI hear footsteps, who’s that coming?

We bet everyone will scream to see a glowing four-legged skeleton approaching them in the dark! Thanks to this French bulldog costume, your dog will take all the spotlight on Halloween night!

french bulldog costume

Doctor And Nurse Halloween Dog Costume

911, What’s Your Emergency? In case you get extremely scared, you feel your heart beating fast, and you start sweating like crazy, don’t worry! These two little gremlins will be ready to perform first aid. Made from pleasant fabrics and easy to dress, your pets will have one of the most hilarious outfits out there.french bulldog costume

Dinosaur French Bulldog Jumpsuit

If you think that it’s time to ROAR then it’s the perfect time of the year to turn your little gremlin into a scary Dinosaur. Since it’s made of windproof fabric, your pup can wear this crazy-looking jumpsuit even when going to the potty.

Witch Halloween French Bulldog Costume

We all agree that we can’t imagine a Halloween party without having a cute little witch in the family. Made of glossy latex, this adorable Witch Halloween French bulldog costume will make your dog spotted wherever you appear. The dress emblazoned with pumpkin comes with a cute latex cap with ear holes.

Angel Wing French Bulldog Collar

If you’re a lover of small and elegant details, then this cute Angel wing collar would be the perfect accessory for the Halloween party.
The collar is adjustable, and it can be worn both on special occasions and moments when you want your dog to look stylish.

French Bulldog Cow Jumpsuit

One of the funniest and cutest Halloween costumes for French bulldogs is definitely this cow jumpsuit. It is made of soft plush and can also work as a warm layer on cozy winter and autumn days.

Fluffy Sheep Dog Hoodie

Turn your little gremlin into an adorable Fluffy Sheep and make him/her spotted wherever appears. This hoodie is made of fuzzy fleece and can be worn as a warm layer on a crispy fall or winter day.

Dog Zombie Funny Glasses

Spice up your little Frenchie’s Halloween outfit with these scary Zombie Glasses. Perfect for taking photos, your dog will be dressed to impress everyone in your neighborhood!

Pumpkin Halloween Costume

How can we imagine a Halloween party without the pumpkin costume? Since pumpkins represent inevitable parts of this holiday, your dog gotta have a costume like this. Made of soft fleece and emblazoned with a pumpkin leaves collar and a scary face on the back, your pooch gonna rock this season!

Chucky French Bulldog Costume

This is one of the favorite Halloween Frenchie costumes, according to our client’s opinions. This French bulldog costume will turn your little batpig into a serial killer that accidentally possesses the shape of the cutest creature in the world.

Bat Pig Dog Costume

Since they are already famous for their bat ears, it would be a real shame not to add a pair of bat ears to their round, piggy bodies. These bat wings represent a cool idea for making your Frenchie spotted on Halloween night.

French Bulldog Halloween Headwear

This French bulldog Halloween costume might scare you at first sight. However, it’s probably the craziest pick you’ll ever be able to find for your little furry friend. This Frenchie costume looks so realistic and comes in 4 designs. You can choose between a meat chopper, ax, scissors, and syringe.

Cowboy Dog Costume

This French bulldog Halloween costume will definitely make everyone laugh! The cowboy will mosey along as your dog walks, while your dog will look like a crazy bull in a rodeo. The best thing about this costume is that you pooch will try to take the cowboy off from his back which will be fun to watch!

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