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French Bulldog Black Pearl Bracelet

Embellish your look with a bracelet inspired by the love for French bulldogs. Crafted from matte lava stone, it will bring both elegant and modern detail to your daily outfits.
  • Material: Copper Matte Lava Stone
  • Length: 19.5cm(Size could be customized )
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Color: Antique Gold Silver Bronze
  • Beads Size: 8mm
  • Available in different colors
  • Perfect idea for a gift
Why we love it?Spice up your outfit with a bracelet made of top-quality matte lava stone. This luxurious unisex bracelet is ready to upgrade your look with a tiny Frenchie bead that will show everyone that you're a dad or a mom of a cute little batpig. The bracelet is adjustable and will fit any occasion and style. So whether you're going to work or meet your friends, this piece of jewelry will bring a dose of cuteness to your daily routines. 

French Bulldog Mom Baseball Cap

Show everyone that you're a proud Frenchie mama and protect yourself on sunny days by wearing this adorable French Bulldog Mom Baseball Cap.
  • an ideal pick for a gift
  • available in many colors and sizes for adults and kids
  • perfect for summer wear
  • a cute addition to a casual and sporty outfit
  • both sides on the cap are made of breathable mesh
Why we love it?Spice up your summer outfit with one of our gorgeous French Bulldog Mom Baseball Caps. Specially made for dog parents, this cap can be bought in adult and kid’s sizes. Whatever the occasion is, this detail will make you look casual and sporty. It represents a perfect pick for the summer season when we all need to stay protected from hot sun rays. Choose your favorite color and let the summer season begin! Life is too short for wearing boring outfits!

French Bulldog Sterling Silver Bracelet Bid

  Whether you're wearing it to show your support for your favorite breed or just because you think they're adorable, this bracelet bid is sure to get noticed. So bid on this one-of-a-kind piece today! A dainty Frenchie charm will make any Pandora lover smile.
  • made of 925 sterling silver
  • perfect idea for a gift
  • piebald Frenchie bid
  • it fits standard Pandora bracelets
  • the bid looks like a hugging Frenchie
Why we love it?Looking for a unique and fun way to show your love for French bulldogs? Look no further than the piece of French bulldog jewelry. If you're one of those people who love dogs, especially Frenchies, then this bracelet bid is perfect for you! It's made of 925 Sterling Silver and features a Frenchie-shaped charm that dangles from the bracelet. It's a great way to show everyone how much you love your little gremlin and makes for a great conversation starter. Plus, it's well-crafted and made with quality materials, so you know it'll last.

French Bulldog Summer Accessories Set

Make sure your dog is ready for spending memorable holiday moments by providing him/her with this must-have French Bulldog Summer Accessories Set!
  • ideal for spending a day on the beach
  • cute accessories to look trendy and chic
  • perfect for taking holiday photos
  • set contains dog sunglasses, dog straw hat, and chain collar
  • Necklace Size:37cm x 2cm Sunglasses Size :8cm x 7cm
Why we love it?No one can wear it better than a Frenchie! That's why we think every French bulldog owner would love to see his/her dog wearing this adorable set on a hot summer day! Frenchies are unique, iconic, and main trendsetters among dogs. So, why not stand out from the crowd with this dazzling dog set? The straw hat will also prevent your pet from overheating, while sunglasses will keep his eyes safe from the sun rays. The chain collar is chic, made of durable stainless steel, and you can attach the leash to it when want to have a stroll by the sea.

Retro Round French Bulldog Sunglasses

Whether you want to make your Frenchie look sassy and stylish, or you’re searching for trendy accessories for a special occasion, the Retro Round French Bulldog Sunglasses will perfectly fit in!- Polarized - Lenses available in different colors - Comes with a silicone strap that goes around the dog’s head - Slim arms - Uv protective lenses - Ideal for special occasions - Round frames - Dark tinted lenses - Cloth sunglasses pouch can be used as a lens wipeWhy we love it?Why not keep your Frenchie both stylish and safe in the sunny weather by using the Retro Round French Bulldog Sunglasses? They perfectly sit on the dog’s head thanks to an elastic silicone strap that goes around the head. They can be used to protect your Frenchie’s sensitive eyes from the sun rays or sand and dust to enter into eyes as well. These sunglasses can be especially beneficial in windy weather conditions when you want to keep your pooch safe from allergens. Without these sunglasses, some Frenchies will have itchy and watery eyes during the blooming season! And, that’s not all! They look so cute and hilarious on Frenchies!

Silver Handmade French Bulldog Ring

A girl can never have enough jewelry! It's like the perfect spice that makes our style complete! Silver Handmade French Bulldog Ring is a must-have detail for every Frenchie mom.
  • Net Weight: About 6.5g
  • Size of Ring Face: 14.5MM
  • Thickness of Ring: 3-5.5MM
  • Ring Size: adjustable size
  • Packing: Gift Jewelry Box
Why we love it?The adjustable size, quality craftmanship, and cute design are three features why we love this French bulldog ring. The 3d Frenchie's head is handcrafted, and it has been shaded to bring an ancient appearance. The accessories is an exclamation point of every woman's outfit. This woman's ring represent a perfect idea for a gift, and we are sure that every French bulldog mom would love to have it in her collection.

Stainless Steel French Bulldog Earrings

We bet every Frenchie mom would like to wear these cute earrings on someone's birthday, wedding, and other parties. Looking stylish is a matter of taste and this piece of jewelry can help you have a good one!
  • Metals Type: STAINLESS STEEL
  • Earrings Size: 13*12mm
  • Plating: 18K Gold Plated
  • An ideal pick for a gift
  • Available in silver, gold, and rose-gold colors
  • Cute detail that shows everyone how much you love your dog
Why we love it?From now on, you can always wear a detail that will remind you of your little gremlin. These earrings will be a perfect pick both for casual and elegant ladies who care about their style. Choose between three colors, and match it with your other jewelry on special occasions. If you're searching for a gift to surprise your favorite human, you certainly won't make a mistake by buying these French bulldog earrings!

Vibrant French Bulldog Bandanas

Bring some summer vibes to your Frenchie’s appearance by adding this vivid Frenchie bandana to his outfit. It can be worn over a collar or a harness and will make your pooch fashionable wherever he paws in.
  • Comes in 7 patterns and colors
  • Composition: 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
Why we love it?Your Frenchie will have a fancy piece of a Frenchie accessorize by wearing this Colorful Frenchie bandana. It is available in so many colorful patterns that you’ll hardly decide which one to choose. It’s perfect to wear it on birthday parties, and other special occasions when you want your dog to look beautiful and attractive. Stripped, colorful or decorated with flowers and other cute details, your Frenchie can have a different appearance every day.Size guide: Size S: 50cm x 34cm x 34cm Size L: 68cm x48cm x 48cm