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5 in 1 French Bulldog Crate Set

Whether you want to buy a French bulldog house, pad or bed, this cute 5-in-1 French bulldog crate presents the ultimate solution for every season.
  • Composition: breathable cotton fabric – the outer layer
  • Non-slipping surface
  • Filled with soft silicone flakes and felt
  • The ideal solution for different seasons
Why do we love it?From now on, your dog can have an equally comfortable bed for every season. Whether you want to buy a dog house or a pad bed, these items all come in the same pattern which will provide your home with a modern note. You can choose the type of dog bed that fits your Frenchie’s personality best. The bed with elevated edges is for those who like to put their head on it. On the other hand, a nest or a Frenchie house is for those anxious batpigs that like a confined feeling.