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Easy Paws Cleaning Cup

Easy Paws Cleaning CupNo more dirty and wet floors with this Easy Paws Cleaning Cup.Simply add a water to the cup, insert your dog’s foot, spin the cleaner, and finally - dry it.
  • The gentle silicone bristles will help remove dirt and mud from your dog's paw cleans off mud, sand, dirt, ice melt and removes other harmful bacteria
  • A gentle and effective foot washing cup. Remove dirt from your paws before touching furniture or carpets
  • To use, add a little water and hand sanitizer, insert the muddy paw, dab the paw dry, repeat for 3 more paws
  • Simple and easy to use, just rinse and keep on hand for next muddy encounter. Bpa free
Size info:Small: 10 * 7.5 * 9.5cmLarge: 15 * 8.5 * 10.5cm

French Bulldog Ear Cleaning Solution

French Bulldog Ear Cleaning SolutionSpecially formulated to gently clean the French bulldog’s ears, this Ear Cleaning Solution will help you remove the excess debris and prevent ear infections in your pet.
  • Prevents different ear diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, and parasites
  • A practical package that comes with an elastic pipe
  • Recommended to use once a week for effective ear cleaning
  • Ideal for dog breeds with wide-opened ears such as French bulldogs and Boston terriers
  • A fresh scent that doesn’t irritate the dog
  • An ideal solution for a Frenchie’s smelly ears
Why we love it?Thanks to this French Bulldog Ear Cleaning Solution, your dog won’t feel uncomfortable and scratch his ears due to debris and dirt stuck inside. The solution is carefully formulated for dogs who are prone to ear infections. Thanks to the antibacterial effect it provides, your dog will have clean and healthy ears that won’t affect his quality of life. It’s recommended to use it once a week by gently pointing the spout tip into the ear canal. Squeeze the bottle to release enough solution and gently massage the area around the dog’s ear. By massaging the ear base, you’ll help the wax and debris to dissolve.Repeat the procedure to another ear and use a clean cotton ball to remove the dirt. At the end of the process, you can allow your Frenchie to shake his head to release the rest of the solution from his ears. Note that the ear cleaning process is quite messy, so we recommend you perform it in a specific place at home.

French Bulldog Self Rotating Clean Cup

French Bulldog Self Rotating Clean CupNo more dirty floors, and struggling with dirt paws with this French Bulldog Self Rotating Clean Cup.
  • Gentle silicone brush
  • Double deep cleaning
  • Fast cleaning method
  • Self rotating - easy to use
  • Comes in pink or baby blue

Spirit French Bulldog Ear Cleaner™

No more itch, ear infection, mites or dirt with this Spirit French Bulldog Ear Cleaner™!Bullet Points:
  • Effectively cleans the ear canals
  • Assisting the ear hair to reduce itching
  • Highly effective anti-inflammatory and anti-itch
  • Preventive effect on otitis, itching and deafness
How to use:Firstly clean the ear canal with ear cleansing liquid or clean ear wipes, spread the ear powder in the ear canal, gently rub it outside the ear.Specification:Storage: Sealed, stored in a cool place.30g.