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Bite Resistant Dental Care Chew Toy


Bite Resistant Dental Care Chew Toy

  • This dog toothbrush is made of natural rubber which is non-toxic and eco-friendly.
  • Better material makes it more sturdy and will not be chewed off easily.
  • Soft designed to be safe for your dog's gums, and it will not hurt your dogs health and helps them to clean their teeth and protect them from oral diseases.
  • Designed to clean teeth on both sides and is angled to fit comfortably in your pet's mouth.
  • The toothbrush can 360 degree all around teeth cleaning in your dog's mouth deeply.
  • Includes a stable base to make it easier for your pet to hold the toothbrush.
  • Encourage your pet to clean his teeth every day to prevent serious health problems.
  • Sweet smell to attract pets to chew the brush, which can save energy and time to help dogs brush teeth.

Bite-resistant Bird Frenchie Toys

Ideal for easing the symptoms of the teething phase, and occupying a dog’s attention, these Bite-resistant Bird Frenchie Toys will provide endless entertainment to dogs of all ages.
  • Available in different designs
  • Ideal for molar relief
  • The sound device is put in the head of the toy
  • Composition: solid and bite-resistant plush
  • Hand washable
Why Do We Love It?Our Bite-resistant Bird Frenchie Toys are made of durable and solid plush with hundreds of bulges that provide a massage to your puppy’s red and swollen gums. Besides, your little Frenchie will enjoy endless playing when spending time alone at home. We all know that birds always represent interesting prey both for dogs and cats. That’s why we’ve decided to make Frenchie toys inspired by those fluffy creatures. You may use them for playing fetch in the yard or when your little pup is going through a teething phase.

Bone Toothbrush Dog Toy

Help your Frenchie to deal with tartar, plaque, and painful teeth growing process by using our Bone Toothbrush Dog Toy!
  • A perfect toy for great chewers
  • Releases pains in gums
  • It can be used as a toothbrush or a treat
  • You can place the rope inside the channel to attract your Frenchie to play with it
  • The inner lining is made of the high tenancy and soft TPR raw material
  • Remove calculus, improve intelligence, relieve anxiety, clean teeth, strengthen teeth
Why We Love It?Made of durable rubber, this Bone Toothbrush Dog Toy will help anxious chewers to occupy their attention. At the same time, it also helps in removing the ugly-looking tartar and plaque collected on a dog’s teeth.The great thing about this toothbrush toy is that you can apply the toothpaste or food into the channel. As your dog squeezes it, his teeth will enter the holes and become clean. In case you want to reward your Frenchie, you can add a peanut butter inside of it, so your pooch will enjoy an endless game. The Zig Zag design is intentionally used to allow the dog’s teeth to enter the holes.

Chew Resistant Waterproof French Bulldog Mat

For all Frenchie owners whose puppies are still dealing with the potty messes, we’ve prepared an ultimate solution for keeping their beds and your furniture clean. This Waterproof French Bulldog Mat will not only protect your sofas and beds but will also provide your little gremlin with a cooling effect. Discover how!
  • Filled with soft felt, the outer layer is made of waterproof PVC
  • Attractive design, lightweight and easy-to-pack
  • Suitable both for puppies and senior dogs
  • Available in 2 sizes and colors
Why Do We Love It?Since it’s made of Waterproof PVC, this Waterproof French Bulldog Mat will do the magic for your pup. Whether your senior Frenchie is having trouble with the bladder or you live with an untrained puppy, this mat will rule them all. At the same time, when you place it in a cool spot in the house, your Frenchie will get the cooling effect during the summer season. The mat is easy-to-clean, extremely lightweight and easy to pack, so you can even take it with you when you go traveling. It’s also useful for car use when you want to keep your seats clean from a dog’s hair and potential potty messes.Sizes:Small: about 46 x 35cm / 18.11 * 13.78in

Large: about 61 x 44cm / 24.02 * 17.32in

Durable Dog Chew For Teeth Plaque Control


Durable Dog Chew For Teeth Plaque Control 

It’s genius! It will really keep your dog occupied for ages.Item Description:
  • Material:Rubber
  • Size:11.5*4 CM
  • Color:Green, Dark Blue, Red
  • Item Type:Durable Dog Chew
  • Quantity:1PC
  • Weight:105g
  • 100% natural rubber; Gears are flexible and rotatable;
  • Snacks can be added; Long-lasting chew toy
How to use:
  • Help pets clean their mouth
  • Tough, durable rubber keeps powerful chewers busy
  • Help clean teeth and control plaque and tartar
Package Included:
  • 1 x Durable Dog Chew

French Bulldog Beeping Chew Toy

Your Frenchie will have hours of fun with this French Bulldog Beeping Chew Toy.
  • Flexible and durable
  • TPR material (GMO & Toxic FREE)
  • Waterproof
  • Washable
Size info:
Small size: 5cm / 1.97 "* 12cm / 4.72"
Large size: 5cm / 1.97 "* 18cm / 7.09"

French Bulldog Dumbbell Chew Toy

Prevent your dog from chewing home items, make him entertained and help him to deal with painful teeth growing process by using our French Bulldog Dumbbell Chew Toy.
  • Interactive dog toys for anxious pets
  • Ideal for small puppies who deal with painful gums
  • Easy to clean in cold water with liquid soap
  • Soft silicone pins massage the gums
  • Instead of putting dry kibble treats, you can add a dog toothpaste to perform tooth brushing
  • Removes tartar and plaque from a dog’s teeth
  • Composition: solid and non-toxic rubber
  • Available in different colors
Why we love it?Unlike other basic-looking dog chew toys, this one can hide dozens of dry kibble treats inside the channels. In that way you’ll be able to occupy your dog’s mind and improve his intelligence. The toy is made of solid and durable rubber that can sustain even the strongest bite force. The silicone pins serve to provide a gentle massage on a dog’s gums and to ease the pain of teeth growing. The French Bulldog Dumbbell Chew Toy is especially beneficial for anxious pets because the dog will become attracted by the smell of a dry kibble and will try to figure out how the toy works.

Frenchie World® Linen chewing toys (11 Styles)

Frenchie World® Linen chewing toys (11 Styles)Your Frenchie will go WILD for this adorable Yarn Chew Toy! Perfect for all ages, this soft toy is easy for them to play with and gnaw on for hours! Buy a couple to see which one is your pup's favorite! Also makes a great gift!
  • Crafted from Cotton
  • Handwoven
  • Durable
  • Great for Frenchies of All Ages
  • Comes in a variety of animals
  • Limited Quantity: Only 20 left!
  • Perfect Gift for French Bulldog Lovers!

Interactive Chewing Treat Toy

Fill our Interactive chewing candy toy with your pets’ favorite treats and let the magic begin.
  • Interactive toy that improves a dog’s intelligence
  • Made of durable rubber
  • Non-toxic material
Why do we love it?Your little gremlin will have an endless fun by filling this toy with his favorite dry kibble food. Whether you need to finish a few errands at home or you want to make your pet entertained, this Interactive chewing candy toy will definitely do the job.

Linen French Bulldog Chew Toy

Linen French Bulldog Chew Toy Have a hours of playing or just use it as your Frenchie cuddle toy or

Popsicle Dog Squeaky Chew Toy


Popsicle Dog Squeaky Chew Toy

Have fun in style this Summer with the Popsicle Dog Squeaky Chew Toy.
  • Safe for teeth and mouth
  • Cleans dog's teeth
  • Bright colors for attractive design
  • Squeaky sounds for elevated fun time
Why we love it?Summer popsicle design is a perfect toy for this season! With the squeaky sound of the toy, your Frenchie is guaranteed lots of fun! Hot pink color makes this toy even more interesting for the ply time! It will also clean your Frenchie's teeth while keeping them occupied. The soft fabric prevents teeth and gum from getting damaged. Toy is designed for safe play with no parts that can be ripped off and choke your dog. Get them this fun toy today and let them have all the fun! It is a perfect gift for your Frenchie or if you're going to the dog birthday party! Either way, they will love it!

Tug Of War Chew Toy For French Bulldogs

Keep your dog entertained and improve his intelligence by using our Tug Of War Chew Toy For French Bulldogs.
  • Ideal for removing plaque and tartar from a dog’s teeth
  • The vacuum can be hooked on the glass or ceramic tiles
  • Ideal indoor training to release pent-up energy
  • Non- toxic rubber
Why Do We love it?Your little gremlin will stay curious to find out why he can’t release the ball from a rope. It represents an ideal indoor training, especially for nervous puppies that are dealing with painful teeth-growing process. Another ball is attached to a rope and comes with a handle for the owner. It can be used for playing fetch or jaw reinforcement training. We are sure no dog will resist to these chew balls,  and the owners will be grateful to have such a tool to make their dogs occupied.Size info: