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Donut Frenchie Bandana

The iconic-looking Frenchies deserve to wear the accessories that will make them stylish and spotted on any occasion. Don’t forget that style is the way to say who your dog is without having to bark!
  • Ideal for special occasions
  • Emblazoned with cute prints of juicy donuts
  • 100% breathable cotton
Why do we love it?If you consider your Frenchie the cutest creature on Earth, then you’d enjoy using different accessories to make him/her spotted. This Donut Frenchie bandana represents a perfect pick when you want to make your dog stylish. He/she can wear it over a collar and it’s easy to take on and off. The breathable fabric won’t irritate Frenchie’s skin and he’ll surely enjoy wearing it!Size info:Size(M): 64 x 43 x 43cm /25.19 x 16.92 x 16.92" Neck(M): 30-42cm / 11.81-16.54"

Dog Cooling Bandana

Keep your Frenchie safe during hot days by providing him with an essential dog cooling bandana. It will help your pet to stay away from heatstroke by decreasing body temperature.
  • Composition: high tech polyester fabric
  • For the best effect leave it in a fridge for an hour before wearing
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Velcro closure
Why do we love it?Your French bulldog will be kept safe while walking in hot temperature thanks to this Dog cooling bandana. It is made of special high tech polyester fabric that absorbs the heat. The fabric doesn’t contain any chemicals, adhesives, and phase change materials. Before using, you need to soak the bandana in cold water, twist it dry and place it in a fridge. To get the best effect, we advise you to leave it for an hour. Your pet will be able to safely have a stroll in the summer because this collar will decrease his body temperature.Size chart:S: Neck Circumference x Width: 27 x 4cm M: Neck Circumference x Width: 34 x 4.5cm L: Neck Circumference x Width: 41 x 5.5cm XL: Neck Circumference x Width: 60 x 5cm

French Bulldog Flash Bandana


French Bulldog Flash Bandana

  • Heavy canvas Triangular Bandage
  • Flash pattern on black background
  • PERFECT fit for French Bulldogs
  • Two button for adjustable
  • Easy to wear and take off
SizeLength 1Length 2Width

Adjustable French Bulldog Neckerchief Bandana


Adjustable French Bulldog Neckerchief Bandana

Our Adjustable French Bulldog Neckerchief Bandana is a fashionable, and stylish addition for your Frenchie.Features:
  • 12 different designs
  • Lightweight mesh fabric
  • Safety light buckle
  • Adjustable

Christmas French Bulldog Bandana

Christmas French Bulldog Bandana Your Frenchie will be a hit this holiday with the Christmas French Bulldog Bandana! 5 designs Easy on

French Bulldog Bandanas

Give your dog that extra flare with the French Bulldog Bandanas.
  • Breathable fabric
  • 10 different patterns
  • Suitable for adult or puppy Frenchie
  • Touch fastener

French Bulldog Organic Bandana

Make your Frenchie spotted wherever he/she paws-in by adding one of our gorgeous French bulldog bandanas around his/her neck.
  • cute detail for special occasions and everyday strolls
  • made of organic fabric
  • decorated with pastel colors and kids' details
  • machine washable
  • stretchable fabric, skin-friendly
  • easy to match with different outfits
  • size of a bandana: 42,5 x 30 cm
Why we love it?How many times did you want to add a lovely bandana around your Frenchie's neck? This adorable French bulldog organic bandana will bring a fresh and clean style to your dog's wardrobe. Since they are made of organic fabric, your pet will feel comfy wherever he/she goes. The design is inspired by kids' patterns and you can choose between many colors.Size info:

Plaid French Bulldog Bandana

Make your Frenchie look spotted and adorable on every occasion by wearing our Plaid French Bulldog Bandana.
  • Available in many colors
  • Soft in touch, adjustable
  • 100% flannel
  • Hand washable, machine washable at 30 c
Why Do We Love It?For all those Frenchie owners who enjoy seeing their dogs wearing different accessories, we’ve designed this lovely Plaid French Bulldog Bandana. It is stretchable, soft, and will add a fancy detail to your dog’s outfit. You can also match it with one of our Plaid French bulldog jackets to fulfill your dog’s wardrobe with maximum style. Only Frenchie owners will understand why their dogs need to look fashionable on every occasion.

Reversible Dog Bandana

Reversible Dog Bandana Give your Frenchie that extra flare they need with the Reversible Dog Bandana. Machine washable. 100% Cotton. Made in the

Watermelon 4 in 1 Collar and Harness Set

Are you searching for 4 in 1 solution for your Frenchie. This summer watermelon set comes in an economic pack with a collar, harness, bandana and leash.
  • Mesh harness
  • Collar with bowtie
  • Lovely summer bandana
  • Leash in the same pattern
  • Vivid summer watermelon pattern
  • Hand wash in cold water
Why do we love it?Your little batpig will have a 4 in 1 solution for this summer season! We’ve decorated the set with fresh and vivid watermelons that are synonyms for summer vibes. You can buy each item separately or make a lovely collection of all 4 articles. The harness has adjustable straps and it has a padded chest part made of mesh. The bandana may serve as a cute accessorize, while the collar is meant for older pooches who already learned to obediently walk on the leash.Size chart:

Spiked French Bullog Bandana

Spiked French Bullog Bandana Heavy canvas Triangular Bandage Brass spike gives a perfect contrast PERFECT fit for French Bulldogs Two button for

Summer French Bulldog Cooling Bandana

Life savior! With Frenchie World Summer French Bulldog Cooling Bandana there's no need to worry about overheating during the hot summer days!
  • Cooling technology fabric which can resist heat and help with the natural cooling of your Frenchie
  • Can reduce high-temperature shock and heatstroke
  • Nonchemical, tested materials
  • Usage: Put the cooling bandana in the water, twist it dry, and put it on your dog (put it in the fridge for 10 minutes for best effect)
Size chart: